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  1. Shokugeki No Souma 2016

    Hoping to make it as Akira Hayama! :D
  2. Checking back in, just got back from Otakon :) TMR (and HMKU too!) was amazing. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to meet Takanori and then see him in concert too (along with the support members, I'm a huge fan of SUNAO so it was awesome seeing him play too!). He was super sweet and cool at his panel and it's hard to put in words how I felt when I got to meet him during the autograph session, I hope one day he can attend ACen so more people can see him too (or abingdon boys school, I would love to see Toshiyuki, Shibasaki, and SUNAO along with him at a panel too :) ) .
  3. cool sports animes?

    Kuroko no Basket is a nice basketball one.
  4. Troy Baker

    it'd be awesome to have him!
  5. Awesome, I really appreciate the effort you put into trying to get guests :) Regardless of who we have by the time May rolls around, I'm sure they will be amazing!
  6. I would looooove to see Metamorphose or Innocent World as guests *u*
  7. Miyavi

    I would love to see Miyavi!
  8. Aidan Turner

    oohhhhh my God yessssss I don't even think I could handle the convention if he was there omg
  9. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Hi, I was one of the Bilbo Baggins both Friday and Saturday with lighter brown pants, green apple, dark skin, and I was more than likely floofing up my hair in the mirror a ton haha. If anyone has my picture, including from the Hobbit/LotR shoot, I'd love to see them!
  10. ACen WAS HOT!

    I feel like I always pick the wrong cosplays to go with whatever weather happens the weekend of the con D: I wore layers of corduroy and suede and a binder Fri and Sat and it was ridiculous. My makeup held up though!
  11. The Hobbit or LOTR?

    I was so excited to see everyone and it was great (even though I was quite shy). I really enjoyed it and seeing everyone really made my weekend. :) I was the darker skinned Bilbo :D
  12. 2013 Guests - Opinions?

    hmm I'm not a huge fan of Kalafina (however I do enjoy a lot of the series Yuu Asakawa has participated in) but they are pretty big. I'm also really excited to see Yukino. I'm only disappointed because there isn't as big of a number of guests as I suppose last year, but considering there were apparently issues where ACen was unable to get a lot of guests, it's the best they can do and I can only hope it gets better next year and be thankful for the guests we do have this year. now in comparison to other conventions, considering I adore one of the guests Otakon is getting, of course I'm like, "wow I wish we had someone like that" but that's more personal preference than anything. I think I'm just going to explore other parts of the con this year and not be so guest-focused like I usually am, and check out the guest panels of the guests who are coming to ACen.
  13. The Hobbit or LOTR?

    I'm so excited to see everyone :)
  14. Your cosplay to-do list

    For Bilbo: -put rollers in wig -trim wig -make "invisible" shoes (might not bother lol) -makeup tests -cut up and hem shirt and pants -try everything on and do serious adjustments For Uruha: -put glitter on sweater -buy boots -matte-ify wig -put extensions in wig -cut wig -style wig -makeup tests -find a way to make sweater slouch ?? Overall: -Pack -Get Guidebook app -Pick a food "menu"(so I don't overspend) -actually get on a flight the week OF ACen so that I can do all of the above e_e
  15. Ahh you can never be too early~(â—´ϖ`â—) mainly copy pasta from last year's threads with some add ons Takanori Nishikawa has had a lot of involvement in both anime and video games under both his solo act as T.M.Revolution and in the band abingdon boys school for animes, anime-based movies, and games like Gundam SEED, Rurouni Kenshin, Sengoku BASARA, D.Gray-man, BLEACH, and Soul Eater. By what I've seen he's a pretty big anime/game fan himself. He made his N. American debut at Otakon 2003, and has appeared at PMX 2004, Comic Con 2008, Anime Festival Asia 2012, and this August he will be returning to Otakon for their 20th Anniversary. Songs under T.M. Revolution include: Heart of Sword (Yoake Mae)- (Rurouni Kenshin anime) Save the One, Save the All - (Bleach: The Hell Verse movie) Invoke - (Gundam SEED anime) Ignited - (Gundam SEED Destiny anime) Meteor -ミーティア- - (Gundam SEED anime) Zips - ( Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Special Edition movie) Vestige - (Gundam SEED Destiny anime) crosswise - (Sengoku BASARA game) Naked Arms - (Sengoku BASARA 3 game) SWORD SUMMIT - (Sengoku BASARA anime) Preserved Roses - (a collab song with Nana Mizuki, Kakumeiki Vavlrave/Valvrave the Liberator anime) Songs under abingdon boys school include: Innocent Sorrow - (D.Gray-Man anime ) HOWLING - (Darker Than Black anime) From Dusk Till Dawn - (Darker Than Black anime) Nephilim - (Folklore game) Blade Core - (Sengoku BASARA anime) JAP - (Sengoku BASARA anime) STRENGTH. - (Soul Eater anime) Kimi no Uta - (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 anime) WE aRE - (theme song to Sengoku Basara HD Collection) Takanori Nishikawa has also done voice acting as Miguel Aiman in Gundam SEED and Heine Westenfluss for Gundam SEED Destiny. He's very well-rounded in entertainment and travelling (along with having attended conventions recently) and it'd be fantastic if Anime Central would consider asking him to be a guest, and even better if he(as T.M.Revolution or with abingdon boys school) was actually able to attend! :D