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    Video games are my life, and what a great life it is. The only time I ever watch TV is if wrestling is on. I also enjoy writing creatively as it comes naturally to me. Also, I love being the center of attention.

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  1. Monster Blood was already taken, so I'll mention Don't Go to Sleep, Calling All Creeps, and How I Learned to Fly. R.L. Stine was my fave growing up, that was until I learned of Paul Zindel. And it remained that way ever since.
  2. Happy Birthday Knives!

    ::pukes all over the cake:: OoPs Flavor among friends I guess...
  3. Mitsuwa/Gameworks birthday meet for Krystal

    Why can't everybody live in Missouri? So attending these things would be easier. I wish I could be there with you guys, but of course I can't.
  4. Getting Armed

    I've seen some impressive cosplays done with just craft foam and elmers glue. Craft foam is easy to work with.
  5. The Secret Trap!

    You should give mouth-to-mouth lessons.
  6. The Secret Trap!

    Tiamat, you crack me up. Only you could have brought this thread back to life in the fashion you did.
  7. ACen 2011 Meet & Greet!

    She didn't sit next to me at IHOP, but she WAS practically sitting on my lap on the way there in T_C's car.
  8. Fingerless Gloves

    I'm a proud owner of some kind of Snuggy off-brand.
  9. ACen 2011 Meet & Greet!

  10. ACen 2011 Meet & Greet!

    I will be at the meet up, I missed it last ACen cause I fell asleep packing up because I had just stayed up for two days straight finishing up Polygon Cloud. Didn't make it to the con till 10am on Friday.
  11. Anyone Else Overspending On Cosplays?

    If it means a great cosplay, there's no such thing as overspending. But sometimes I can get carried away. For example, Crono's headband goes down to his butt, but i didn't want a seam anywhere in it, so I spent 30 bucks on 3 yards of fleece just for a measily headband. That was in '08, and I cut me a fresh headband every year.
  12. Final Fantasy 2011

    I finally found time to come on here and tell you all that Polygon Cloud will be at the FF shoot this year. Can't wait.
  13. New Forums!

    Looks like my forum participation will be limited until I have the money to get a new computer. I^m on my phone right now, its more manly than the ol^ codger in my living room.
  14. Forum Downtime Scheduled!

    I guess Im the only one NOT excited about this, for the current ACen forums is about the ONLY site my clunker can handle anymore. If its too graphic heavy, then im screwed. Just when i was getting back into the groove of things...
  15. I feel awful just finding this. You guys know your two of my closest friends here and you both know that I'm really happy for you. I approve of an ACen wedding. Go for what you absolutely want.