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    Video games, Adobe photoshop, piano, anime, cosplay, japan, graphic design, manga, music, titanic stuff, shopping, the sims, sleep, ect. Doing things out of the ordinary is always a plus.

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  1. I have been working on A princess peach tanooki cosplay and I have been having trouble figuring out how to get the tail to stand out. I originally thought wire but it's too heavy and ends up bending down. I can't pin it up because the poofy skirt would make it awkward looking plus it kinda sticks out. Right now I'm using fish wire but I was curious if anyone had some better suggestions? Thank you!!!!
  2. Dat 2016 Room Block

    See, this isn't fair to those who KNOW they are going. I mean, not to sound harsh but they need to figure it out. I agree with those who think 1-2 room per name is fair, just like the parking at the Hyatt is. People who love ACen and want to go are getting ripped out of an opportunity to go for people who "haven't decided yet." I understand you "release" the rooms after you know but if someone wants to buy their badges and start planning on travel expenses ahead of time its not fair they have to check back and HOPE there's an opening. I'm really hoping they do something with that next year, the multiple room bookings is just not fair for those who are committed and wanting to go.
  3. Roxanne Wig Styling Help!

    Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I are making Powerline and Roxanne outfits for Halloween (and maybe conventions) I'm alright with the powerline wig but I'm having a tough time figuring out how to style Roxanne's bangs. I purchased this wig because I thought it would have a full look and I could sew in some wefts in the front http://arda-wigs.com/products/malinda, but I've been struggling on how to actually style it with that full foof! I know teasing it will get you some fluff but it doesnt style right to me. Any tips would be appreciated!
  4. Dradon Ball Soda

    Well, they're on ebay! Looks like people are interested, YAY! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Limited-edition-Dragonball-sodas-Unopened-cans-/131317450619
  5. Dradon Ball Soda

    So I have these Dragon Ball Sodas I bought a while back because I thought they were really neat! But I'm moving now and don't really have a place for them. I feel bad just throwing them away and before I do anything like give them/throw them away, well, this is gonna sound dumb but should I try to sell them? I doubt they're worth anything but I tried to do some research online and couldn't come up with anything. I know the Final Fantasy ones are sort of special and such but I didn't know much about the Dragon Ball ones. Thanks everyone ^o^
  6. 2015 room block

    Yes I'm talking about Thursday night.
  7. 2015 room block

    Same here. Something isn't adding up because even though ACen is a large convention, I've never heard of the Hyatt booking up THIS quickly. Last year it took at least a month, and now its supposedly booked up in 12 hours. The one person responded to me on FB about getting more rooms for Thursday night but as far as 8am this morning they were still full. Hopefully something will open up today.
  8. Something...Wicked?...this way comes.

    I understand the hotel rooms fill up quickly but 12 hours quickly? I've never had that happen. Last year it took at least 2 months to fill up. ACen is a big convention but that's crazy, especially since a fair amount of people don't necessarily book at the Hyatt because of its raising prices and loud noise. Someone told me on the ACen facebook page that they will be opening up more rooms so I'm keeping an eye out for that.
  9. Something...Wicked?...this way comes.

    I just tried calling and I guess I can't book the room until tomorrow because the girl who handles the in-group bookings is gone for the day...? Also I tried looking online to book the room and its saying that Thursday is booked up? Is this true or is it an online glitch? I have a hard time believing that Thursday night is booked full in less than 12 hours.
  10. Nintendo 2014

    Does anyone have any photos from the Nintendo photoshoot? I have a couple here, I was cosplaying as one of the Princess Peachs ^_^ https://www.facebook.com/Sirin.Ayse.Avci/media_set?set=a.10152042404867181.1073741837.538607180&type=3
  11. Mario and Peach help

    I'm doing the long hair version of Peach, started sewing in the wefts yesterday. Like I said, I kinda have an idea of what I'm going to do but if there's a guideline out there that would be awesome!
  12. Mario and Peach help

    That's awesome but I don't have the time atm for something like that =( I was thinking maybe if there was a mustache I could purchase that wouldn't be too expensive...?
  13. Mario and Peach help

    I already have a wig from arda but I have had no luck googling ways to style it.
  14. Mario and Peach help

    So I'm working on a Mario and Peach cosplay for my boyfriend and I and there are two things that I'm rather stumped about at the moment. One being the mustache for Mario, should I buy a fake mustache? Is there any good ideas or tips to make one? I tried searching the web on cosplay.com, deviantart,a dn just plain google but have come up with nothing really helpful T_T Two, is the wig for Princess Peach. I have some ideas but I thought before I start on it for sure I'd see if anyone knew of any helpful tutorials out there? I bought a wig and some wefts already but it would be cool to see how other people went about making it. Any help would be appreciated! THANKS!!!!!
  15. 2013 Gripes

    I overall had a fantastic time this year at ACen! One of most fun times I've had since I started attending XD My only gripe was the amount of times I was stopped about my prop, which was literally a two dowels assembled together with an elastic string for my Kikyo cosplay. First I was stopped because an IRT thought it was REAL O_o then it was a little taller than me, then again because it was a little taller than me, and THEN because the dowels that I had in my fake quiver for "arrows" were loose, apparently they are not supposed to be? But I had one with a fake arrow head I made on it that I would pull out for pictures. It was kind of ridiculous the amount of times I was stopped on Friday about my prop, especially in comparison to my friend who was walking around with a very well made, giant Yoko rifle from Gurren Lagann and didn't get stopped once. My mind was blown when she told me that after the amount of harassment I had been getting that day. And not all of the IRT that stopped me were rude, I know two of them felt really bad about it and didn't want to be having to ask and such but, OMG GUYZ! ITS A DOWEL! I don't know if anyone else was getting the heat for their props but I haven't brought a big prop to ACen since 2011, so I don't know if it was bad like that the year before...?