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  1. Average Wait For Badge Line

    The fastest thing to do would be to have your friend preregister online and then pick up their membership badge/pass from the Will Call area of registration. Online right now only full weekend memberships are available, but single day passes will be available for purchase/registration online the week of the convention. Will Call is the quickest line we have since everyone just needs to scan their barcode or search their name, show and ID and their badge is printed for them. Peak times for all areas of registration is when we open and at 10am when the Exhibit Hall opens. Onsite registration also usually has another peak on Saturday afternoon. Registration rates go to the at-con rate starting April 2. It's gone that way the last several years at least.
  2. Early Pre Registration for 2020

    We are planning on doing ACen 2020 pre-reg during ACen 2019. For those registering onsite for ACen 2019, it is an option that is included during the registration process. For those who are pre-registered for ACen 2019, it will definitely be open on Sunday. We are looking at the potential of expanding it to the whole weekend for those who are preregistered and will have more information closer to the convention.
  3. “Got Soap?� Contest 2016!

    From the ACen Facebook page: Congrats, Katara! An email was sent to the address on your forums registration. If you did not receive the email, please let me know via private message.
  4. Two Issues

    Per your request, your user/login name has been changed. Thank you, Rori, for giving the instructions on how to delete notifications :)
  5. Forum Updates

    Hi Everyone, Please be aware that there may be intermittent outages, bugs, etc. with the forums over the next few weeks. Now that the registration system and website have been updated, the forums will be getting an update as well. If you find any bugs, please let us know by either responding to this thread or by emailing forums@ACen.org.
  6. 2016 Event Registration?

    Hi SupremeKai, The balance due email should arrive within 10 minutes. If you do not receive it, email registration@ACen.org and we can help you.
  7. Name Change

    Closing this thread since it has been taken care of :)
  8. Name Change

    Hi, If you message me I can help you get your display name changed.
  9. 2016 Event Registration?

    Hi LoneSilentShadow, Inputting the folks who preregistered at ACen 2015 for 2016 is one of the things I am currently working on. Once we have everything entered, we will be sending out an email to everyone who preregistered to let them know. I am hoping to have it completed soon after registration opens.
  10. 2016 Event Registration?

    Registration will be opening soon. We have a new registration system for this year and are putting the finishing touches on it to open.
  11. 2015 Forum Cleanup

    It's that time of the year for the annual forum cleanup! So if things start to look a little bare, it's only so we can make room for ACen 2016 information.
  12. Gripes Against Individuals

    The feedback@ACen.org email address actually goes to a few different people. One of the email addresses that it goes to has the auto response you referenced. I've emailed it in to let people who can fix it know and it is in the process of being corrected. Your email would have still gone through to everyone else :)
  13. ACen 2015 Masquerade Pre-Registration is LIVE

    Guidebook app information can be found at http://www.ACen.org/content/anime-central-guidebook
  14. Exhibit Hall floorplan?

    PDFs of the maps are located at http://www.ACen.org/content/convention-maps. Some of the various schedules can be found on the website, otherwise you can get physical copies at the event.
  15. Buy a badge for Saturday on Thursday?

    Hi ShingekiNoFandoms, The price for children is as follows: Full Weekend Memberships Child (ages 6-12) = $15 Toddler (ages 0-6) = Free (Maximum of 2 toddlers per paying adult.) Single Day Passes – Child There are no single day prices for children’s passes. Only full weekend memberships can be purchased. This year we are pleased to announce Children’s’ Day at ACen. On Sunday May 17th ONLY, all children 12 & under accompanied by an adult are FREE!!! Maximum of 2 children per paying adult.