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  1. For hosting So You Wanna Be a Pokemon Master for the first time at Anime Central, your panelists - tsukeru and karrissella - would like some feed back! We've been running this panel a few different ways in the past years and we are always looking for ideas from you guys on how to improve the panel. Did you like it? How were the panelists? Was it what you expected? What can we do to improve? Was the room size big enough? We would love to hear from you guys about it! And thank you once again for coming and making it enjoyable for us to run it. It is by far, one of our favorite panels to present at a convention. Expect to see us at Youmacon 2012 as well! We look forward to seeing you there too!
  2. C2E2 - Chicago Comic Entertainment Expo

    I have been wanting to try C2E2 for a while now. Is it worth it for an out-of-state person to attend?
  3. Guest Announcements?

    Or to any con for that fact.
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh! 2012

    I dunno. Friday is going to be EXTREMELY busy for me.
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh! 2012

    I know. It feels like it's been forever since I've seen you~
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh! 2012

    I will not be joining you guys this year for the shoot. Being limited to one suitcase will do that to you.
  7. Guest Announcements?

    Maybe other cons like ACen, should follow Matsuricon or Youmacon's examples. They already have 3+ guests listed for 2012....
  8. Blue Exorcist 2012?

    I don't know if I can make either shoot. I have other priorities then this one. We will see though.
  9. Transformers 2012?

    Interesting mix there. I was actually thinking about making Cheetor for 2013. I'm not sure how to go about the design yet, but he has always been a favorite.
  10. Transformers 2012?

    What characters are you going to make? And good luck! We were suppose to have a huge group of human! Transformers at Youmacon, but many of my group are in college. We had though: Bumblebee, Hot Rod and Soundwave. I hope to gain a bigger group this year.
  11. Transformers 2012?

    This may be a stretch in the dark, but is anyone else planning on cosplaying Transformers at ACen this year? I'm tossing up the idea of taking one of my costumes to ACen this year since they don't get a whole lot of usage. Plus, it would be fun to have a Transformers meet up, since there is going to be a Transformers panel.
  12. Informal Poll

    Thank you. But please note - not everyone can afford a smart phone, so I'm not sure how well that feature will work.
  13. Pokemon 2012?

    If the rest of the cosplayers like that time slot, then we will set it. But not until more input is made. I prefer a Friday shoot for Pokemon, just because my Pokemon Panel - So You Wanna be a Pokemon Master will be then as well and that there are usually much, much, much bigger series that are held on Saturday for cosplay photoshoots.
  14. Informal Poll

    Speaking of feedback, I had asked about feedback for my panel last year: Are you Smarter than an Otaku. The staff told me that were running it they were on a shortage/out of the paper feedback forms. Please make sure to have enough this year. Thank you.
  15. Blue Exorcist 2012?

    Are we having a photoshoot? And if so, can I suggest Saturday at 12 pm???