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  1. Long long time :O

    It's been an extremely long time. Remember how active this place used to be? I 'member :(
  2. Hi guys.... =D Anyone remember me?

    I remember you! Hai! :P
  3. New macpro

    Oh yay! A Mac debate. Well I can give a reasons why I don't own any Apple products. 1) The MacOS sucks. The MacOS is based on a Unix like kernel called FreeBSD (which is good), but Apple is not using it well. My experience with Mac is I've never seen an OS be so memory hungry in my life. I start up Photoshop on Win7, about 1GB of memory used (which is not that great), but I start up Photoshop on Lion and there's over 2GB of used memory in buffer? Seriously? Most computers don't have more than 4GB of memory in them. This means over half of my computer's resources are tied up in Photoshop alone? I can go on why I really don't care for the MacOS, but I'm going to stop here. 2) The hardware sucks. Once upon a time a friend had a MacBook and the hard drive died on it. She asked me if I could take a look at it. Up for a challenge, I said sure, why not. Usually a hard drive replacement is a fairly simple task on any other hardware (Remove bad hard drive, buy new hard drive, install new hard drive, install OS. done!), but doing a hard drive replacement on a MacBook was a nightmare. First off, as the original article confirmed there are proprietary screws and connecting parts that must be BROKEN to access it. The dead hard drive was a standard SATA hard drive, but it had a little apple logo on it. Once I saw this, I knew I was in a world of hurt. So I purchased a new SATA hard drive from newegg and slapped it in. I tried to put the laptop together the best I could, but it wasn't perfect because I just didn't have the tools for it. I had the OSX Leopard disk and I'll just stop there. It was a total nightmare to try to get working, I did eventually get it working with some unethical hacking. 3) The Apple cult. Sorry guys, but I have to go here. I hate the Apple cult. While this doesn't apply to everyone, I've met many Apple owners that have the general consensus of "My /*Insert device here*/ is better than yours because it was made by the almighty Apple Inc." I'm mean, really? I will give Apple credit though. They have innovated some pretty cool stuff. The one product they created which is pretty nice is the iPhone. They made an amazing interface for the ultimate personal computer. Yes, my Asus laptop may have been on the clearance alise at Tiger Direct and the battery life may be really bad, but my Asus laptop does everything I want it to do for the fraction of the price of your MacBook. Not only that, but I can do what I want to it like upgrade the memory or change the hard drive. 4) Software available to MacOS. The software selection is not great for MacOS. The software that is available is usually very expensive when compared to a Windows alternative. Developing software for any Apple product is usually not a fun experience either. A great example of this is Apps from the App store for iPhone vs Apps from the Android market. In order to get your application you developed into the App store for iPhone you must pay Apple to list and review your application. Android is open and completely free. As an amateur software developer, I am very reluctant to develop for a platform that I need pay them in order to develop for them (if that makes sense.) Well, that's enough I guess. About me though? I'm a linux user. I run OpenSUSE on my personal computer an I run Windows virtually for applications that just don't work in linux. Most of the programs I use on my linux machine were 100% free. Linux isn't perfect though. It can be a royal pain in the #$@ to get it to work the way you want it to. I really don't recommend it to anyone unless you're a computer hobbyist. We do have some good things going for us though. There's a lot of free applications that work great that are available for linux distros. Thanks to the humble indie bundle we have some awesome games that work linux natively. http://www.humblebundle.com/
  4. Q101 is back as Q87.7 (QUnderground)

    They have the same callsign. WKQX. As far as I'm concerned, this is the real deal.
  5. That's pretty sad if that's true. God bless America...
  6. Q101 is reborn at Q87.7 as QUnderground. No real big releases on it yet and their website is found at http://www.qunderground.com/ Even though it can be a little stale, it's great to have Q101 back on FM in Chicago!
  7. Train to acen

    The only thing that's different is the smell of urine is stronger on the blue line. I once witnessed a bum defecate himself on the blue line.
  8. 5.26.12

  9. NATO Summit

    I got to work from home in my PJs today because of NATO. I say bring it. NATO-cation here we come!
  10. Policital topics getting canned here.

    I have actually been noticing the same trend. I will give the mods some credit though, their job is not easy. While everyone has their own method of "moderating", closing threads or removing provoking posts is a very common and effective way to keep the peace on the forums. Ultimately, that is the job of the moderators. I will put my two cents in though. Instead of closing threads and removing provoking posts, I find it was much more proactive to gently remind everyone that respect is required while posting on the forums. People are very passionate about politics, religion, home life, morals etc. When people disagree on topics they are passionate about, tempers tend to flare. Once upon a time when I was a mod, my approach was to remove posts and close topics as a last resort. I'd rather hop in, remind everyone to be respectful, then let the debate continue.
  11. The difference between guys and gals

    While I haven't read everything, (sorry guys, you all type a lot :> ) I do want to speak on one awful, terrible topic. ~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~ !!!Le Friendzone!!! D: Every person's worst fear! Being friend-zoned. It's terrible thing to go through. Why? Because people tend to think that being friendzoned is a guarantee that you will never be in a relationship with this person of interest. Well I can't say what statistics say on the friendzone, but I'll share my experience as the person delivering the friendzone in a relationship. In my unprofessional opinion, a friendzone is a cop-out. As a male who really had interest in a certain person, I wanted to get to know this person. This person also showed interest in me, but I was very gunshy about pulling the trigger on a relationship. So what did I do? I dropped this person in the friendzone to keep this person close, but not too close. She knew that I did it; I made it obvious. I attempted to keep this fluffy friendzone up as this wonderful best friend kind of complex, but then something happened. She persisted to break the friendzone over and over again (which made me very uncomfortable.) After a while and a few gentle breaches of the friendzone, I thought that maybe going beyond the friendzone wasn't a bad idea. So I became open to the idea of a relationship. I've been in a relationship with this person for over two years now and I couldn't be happier. Moral of the story: If you feel that you're being friendzoned, don't automatically take this as no hope for a relationship. If he or she is being friends with you in the first place there is a reason for it! If you really want to break the friendzone, do it! Is it risky? Yes, but what's the worst that could happen. You receive rejection? You ruin the friendship? If trying to reach out to someone in an act of love is going to ruin a friendship, then how strong was this friendship in the first place? Anyways, that's my story and my very opinionated opinion.
  12. I really like this idea. There should be an "Elevator Operative" fanclub. Seriously the unsung heros of this con.
  13. Google Zerg Rush

    Go to http://www.google.com Search "Zerg Rush" That is all lol
  14. The Sickness

    I never seem to get sick after ACen. Not sure why. I think it's because I ride the CTA everyday which is kind of like going to ACen every day. I think I'm just immune to everything.
  15. Maybe I'm just getting old?

    Tempting. Very tempting! The only qualm I have is that it's not local :< but I have always wanted to go to at least ONE youma.