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  1. Ssf4 Official Tournament Results And Shout Outs.

    I'm glad to hear you'll be helping out next year, man xDD but uh, that street fighter tournamnet, and not for lack of effort or talent, but it ran like total balls. Took an hour and a half just to start the first round fights? No shows are still a serious problem too, and if ACen is so against making people pay to do stuff (money tournies = awesome and no no-shows..) then a sign-up should just come with a 3-5 dollar collateral charge. They get it back, so it's still free, but they're gonna show to get it back. I'm not gonna lie though, money tourneys would weed out scrubs and no-shows and I know many people would love it. Also the console donor program isn't working anymore. I want to love ACen again ;_;
  2. Blazblue Unofficial Tourny! Who's In?

    We ran around for seven hours straight trying to run the tourney on Saturday <_< and 56 people signed up. We got kicked around and ignored, our time was pushed back three times and our location changed twice because none of the staff was communicating or super concerned about it happening, but I get that. They were going through an awful lot in the first place. We had to cancel and when Alex got around to running it around midnight we STILL had over 30 people show up. Also, this is a little off topic, but what was up with the remarkably low number of set-ups? It's my guess that console donor programs don't really work anymore since next gen consoles are unreliable and expensive. Maybe it's about time the game room turned to rent-a-center. I never saw more than eight set-ups and the lines were always 15-30 people long.... including for BB xDD when we finally got it set-up o_o.
  3. Blazblue Unofficial Tourny! Who's In?

    My heart aches :( I can't believe BB didn't make the cut. Anyway, forums are a terrible way to gauge interest - we have probably about 1% of the game room attendance on here. We should definitely roll with an unofficial BB tournament. While I can't provide the console I can provide a copy of the 360 version as well as two controllers which have received the d-pad mod (so they work as intended.) I will gladly help run the thing and I've got at least two other guys in my group alone that will be entering. Get the sign-up sheet out there, set it up for Saturday afternoon/early evening, and don't let it interfere with SSFIV so we don't cross demographics. Somebody got a console who wants to help me out with this? It's strange to me - GG always had great turn-outs and Melty Blood barely exists. I mean, MB is a great game, but it's far, far from mainstream in this country. Eh, anyway, we got this under control, right guys? Right?! BB all weekend long <3 or bust.