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  1. Guidebook App?

    Will there be a guidebook app available for 2014? I found it incredibly handy last year and I am looking forward to hopefully using it again this year. (Sorry if this is posted anywhere else)
  2. DC Comics/ Batman

    I think our group is doing Batman again so hopefully we should have a big group and maybe we will actually remember to go to the shoot this year
  3. Suggestions for 2014

    Hallelujah! I'm excited now
  4. Suggestions for 2014

    I have a really weird suggestion but can we maybe update the ACen web-page layout? It's been the same for going on what, three years? I really miss the cute banners of our mascots.
  5. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    My goal for next ACen is to cosplay as Harley Quinn in her original skin tight jumpsuit... maybe I should start looking at this thread more
  6. Con horror stories!

    This isn't so much a con horror story as it as an almost horror story, but anyways. I'm pretty much the only person in our group of friends to have a car, so I'm the one picking everyone up and driving them to the con and hotel and what not. Literally 5 days before ACen of last year, my car died. Not just broke down or anything but totally called it quits. Luckily we found a new car before then but it was scary and frustrating. I'm so glad things ended up working out.
  7. Badge Mailing Date

    I got mine to today and so did practically everyone else that I've talked to
  8. DC 2013!

    My group isn't doing the Batman thing anymore this year so we won't be there, I might stop by the take pictures though anyways.
  9. DC 2013!

    I also have a Joker, Riddler and Penguin.
  10. League of legends 2013

    That sounds really insanly awesome and I hope i get to see you! Ahri is one of my favorite champs.
  11. Rude Cosplay Fans

    The only time any one was ever blatantly rude was when my boyfriend and I were standing somewhere, as the Joker and Harley. We heard a girl scream "OMG it's the joker and Harley!" so we turn around and she gets up to us and then says "Oh, it's the WRONG Joker and Harley". Oh. Well sorry to inconvenience you in anyway.
  12. DC 2013!

    I'm going to be Harley for the third time. Though I'm sort of hoping by then it will be a new costume. Also, this year I actually plan to GO to the DC shoot. Each year we decide against it for one reason or another and then we see the photos and they look awesome so we are clearly missing out!
  13. Neopets

    This is funny because I keep running the idea of doing a neo-cosplay sometime. Maybe not for 2013, but for sure in the future. I was thinking of being Bree, the Key Quest faerie.
  14. Ban sale of nazi good, and nazi cosplay?

    The only time I've ever wished the facebook "like" feature would carry into everything else. I like this comment very much as it wraps up everything so nicely. Well put.