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  1. Bring in food?

    Yup, unless otherwise stated (like not in panel rooms and such).
  2. Sailor Moon Cosplay meetup

    There's one 6p on Friday. I recommend getting the Guidebook app. It'll have all the most up-to-date schedules.
  3. Where and when are the OW and OW + Blizzard meetups happening?

    If you can get the Guidebook app. It will have the most up-to-date information. As it is I saw one happening at 11am Sunday.
  4. Convention Center parking

    It usually fills up pretty fast early in the day, Saturday more so. It costs about $15 to $20 a day if I remember correctly.
  5. Average Wait For Badge Line

    If your friend can come the night before have them hit the registration line before it closes. That way you two can hit the ground running first thing in the morning. I would also recommend buying the badge online and doing will call. That line moves a bit faster.
  6. First Time at the Hyatt!

    That's good news about the fridges. My group does meal prep pre-con so we always bring a large cooler for food. The rooms can feel a bit small, especially the king ones. But if you have a balcony room it'll feel much bigger. But the downside with those is that they're right off the open lobby so it will be very noisy. I usually go for the rooms in the executive tower. Bit of a longer walk but much quieter. I also highly recommend signing up for their rewards program. You'll get access to a shorter check-in line when you arrive. Makes a difference when you just wanna drop off your stuff and hit the con. And it's worth building the points. My stay is free this year because of that ;)
  7. Are strollers allowed?

    I've never seen a policy against them. I saw plenty around last year. As long as it's not too big you should have no problem getting around.
  8. Baseball bats?

    As long as it's within the length restrictions you should be alright. I had a baseball prop for Shounen Bat a few years back and I never caught flack for it. It was a very clearly plastic one tho.
  9. Worst Anime You Have ever seen?

    Damn, I would've happily taken it.
  10. Are you still looking for a room?
  11. 12yr olds and younger

    I believe the rule is that if you're under 18 you need a parent or guardian with you. He will not be able to attend on his own. Was he planning on just wandering around the convention on his own and going back to your parents' room?
  12. Learn to Dance With Love Live!

    This sounds like a lot of fun! I'm excite
  13. Check Double Tree's site. I was able to get a double room there last night.
  14. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Hey, the Hyatt opened up extra rooms in the block! I was able to get my reservation extended to Thursday.
  15. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Me too. They really went fast this year