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  1. What Does ACen Mean To You?

    It means community. Even though I had a few similarly geeky high school friends, I definitely felt pretty isolated in my fandom. That all changed the day I walked into the Sheraton Arlington Park at ACen 2001. Here were thousands of people into the same stuff I was! It wasn't a ten-person anime club, it was a 3000-person temporary anime town! I'd cobbled together a goofy Wolfwood costume not knowing what to expect, and strangers stopped me to compliment my outfit. When someone heard me offhandedly mention my love of Ranma we ended up talking about Takahashi's work for a good ten minutes. Dealers in the DH showed me stuff I'd never would've known existed. And as we left that night we realized a couple people were getting married at the con, which--omg--meant maybe even a cartoon-and-vidya obsessed dork like me could find love! Every ACen reminds me it's okay to have the hobbies I have, reinvigorates my enthusiasm for my fandom, and briefly fills me with the wonder and buzz I felt at my very first con. I don't think I'd be nearly as happy with or outspoken about my geekdom now if I hadn't spent all these years attending the con. And I get to see the cycle begin anew anytime I see or speak to someone who's attending a con for the very first time.
  2. Convention Crashers

    Well, in hindsight, yeah. I guess I sort of connected "family-unfriendly" to "no minors expected," like how you wouldn't necessarily check peoples' IDs at, say, a porn convention or something. I dunno, man. I need more coffee.
  3. Convention Crashers

    Eh. No adults-only panels in the daytime (right?), porn showings are only at night, ID gets checked at any booths selling smut (or at least it's supposed to), no profane signs, I (sadly) can't walk around with a drink in my hand...it's a family con. What makes you think otherwise? The naughtiness in the later hours?
  4. Worst Anime You Have ever seen?

    Harmageddon: the anime so bad it helped name my panel.
  5. ACen Game Room

    Like a roomful of coin-op games set on free play? I've been attending since 2000 and I don't remember ever seeing that. It'd be nice...
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, we are BACK. We'll insert our scheduling info as soon as we get it! We're celebrating five fabulous years of Hentarmageddon! Five years of late-night research, five years of questionable prize purchases, five years of uncomfortably dodging when our non-anime friends ask "oh, you run a panel? What's it about?" We're elbow-deep in research right now, and all your favorite games shall return, like: WHAT'S THAT SOUND, an audience-wide, multiple-choice guessing game TRAP OR NO TRAP, a three-person battle of the animated sexes newcomers PORN OR NOT PORN and GENUINE OR 34, and of course HENTAIDOL, the greatest voiceover competition the rest of ACen never sees! Seriously, this panel's gonna be an absolute blast. If you've got any questions about content or suggestions for what we can do this year, now's the time!
  7. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

    We had her here in 02! She stole the song I was gonna sing during karaoke in the consuite, so we're basically best friends. But seriously, she's incredibly cool and we should definitely have her back.
  8. Oh man, they were so good when they came here! Especially the curtain call... "Do you guys like Furi Kuri? I like Haruko." *crowd cheers* "Do you guys like...RIDE ON SHOOTING STAR?!" *CROWD SCREAMS*
  9. Convention Crashers

    Provided the con retains its anime/manga/Japanese focus--and I think it has--I'm not particularly concerned. We can include other fandoms without losing our own. The only "crashers" I take issue with are people who only show up for the raves.
  10. Hent4rmageddon: You Can (Not) Unsee

    Figured I should post this. Tell your friends! And your enemies!
  11. Hent4rmageddon: You Can (Not) Unsee

    David, I'm Bane-ing it--you'll fight off band after band of assassins until you're completely exhausted, at which point you'll find me waiting to break you in the Davecave. ...assuming you have a Davecave. TJ, your musical selection is unparalleled--but do you have fabulous prizes? Or an opening film with [uh, probably NSFW] Oscar-worthy cinematography? Let the battle...be joined.
  12. Bad Anime Panel 2014

    Bummed I can't attend Hentai Hell, but lookin' forward to this!
  13. Hent4rmageddon: You Can (Not) Unsee

    We're happy to have you. Be sure to bring some friends, so all of you can compete for FABULOUS PRIZES.
  14. Forum M&G After Party and 21+ Meet and Greet!

    If we've got wifi, everyone should download Spaceteam.
  15. Hent4rmageddon: You Can (Not) Unsee

    Curses. Now we're destined to fight.