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  1. Box! Ds Chat @ Masq

    If you know or are BOX from the ds chat during the masquerade, my friend was Boxxy and she says hi and sorry she left but her battery died. ^__^ she also says she loves you and wants to hold your hand. and uhhhhh box+boxxy=lllooovvvvveeeeee ...she's nuts.. later -triana
  2. We puled into the station just as out train started to leave and none of our friends have room for us. So I BEG of you.. if ANYONE in Macomb or Oakland county Michingan has room for two.. We just need a ride there.. thats all. PLEASE!! if you can help us please contact me ASAP AIM: bl00dymika (zeros not 'o's) phone: 231.670.7380 We will be more than happy to pitch in for gas and some food. Thanks so much ~Nix
  3. Tom Wayland Anyone? -boxxyfaced-

    Alright we all love pokemon.. thus we all love Tom. and some of you love hentai which means you love Tom MORE ...so lets get this Nathan Explosion look alike to ACen!! Why is he worth this? well at ohayocon at his 4kids panel he tossed out free shwag to teh con-goers.. like small plushies, toys and I got a DVD and his Hentai dubbing panel is funny as hell. the guy is awesome and just comes up and starts talking to you. =3 lets bring him. it will be fun. If anyone is going to AnimeBoston, go check him out.
  4. Michael Sinterniklaas

    you know it is RUDE to delete someones post, mod or not. >.> -is all pms pissy- just because they are lazy and didnt post it "officially" yet isnt my fault. I only sat next to the guy and watched as he signed the contract. So trust me. Unless something comes up like it did for GenCon, he WILL be there. Just wait until they post it and then you would be all "nixie!! you where so right! why did we question your greatness!!!!! please forgive us and take pictures with us at the con because you are the greatest Triana Orpheus cosplayer ever!!" and what not... damn.. where is my chocolate milk?! ps. if anyone was at ohayocon and knows of cory.. help me convince him and his gf rae to come to ACen. we <3 cory.
  5. Michael Sinterniklaas

    I support your "brad swaile for ACen" thing at youma he said if he was invited he would come (if he dosnt have anything else) I own him a coke so it would be nice to see him again
  6. I have friends who are doing staff for the Xth amount of years and they want me to staff too, but... the only one I am really interested in is guest relations. I herd its hard to get into and stuff, but it wont hurt to try.. so does anyone know if they are full yet or not?
  7. Go Team Venture! [adult Swim]

    >.> im so used to being the only Triana.. I have been for like.. the past three cons I went too.. -hypervenalates- and now i wont me what do i do what do i do?!!?!?!:!!??!!?! XD!!!! vodka + nixie = not a good idea. PS. if you see me at the con (The Triana who is walking around with Kim, or some guy from some anime in which i cant remember OR walking around with Mike Sinterniklaas himself) if you ask me for 'a shot' I will let you take a hit of my Vodka. PS. if you have ever herd of the 'vodka girl' from Youma, JFax, or AnimeNorth.. thats me X3 Its sorta my thing now. YOU!!! Other Triana!! Go put in the request for the gathering in the gathering request section of the forums.. if forum section is real! If you can request times/locations.. I say friday or saturday afternoon roughly around 2. PS. We should have a memorial for #24 after the gathering!!!!
  8. Go Team Venture!

    Well, if you need help or just want another person who has seen every episode a batrillian times, I would love to volunteer myself. Sides, I was gonna try to convince Mike to show up.. We would be able to have the voice of Dean Venture with the best Triana cosplayer ever (as said so by Doc Himself)
  9. Go Team Venture! [adult Swim]

    XD OMG!! we will HAVE to meet up and take pics =D
  10. Go Team Venture!

    Alright, I know its not anime.. but its still pretty cool, right? And there are also a hand full of people dressed up like characters from Venture Bros. And also a possible Michael Sinterniklaas (Dean Venture) as a guest this year... But.. I dont want to do this panel alone. So, is anyone interested in running it with me?
  11. Go Team Venture! [adult Swim]

    So Im going as Triana and my bf (yes.. he is gonna go as a chick) is going to be Kim... ((though personally i wanted him to be Dr.Girlfriend.. but .. Kim is more his style.)) ANYWAYS I was wondering if anyone else was going to cosplay anyone from the Venture Brothers because I would LOVE to have a group. =D
  12. <3 Brad Swaile <3

    I hung out with him alot at Youma and he said if he was invited to ACen that he would go it was his first con ever back in the day and he was sorta sad that they never asked him back so lets get the votes together and bring Brad back to ACen!!!!! YAY!!!! -some of his roles- Light Yagami 'Kira' -Dean Note Amaro Ray - Gundam 00 Quatre Winner - Gundam Wing Nightcrawler - Xmen Evolution Kyosuke - Soul Taker and many MANY more.. go imdb him.
  13. Scott Mcneil

  14. Michael Sinterniklaas

    Where you the Sailor Saturn from the autograph session? X3 I might have met you lol I was with Mike on sunday and one of the ACen guys asked him if he would be interested in attending and he said he would. =3 i think he just has to work it into his schedule and confirm it with the head of guest relations before it will be posted in teh guest list. And my Triana cosplay for ACen will me amazing (not 10 minutes before i leave for ACen pulling crap out of my closet) but I am in contact with Doc Hammer for the smaller details and using his little "how to" thing on Triana he put up on DA a while back. Im getting it as exact as I can. Oh and for some reason we are dressing my boyfriend up as Kim.. apparently alot of people want to see him as a chick? =D GO TEAM VENTURE!!
  15. Guest Request Thread :)

    =3 if he is asked to ACen and goes then he will do the laugh. he did it at youma a few times. and he is sweet as pie. very easily to talk to.. and if you dont talk about him, his work or anything anime related he will talk to you more and learn your name and stuff x3