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  1. 2019 Guest Request Survey

    Our Guest Relations is currently collecting Guest requests for the 2019 convention! If you’ve been dying to see a guest come out to ACen, now is a great time to let them know! We may not be able to invite every request submitted, but thanks for your feedback! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QT95T6T
  2. Are strollers allowed?

    There’s no policy against them, but like @slinkysan said as long as they’re not to big you should be fine. Some places like the walkways that connect the convention centers are tight, so if you have a double side by side stroller you might want to walk outside rather than use the walkway. Mother than that though, there’s plenty of room in nearly all the other spaces for them.
  3. King-size bed room available at the Hyatt Regency

    I’ve locked this since the room is not available.
  4. Looking for roommates (Hyatt Regency)

    Closed as requested.
  5. Anyone need a room for the weekend?(2018)

    I’ve moved this to the roommate zone.
  6. Double bed Room (x2) available at the Hyatt Regency

    Locked as requested.
  7. Long long time :O

    Welcome back lover of Final Fantasy Tactics :).
  8. Gun prop disabled?

    All gun like props must have an orange tip according to our rules. Our IRT team would be the best place to ask though. They can be reached at irt@acen.org.
  9. Roomie wanted for Double Tree (full)

    I’ll lock this thread since the room is full, let me know if you need it reopened :).
  10. Volunteer staff do not buy a membership for the convention, but commit to working 24 hours throughout the weekend in a single department (Thursday thru Sunday). Staffers may get crash space as well. Convention Support are attendees that have paid for their badge, but do not have the weekend commitment or to a single department. They work to roll over their membership another year. More information can be found on our website as well. http://www.acen.org/about-us/volunteer/
  11. Locked as requested.
  12. 2018 Guest Requests

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll pass it along to the powers that be.
  13. Hey All, Anime Central is currently collecting requests for the ACen 2018 convention! Want to see someone at ACen this year? Fill out the form (one for each request) so we can get a idea of who you want to see. We may not be able to invite every request each year, but that doesn't mean we cant make arrangements down the road! Thank you for your input! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdRCgp6Hy0q_IBbu1HrxHlhHIhylNGQfyxOyMztGGP_qyeWw/viewform?c=0&w=1
  14. Will the concerts go on?We

    Here's the current update that we've been given in regards to the concerts. In regards to today’s outdoor concerts. Due to some delays because of today's wet conditions, Gacharic Spin will perform at 4:30p and May’n will be performing at 7:00p. Our team is continuously monitoring the weather, and will post updates if there are any further changes in the schedule. https://guidebook.com/guide/80601/map/94970/