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  1. Are strollers allowed?

    I've never seen a policy against them. I saw plenty around last year. As long as it's not too big you should have no problem getting around.
  2. Baseball bats?

    As long as it's within the length restrictions you should be alright. I had a baseball prop for Shounen Bat a few years back and I never caught flack for it. It was a very clearly plastic one tho.
  3. Worst Anime You Have ever seen?

    Damn, I would've happily taken it.
  4. Are you still looking for a room?
  5. 12yr olds and younger

    I believe the rule is that if you're under 18 you need a parent or guardian with you. He will not be able to attend on his own. Was he planning on just wandering around the convention on his own and going back to your parents' room?
  6. Learn to Dance With Love Live!

    This sounds like a lot of fun! I'm excite
  7. Check Double Tree's site. I was able to get a double room there last night.
  8. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Hey, the Hyatt opened up extra rooms in the block! I was able to get my reservation extended to Thursday.
  9. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Me too. They really went fast this year
  10. Issues with Hyatt

    I didn't have any issues with Hyatt. The rate was the same as it has been the past few years I've been in charge of the room I had our room Thursday thru Sunday. Did you originally book your room for the Friday and Saturday nights and then tried to add thurs when you got there?
  11. My Little Pony 2015

    Well, I believe that the plan was to meet up Saturday at 5p at the loading docks. We can meet up Friday at the outdoor wall around 3p. If someone could post this to Facebook I'd appreciate it (I don't have an account)
  12. Looking for earrings

    You could try Claire's, they tend to have a pretty good selection of clip-on's from my experience.
  13. My Little Pony 2015

    Wow, those do sound awesome! We're more than happy to welcome all props, as long as they don't make a mess.
  14. My Little Pony 2015

    Well, I applied for both days so we'll see. We can always try to arrange an unofficial Photoshoot/ meet up for Friday.
  15. This will be the first year I can attend, I'm really looking forward to it ^.^