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  1. Panel Programming Feedback Thread 2010

    Hi Jen: That goal is WELL noted. We will make it happen: communication WILL happen for the upcoming year, if not now, once all of my staffers are recuperated and ready to go. once we process all feedback and such, we're going to put in force any communication medium we can think about! just so i'm covering all of my bases, send me an email on any communication medium (twitter/mailing list/skype/facebook, Etc.) we can set up to get our communications in LINE for 2011! -Frank
  2. Regarding The Schedule

    The update that we made was a few reschedules some of the panelists requested. at the most, i believe there were only 4 panels rescheduled the last update. one was Gothic world of Japan, the gundam experience panels, i believe.
  3. Denied Panelists Venting

    Jen: Firstly, i apologize that i didn't call you last week. me and my staff have been hard at work to get things done in a short time frame with the addition of three new rooms to schedule. we had a deadline to get both descriptions and the schedule finalized by yesterday (which i and the gatherings liaison were up until 6am this morning). unfortunately, it slipped my mind to call you. it wasn't intentional on my behalf, yet also if you don't remember, i asked you that if i didn't call you at a certain time (due to the fact i am getting forgetful these days with all the challenges I've faced in the last week), yet you never called me. Second, Please refrain from using slander in the forums. the same statement you made last week was reinstated here again today. we understand the direction of your statements, however, it is unfair to keep reiterating the same points time and time again. we are listening to your concerns, we are taking these issues into deep thought and making sure that situations that happened this year NEVER happen again. we are looking for better ways to communicate with both attendees and Panelists in the future. Things happen. None of us are happy of what happened this year with approval turnover and Space issues. we shouldn't be in the predicament of having to go through these situations that occur. Yet what i can assure you by all of the negative situations that occurred, we learned from these faults and hope for better planning in the future. the whole Anime Central team attempts to make each year the best year from the previous, yet, Murphy's law will always be in force. when it happens, the only thing we can do is try to resolve the issue, and think in a proactive and constructive manner. Also, please do not think that because we are not saying something, doesn't mean that we aren't trying to find a solution and not working on the situation. We cannot put the blame on one person/one department because things did not happen efficiently. it's not fair to those who are actually pulling all nighters voluntarily to get tasks done. I would like from this point forward if you and the others that are frustrated (we understand) would try to turn your frustration into constructive ways to make things better at anime central. maybe we forgot something and need to be reminded of what's missing. we're all human, and just because we work for anime central, are not deities whatsoever. Propose some ideas that we can implement such that things can work more efficiently. we appreciate constructive criticism over slander any day. please do not lose faith in us, that's the last thing we want you all to do. I heard a statement from you that we should do for next year is have the panels up for vote to what makes it to the big show. unfortunately, we cannot do that. the only situation this option would make is bias decisions on many standpoints. we have a Group with the panel programming staff that makes these decisions, as it is one of our duties that is delegated to panel programming staff. Decisions of which panels are based on many categories, and not just approved on the basis that "we like/dislike this group, approve/deny them". me, jared and a cast of many make sure that we're making the right decisions on what we choose to take to con with us, let me assure you of that. the tenative list were all the panels we wanted to take with us, and fortunately due to newly acquired space, we were able to approve 70% of the panels that were denied. I apologize for the situation due it was haste on my behalf. i will promise to make decisions in the future without frustration and make sure we have tried EACH and EVERY option before making critical decisions in the future. Again, i ask from all of you reading this post to look to the future, and keep this convention going for the attendees that walk, drive, and fly to anime central each year and think of things we can do to make this convention successful in the future. Thank you for your support.
  4. Denied Panelists Venting

    Roller Skate like it's 1978 hon. We worked until 5am this morning to get things done. -Frank
  5. Sorry about that, but i know about your request and sent it to the proper channels. I'm sure i talked to you in the past couple weeks, yes?? -frank
  6. Hello Future Panelists: This notice is for all of you that have Submitted a Request for a panel and have Applied/ Registered for an Artist Alley table, Here are the Rules: You will not be required to buy a badge if you are accepted as a panelist. Your spot will be held until the Panels DH gives his ruling, if it is not favorable for you, you will be required to pay for your badge with 24 hours of receiving the news. If you have Paid for a badge for Artist Alley, Unfortunately no badges are refundable for panels. Please Contact me if you have registered for a AA table as soon as possible if you haven't done so already. Thank you for your support, -Frank
  7. Hello Returning and Future panelists of Anime Central 2010: It has come to my attention that some of you are a bit worried (or frustrated) about the time it is taking us to review and process approvals. A few of you are probably saying: " (Explicative here), why is it taking so long to read what i have presented, and give me a yes or no answer?" Well, there's a few reasons of why the review and approval process is not one to take in haste, and thought about carefully. Although we try to accommodate everyone who sends in a submission, we have to unfortunately make the choice to deny your panel based on many factors, and we want to make sure we take every factor at hand before giving you the official Yes, as we do not want to have to "Indian give" and say no because we missed something in haste. For example, even so i don't like talking about negative factors, but is one that we are dealing with now, function space. Even more relevant than last year, as we Approved over 70% of the panels we were presented with, that number will decrease by 30%. Why you ask? Unfortunately, after careful thinking to see if it was feasible, i can say this because it is a final decision, we will not be using the international (Lower) level of the Hyatt for 2010. Many of you are probably jumping up and down after that announcement, but.... This cuts the Main Panel room count down to 5. we are looking at other options in linking hotels, yet this also cuts our number down to how many panels we can approve this year. Yes, we could still keep our present approval ratio, but would anyone here actually want a panel scheduled at 5am if it wasn't a hentai or 18+ subject? as we predict our numbers of panels we will get by January 20th (the tentative submission deadline), we will probably break our number of submissions of 2009 seeing that we already have 70+ panel submissions in as of 12/01/09. We haven't even gotten our guest panels in yet. Even so it's unbelievable, and i wish i had the space to put all of you on, i have to take the few of you who will provide the best Programming content for the masses. There's other factors that go into making the final approval decision, but i will answer this at a later date. Our Panel Review Board is underway of reviewing panels and i ask all of you to please be patient as we will be approving as soon as possible. Again all, we are here for you and want to make sure you are given a equal chance. Thank you again all of you for your creativity and Support. -Frank
  8. I Need Some Panel Help Please Some One Help Me

    Interesting. If you want to submit this idea so it's in (even if you are undecided in going, ) you can find info and the submission form here: http://www.ACen.org/node/31 Thank you for your interest! -Frank (Deiko)
  9. Panel Submissions

    To Add, The Panel Submission Page With Badge policy and procedures can always be found on the main website (www.ACen.org) under Programming>Panels Due to the current Website layout, the direct link to the panel webspace is subject to change. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Frank (deiko)