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  1. Kingdom Hearts 2017

    Thanks for letting us know! This will be corrected and updated in guidebook when the next update gets pushed out ... but I'm not going to stop you guys if you want to have 25 hour KH gathering. That would be awesome.
  2. Lost Badge

    I understand that, but this is the busiest time of the year for them and it will take time for that team to reply back. As the badges could take up to 10 business days to deliver, they will reach out to anyone that has emailed them and help them as quickly as they can.
  3. Lost Badge

    I don't work in Registration, so I don't have access to the system , but here is the information that I currently have from them. Keep in mind that it may take longer than normal to receive a response from registration@ACen.org because this is the busiest time of year for them. Badges can take up to 10 business days to deliver depending on where you live and how your post office processes mail. Badges were mailed on 4/12, so 10 business days will fall on tomorrow (4/26). If you do not receive your badge e-mail registration@ACen.org and they will be able to assist you further. If badges bounce back to us in the mail, they will also reach out to you and let you know.
  4. Guidebook 2017

    As someone who works on the team managing ACen’s Guidebook, it is something we will be using again this year and it will be made available to attendees at some point before the event. Freya is correct that it typically releases a few weeks before the event, but we have no problems releasing it before then if it’s ready (regardless of whether it’s a weekend or not). Now there are a lot of reasons why it’s released earlier or later. The app goes through a lot of testing to not only make sure it’s accurate, but we’re taking full advantage of the apps features to give you guys an awesome tool to plan your weekend. I know, a very long winded way of saying soon, but we’ll be sure to announce it on our website and all the social things when it’s ready ^_^.
  5. Badge Mailing 2017

    I know team Registration has been working really hard preparing badges with mailing for shipping. We'll be making an announcement on our website and all our social media pages when they go out. From what I'm hearing it should be soon :).
  6. Hey guys! I'm coming back!

    Welcome back :)!
  7. Getting in touch with panel programming

    I don't work in the Panel Programming department, but I can pass along your question. Hopefully we'll have an answer for you soon :).
  8. Viz Media and Funimation

    There will be a presence from both companies at Anime Central this year. Of the two companies, only FUNimation will have a booth in our exhibit hall; however, both companies will be leading multiple Industry panels over the course of the weekend. They are expected to bring the awesome and are excited to be coming, so be sure to check out their panels and stop by the FUNimation booth :).
  9. ACen Mobile App is Live!

    The app should work in without network service; however, if there are schedule changes posted to the application you will not receive them. So be sure to double check times of the events you want to see when you get to the convention for changes.
  10. We’ve teamed up with our friends at AWR Music Productions to give our attendees a chance to win tickets to one of the upcoming Chicago performances of “Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy.†During the convention stop by the "1000 Crane Project" and participate. We'll be sending all the cranes we make over to Japan to become part of the Children's Peace Monument ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children's_Peace_Monument ). All you have to do to be in the running for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the June 26th show is to stop by a fold a crane and either post the pic to our facebook page, tweet us a picture @animecentral, or e-mail us at newsletter@ACen.org . About Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy AWR Music Productions, LLC is proud to present the official symphony concert world-tour Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY. Launched in conjunction with the twentieth anniversary of Final Fantasy, this concert tour features the music of Japanese video game composer Nobuo Uematsu and is conducted by Grammy award-winner Arnie Roth. This multimedia experience combines stirring screen images to match the soaring emotions of a symphony orchestra performing music from SQUARE ENIX’S world-renowned FINAL FANTASY video game series. Distant Worlds is coming to the Chicago Symphony Center on June 26th For the first time ever, they will be two performances with two different programs performed in one night! This will give fans an opportunity to hear both of the Distant Worlds albums live and in person. The Chicagoland Pops Orchestra and Chorus will be performing music from Final Fantasy, and Grammy award-winner Arnie Roth will conduct the performances. The performances will also include special soloist performances by Susan Calloway and Nobuo Uematsu will be in attendance at both shows! For more information about the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy, the Chicago performances, tour dates, and much more visit their website. http://www.ffdistantworlds.com/
  11. If you guys are at the convention, we're giving a pair of tickets away to this show. Details are at the following thread. http://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php/topic/40429-win-tickets-to-distant-worlds-music-from-final-fantasy/
  12. Twitter

    Thanks for bringing this up. The official ACen hashtag will be #ACen for the weekend, and we'll be tweeting our account this info later today.
  13. Anime Central Newsletter

    The convention is getting closer and closer, and during the coming months we'll be releasing a lot of information about our event. One of the ways that you can stay informed is by signing up for our convention's newsletter. We'll be sending out many newsletters filled with information such as: Guests, Event Schedules, Registration deadlines, Event Sign-up deadlines, contests, and more information as it becomes available to us. It doesn't take long to sign-up, just follow the link below, then enter in your information and we'll take care of the rest. http://eepurl.com/cLdWk * Don't worry about your information getting out there, we do not sell or disclose any information that is given to us by our attendees. If you are interested in learning more about our convention's privacy policy, it can be found here http://www.ACen.org/content/privacy-notice
  14. Design the 2011 Convention Badge Art!

    Just an FYI, some reference pictures of the convention mascots have been added to the convention badge art post on the website. Here's the link to the page for easy finding. http://www.ACen.org/content/contest-design-2011-convention-badge-art
  15. Scott Pilgrim: THE GAME

    The game is fun, and a throw back to games like "Streets of Rage." The lack of online co-op is disappointing. It also bothers me that your friends can't drop in on the middle of a level and join in, they need to start with you otherwise they have to wait. Other than that though, I don't have any gripes about the game. The awesome soundtrack is worth the $10 for the title.
  16. PS3: Is this bundle a good deal?

    ^_^. The sooner you get on, the sooner I can help you get all your goodies!
  17. Glee!

    It actually has been renewed for a 3rd season already. So wheeee!
  18. Transformers 3 In Chicago

    Hate to burst everyone's bubble, but Megan Fox will not be in the 3rd Transformers movie. She's being replaced though by a model, so you will have eye candy.
  19. Final Fantasy Concert @ Ravinia

    The concert got cancelled, due to venue scheduling conflicts :'(. http://www.ffdistantworlds.com/index.php?o...0&Itemid=62
  20. The concert got cancelled, due to venue scheduling conflicts :'(. http://www.ffdistantworlds.com/index.php?o...0&Itemid=62
  21. Exhibit Hall Map

    Exhibit Hall and Registration are in Hall A of the convention center, opposed to Hall D (Registration) and Hall F (Exhibit Hall & Artist Alley) which we were in last year. You can get the floor plan of the convention center here: http://www.rosemont.com/donald_e_stephens_...tion_center.php
  22. Registration Questions

    We do ask that you bring a photo ID to purchase a badge. It's only required for people over the age of 16 though.
  23. Registration Questions

    A school ID is fine. We require anyone above the age of 16 to show a valid photo ID when you pick up your badge. If you are under the age of 16, we understand that you may not have an ID and do not require it.
  24. Zomg Mailing Is Done!

    To be more specific, this doesn't mean you will receive it on Tuesday. Depending on how far away you are from Chicago, it could take a longer period of time to reach you.