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  1. I'm back!!!

  2. I'm back!!!

    Where oh where did they all go? =<
  3. First Time at the DoubleTree

    Guest Rooms have these Room Amenities List Complimentary Remote Printing Digital Key Available Hairdryer High Speed Internet Access Iron Iron/Ironing Board Mini Refrigerator Air Conditioning Clock Radio w/ MP3 Connection Doubletree Eat Right Menu Ergonomic Desk Chair Non-Smoking Sweet Dreams Sleep Experience TV - 30 Inch HD I would suggest getting a Hilton Honors [its an app] -Its free -you can choose where your room will be Thursday -Digital Key [no more looking for your keycard or it deactivating] [in app] -Digital Check-IN / Check Out [no more front desk hassle checking out] **I called the front desk just in case** -2nd Guest is free - Late Check-out [only if available] +Plus if you need to change anything or want to know more of their promotions its in the app. *Hope this helps you as much as it helped me. For the other con goers the app works for Hilton, Embassy, Doubletree [any hotel partnered or owned by Hilton] Something great if you travel to cons all year; and use these hotels. After awhile your points will add up to a free nights stay after 4 stays.
  4. Overwatch

    So here we are for the Overwatch Photoshoot. Myself and a nice sized group of people are going to be doing Overwatch this year! I noticed that there isn't a thread for this up yet so here we are. The Photoshoot on Saturday from 3pm-4pm by the Loading Docks See you all there!~ FB Group/Event Page vvvvvv %7D]%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D&source=1&action_history=[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22permalink%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22surface%22%2C%22extra_data%22%3A[]%7D]&has_source=1"]CLICK HERE!!! LOCATION PICTURE
  5. Pre-Event information

    Im pretty sure nobody is putting their toes in the water to have that event this year since the past years that have happened it was little to nobody showing up like it use to be a few years back. :mellow:
  6. The Yes Or No Game!

    2 actually Sombra from Overwatch and Tohru from miss kobayashi's dragon maid
  7. Not sure were your gathering is?

    Same but the suspense is killing me; and hoping people thought ahead of this initial idea.
  8. Hello ALL I currently have a room just looking for someone that is giving up their double bed room. Either at the Double Tree or Embassy Suites. Please message me on here or Email me at junkzilla@hotmail.com
  9. No longer in search of a room. Thank You Everyone who has helped.
  10. What's the last thing you ate?

    Pancakes.... :P
  11. ^ Really nice guy and fun to talk to =D
  12. Not sure were your gathering is?

    :angry: The amount of response is aggravating. If there are site names on these new things; it would be 100x easier for new con folk to find the location. Rather than just skipping it because they don't know where its at. -_-
  13. Not sure were your gathering is?

    ^ was wondering the same thing. Please let us know!
  14. Countdown From A Million!

  15. What do the lonely people at ACen do?

    My first ACen I didn't have many friends but after branching out like S1nn3r said before I got to meet so many other new friends including Isamu and many more. Don't limit yourself to folks while you have the best opportunity to meet people with similar interests. Since the forums have been dead these past few years the meet and greet hasn't been too much of a turn out but hey why not show up just to check it out. Although there isn't a thread out for it yet this year but its probably because of the low attendance.
  16. Twitch Accounts

    We stream every Tuesday night with a group usually playing beat em ups and other various games. The rest of the week is OniLux on just about every night streaming what he has going on. There are different types games ranging from Nintendo, PS, PC, or WII U Twitch Stream
  17. No rooms available at the time being. Still in search of a Double Room from either Double Tree or Embassy Suites. Thurs-Sun Please message me on here or Email me at junkzilla@hotmail.com