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    I guess I want to save the world. Preferably with a Keyblade.

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  1. Hi all! I just noticed that there's no gathering for SAO on the gathering list. Anyone interested in starting one? I'm going as Yuuki Konno with an ALO2 Kirito ~
  2. Kingdom Hearts 2013

    Yay! :D. You're gonna have a great time! ^__^
  3. Kingdom Hearts 2013

    YAYAYAYAY! And lol, I'm on your icon xDD.
  4. Avatar the Last Airbender

    I've got a nearly-completed Korra cosplay ready for a gathering, if there is one :D.
  5. Kingdom Hearts 2013

    So, it turns out I will be returning as Xion afterall :D. Feels good to finally be going to ACen again! :D
  6. Kingdom Hearts 2013

    Actually, I was thinking if bringing my Xion costume back, since I love it. I was thinking through a while ago and I'm not too sure about Tue moogle costume just yet, though I think it'd be fun. BUT I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN, THOUGH :D.
  7. Kingdom Hearts 2013

    Of course! ^______^
  8. A:TLA/LoK

    I did not see any posts for a gathering yet, but since I'm pretty excited about next year already, I decided to start one! Also, please tell me if there were already any other Topics out there about an Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra gathering for ACen 2013:) Anyways, it's been about 2 years since I've cosplayed from Avatar, and I decided to come back to it! I will be going as Korra, and I will have a Mako, Bolin, and Asami with me :D.
  9. Kingdom Hearts 2013

    I might stop by as a full-fledged moogle :D. With a mascot head, body suit and everything :D.
  10. Vocaloid Photoshoot 2013

    If there is a gathering, I am planning on cosplaying the Matryoshka version of Miku, and I will be bringing a Gumi along with :D.
  11. That actually sounds a lot better for me. I've done something similiar to that in the past (drawing chibi cariacaturs of people for a festival), and it's something that I'm used to doing. And it's good because ACen is 3 days long. When I did this for a festival, I had to sketch at lightning speed because the festival was only 4 hours long @_________________@, and I almost suicided the quality of my work. I'm considering doing my art selling this way. Any tips on this method? x___x
  12. Thanks, this helped a bunch! I am actually in high school...I'm going to be in my senior year during this time, and usually by the end of the year, things are a bit lighter since school's ending. I'm not sure when next year's ACen is, but as long as there's nothing conflicting my schedule such as exmans and concerts, I'll be able to attend this. Yes, I've been told that Content wins over Quality in these situations, and I'm getting to work on tons of fanart.
  13. I fixed the link. It works now :D. Oh, there's an artist alley forum? Man, I didn't know that either. xDDD. Was this topic already moved?
  14. Hey, guys. As the title says, I might be joining Artist's Alley next year. I am an artist who's been on deviantART for a while and has made a few bucks selling art to some of my friends. please check out my deviantART here: http://www.eyesofadreamer013.deviantart.com/ Tell me what you think of my art! Do you think some of it will sell? Anyways, I am totally new to this whole thing. I have absolutely no idea what to do for this, and I desperately need the help of you experienced Artist's Alley people. Please answer by telling me EVERYTHING YOU KNOW/EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW to join Artist's Alley. Some little notes of advice would greatly help me, too :). Along with needing to know everything, I have a few questions about Artist's Alley... 1) How do I get into Artist's Alley in the first place? Like...do I have to register? Is it seperate from getting a normal badge? Where/How do I do it? 2)Do I need to be there at a certain time every day? Also, I have school on Friday, and I might be able to skip school to claim a spot, but if not, can I still come after school? Also, if I can't make it on the Friday, will I still be able to do Artist's Alley for the other two days? Generally...do I have to be there every day? 3)I read through some of the rules, and it says I need an artist badge (or something like that...). How do I get one? 4) How much is it to rent a spot? Do I have to pay for each day I rent it? 5) I will be selling prints. What is the recommended amount of prints I should make? What is a reasonable price to sell them for? 6) How much money do you usually make at artist's alley? 7) What is the art show? Is it different from Artist's Alley? Do I have to do that, too? 8) How do you recommend arrangint the stuff at your table? Thanks in advance. As many answers as possible will really help me. Please tell me everything I don't know (read: Tell me EVERYTHING. xDDDD).
  15. Kingdom Hearts '10

    @Xion(or rather...Riku xDD) - I HAD SOO MUCH FUN WITH YOU! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Did you get my Fb wall post? Oh, I put up our pictures on dA. We got tonsa comments/favorites xDD