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    Anime, Manga, Jpop/Jrock, Video Games, Computers, Being silly, Randomness, Figure Collecting (Figma FTW), <3 Love <3, Snuggles, Kisses, Cookies, Ice Cream, Kittys :3, and what notz! <_>

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  1. Possible Wisconsinite Meet-up?

    i miss borders ;_;
  2. canti fails to see how is funny *shakes fist in air* :<
  3. where in theory that sounds like a good idea i could see such a system getting abused with one sided stories. =/
  4. What IS the big draw of ACEN for you?

    canti like going to ACen to buy cool anime loot :o
  5. Con Swag

    stuff i got :o
  6. Horrible treatment at the Embassy

    i thought they where really nice if you ask me. this was my first time staying at a hotel where i paid for the room my self too so i didnt understand a lot of what to do but they helped out great the whole time.
  7. Possible Wisconsinite Meet-up?

    geek.kon is always alot of fun especially if your a gamer because they have a big as hell gaming room that is just a blast!~
  8. Possible Wisconsinite Meet-up?

    there are always other cons to go to before next ACen too. like geek.kon
  9. Possible Wisconsinite Meet-up?

    where would meet up be at? :x
  10. A Certain Magical Index/ Scientific Railgun 2012

    we should try harder to get more pplz for photoshot for next years con :x
  11. Hotel Mismanagement - Embassy

    only thing embassy did wrong for me was they gave me 3 room cards and 3 breakfast cards when i first checked in but i went down and asked them about it right after i got to room and found that out and they happily gave me one more of each. over all i really liked the embassy. they had a lot more pluses then minuses.
  12. A Certain Magical Index/ Scientific Railgun 2012

    was wondering about that >_<
  13. A Certain Magical Index/ Scientific Railgun 2012

    so what you think of my Stiyl Magnus rune cards :o
  14. Your perfect mate

    this is why we cant have nice things
  15. Who here is not from Illinois?

    mez is from madison wisconsin and takes a bus down to ACen :o