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  1. Final Fantasy 2014

    Hey Guys its the Zidane from Friday that ran the shoot. But I would like to say it was great to see everyone this year. But the second day I couldn't make it due to my Zidane Boots wore me out again and left me with some serious Blisters. So, I hope everything went okay that second day for the photoshoot. :3
  2. Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

    And here is the first pic of me in my Bolin cosplay at C2E2 this past weekend. Thanks to my friend Jess from Geek Girl Chicago for the photo.
  3. naruto

    Hey everyone. The original Photoshoot Runner here. If you want more info and details please go to this Thread. I'm coming back to run the shoot for the 10th time this year. So, if you have any other questions please post in this Thread. http://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php/topic/45564-naruto-photoshoot-info-2014/
  4. Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

    Well here's my finished project on my Bolin Cosplay I'm debuting this Saturday for C2E2.
  5. C2E2 2014

    I'll be there Saturday and Sunday only. And only debuting Bolin from The Legend of Korra that Saturday.
  6. Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

    I will be debuting Bolin at C2E2 in 2 weeks but I will be bringing him to ACen to wear for the shoot. So, this will be my first Non Anime Cosplay and first character from the Avatar Series.
  7. Gathering Schedule - Final Countdown

    Hey Cactsumomma can you change the times for the Naruto shoot because I don't see it for Saturday and would like to request for the Saturday shoot too since its a big one for that day. Friday for 3:00-4:00PM and Sat. 2:30-3:30PM thanks.
  8. The World Ends With You 2014

    I'm going as Neku. Just need to style my wig and add more pieces and I'm done.
  9. Gathering Schedule - Final Countdown

    Hey Naruto Photoshoot Gathering Leader here. Just wondering are there any submissions forms and I would like to input my times in for both days too.
  10. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Currently Playing Final Fantasy X HD and Lighting Returns
  11. Final Fantasy 2014

    Hey Guys, its the Zidane Cosplayer from Last year that ran the shoot. But hey I'm coming back again as Dissidia Zidane and remaking a few things for him right now with a new tail straps and hopefully to order me a new wig too.
  12. ACen Photo Albums 2013

    Hey guys, I'm looking for photos from the Final Fantasy shoot.
  13. Final fantasy 2013

    Hey everyone this is the Zidane that ran the shoot and hope you all enjoyed the shoot for this year and hopefully ill be back with an update version of my coaplay. And can't wait to see the photos.
  14. Naruto Photoshoot 2013

    Hey Guys, so I been on a two year hiatus from running the Naruto Photoshoot. But I'm back so everyone please let me know who your cosplaying as and I will be submitting in a submission forum to the ACen Staff to put us down for Friday @4PM and Sat. @3pm. COSPLAYERS Naruto Kun - Uzuamki Naruto, Sage Naruto, Hokage Cloak Naruto Takato - Super Cloak Kyubbi t_f - Shippuden Hinata/ Road To Ninja Hinata ? ShadowHawk225 - Tsunade BookWorm555 - Sasori/Deidara MeiMyselfandi - Anbu Naruto ? Tim - Omoi/Kiba/Shino/Akatsuki ? Nephrus - Uzumaki Naruto BookWorm555 Friend - Young Itachi RukudoMukuro - Uchiha Madara(w/Susanoo)/Killer Bee ? Big Time Muscle - Killer Bee Jerem Nelson - Itachi/Sasuke HopelessMusician - Akatsuki Konan rokakurumi - Akatsuki ? StarShiranui - Kabuto Pre Time/wShippuden Cloak/Yugito Nii?/Uzumaki Mito Sailor Gemini - Time Skip Haruno Sakura FFRPGFAN - Uchiha Sasuke(Chunin Exam Version) Sasuka - Uchiha Sasuke(Team Taka Version) POOTERS - Deidara (Akatsuki Version) Tim - Omoi Sasuka friend - Tobi Ome1217 - Kris(Kushina) Kevin(Minato Namikaze Fourth Hokage) Chell2020 - Haku Choji Akimici - Shippuden Choji w/ GF as Shippuden Ino Scout Girl24 - Shippuden Naruto StarShiraui - Mito Uzumaki kotomichi - Haku LOCATION - Tower Over Hang 1F *Shoot might change dude to weather changes if it rains and will be move to the Convention Center Lobby* DAYS - May 17th and May 18th TIMES - Fri. @4PM Sat. @3PM
  15. Naruto Photoshoot 2013

    Alright see ya there :D
  16. Naruto Photoshoot 2013

    Cool Cool Cool Cool. See ya at the gathering.
  17. Naruto Photoshoot 2013

    That's fine. See ya Saturday :)
  18. Final fantasy 2013

    Working on my new Zidane Wig so I'll see everyone next sat at the photoshoot.
  19. Naruto Photoshoot 2013

    Alright guys ACen is next week and hope to see you all on both days that weekend. So, be on the lookout for me on friday with Sage Cloak on and Saturday with the 4th Hokage cloak from Road To Ninja that way you can easily spot me as Naruto getting ready to host the shoot. But you can also look at ref. pics on how I look in my signature for my Deviantart.
  20. Naruto Photoshoot 2013

    Okay I'll change it to maybe then. But hope to see you there.
  21. Naruto Photoshoot 2013

    Okay everyone the Gatherings Submission form was approved and we got the time slots for this year. I've updated the info with the Location and Times for both days. So, see you all there.
  22. Naruto Photoshoot 2013

    Okay guys so were less than a month away from the con to get here and still haven't gotten a update on if we got the time slots for both days for the shoot. So, be on the look out for updates for the shoot when I find out soon.
  23. Naruto Photoshoot 2013

    Added your friend to the list.
  24. Naruto Photoshoot 2013

    Added you down and as Long your Sword is wooden and not metal since that's not allowed to be carried around the con.
  25. Gatherings 2013 - Check the first post!

    I agree as well because I need to know that my form for the Naruto Photoshoots got approved and I want to know did my times are okay since I have Private Photoshoots with some photographers that weekend that I need to get done as well. Plus I don't want to hold up anyone if they have to be in the Masquerade or have a Panel to run.