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  1. Musical Guest-Kyary Pamyu Pamyu♥

    good lord I would just explode with excitement were this to happen I'm already flying all the way to New York just to see her for the 100% KPP tour, so having her at ACen would just bring in RIDICULOUS amounts of people this is a very good idea *nods* (also either way I'll be cosplaying her for ACen now since I'll have one put together for the concert~)
  2. Kpop & jpop singers 2013

    I'll be doing Kashiyuka from Perfume! I've been meaning to cosplay her forever and I decided this is the year to finally do it *nods*
  3. Homestuck 2012

    lol *completely* smashed won't happen until much later that evening~ hahahahaaa But if I do gather up the funds in time and end up getting dog-tier done, then I'll come as Jade instead :0
  4. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 2012

    Yay! I'm glad this group is back again from last year 8D I'll be bringing back my Mami..... hopefully with a better wig but *shrugs* either way I'll be there!
  5. Homestuck 2012

    Well helloooooo evrtbodyyyyy *evrybody lol just stopping by to say I'll be in on the Homestuck group this year, definitely as R??? Lalonde, possibly dog-tier Jade.... A friend of mine is also doing Wayward Vagabond, she probably already posted in here, but thought I'd throw that out there as well since we'll be going together :D
  6. Official "Did You See Me At Acen?" Thread

    lol there was one other Paine, it was a friend of my friend's from school and he did a Paine crossplay XD
  7. So if anyone got any photos of any puella magi or witches this year, share your links here!! Here's my album, the entire first half is all from the Magica meetup on Friday night, enjoy~ http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1648764872681.73781.1643738123
  8. ACen 2011 Pictures

    http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1648764872681.73781.1643738123 Here's my fb album from this year~ The first half of it is mostly photos from the Madoka Magica meetup, but there's quite a few other cosplay photos in there so enjoy
  9. Official "Did You See Me At Acen?" Thread

    DON'T BELIEVE KYUUBEY'S LIES!!! And omg yes if you could link me or something that would be amazing :D
  10. Official "Did You See Me At Acen?" Thread

    bahhhhhh lame D:.... But there were a decent amount of people at the meetup, pretty good for the first one, we had four Mamis, two Homuras, a Sayaka and a Kyuubey and then quite a few other people showed up just to take pics at the photoshoot :0
  11. Official "Did You See Me At Acen?" Thread

    NO WE DIDN'T SEE YOUR CHARLOTTE, I was hoping you would be at the Madoka meetup cuz I didn't see you all day DX
  12. Official "Did You See Me At Acen?" Thread

    Did anyone see me in my Mami cosplay?? I was the really tall, and only crossplay Mami this year and looking for any good photos that might be floating around..... Or maybe perhaps someone saw me in my kappa kigurumi? People were even taking pics of me in that lololol XD
  13. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica cosplayers?

    Good news for this thread!!! We are officially on the meetup schedule for Friday at midnight in the dome, just reposting to make sure everyone sees it. Can't wait to see everyone, less than two weeks now!!
  14. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica cosplayers?

  15. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica cosplayers?