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  1. Hello, It's been quite a while.

    I've unfortunately not been able to attend the con in the longest time... well ever... always a little thing getting in the way... like finals, or wisdom tooth surgery, or like this year finals are right after ACen.
  2. Hello, It's been quite a while.

    Hey ACen forums. So what's changed in the last two years? (I stopped by a couple times recently, but yeah..) How's it going?
  3. Who else is a musician on here?

    IF you're among our ranks, what instrument do you play? If you're not, what instrument would you like to play? I am a guitarist, Schecter FTW.
  4. UIC, Bad part of town?

    As a student at UIC, and having been to the station, and having had to travel to some of the actual worse parts of chicago.. at night.. I would suggest the following route.. take van buren, then when you hit halsted, take that, followed by harrison, which I believe should lead you to the pavilion. And I would say that is one of the safest routes.. also keep a Spartan Laser on you, you never know when those aliens will try to abduct you or something. Also UIC is as has been said, a good part. though, follow common sense, and keep a sharp eye, and a sharper wit.
  5. Chinatown Meet-Up

    That is exactly my story, I'm down for this meet up, as long as I'm not in class, which shouldn't be the case if it's a weekend.
  6. Tumblr anyone?

    Anyone have any tumblr blogs or the like? if so please post em here, I'd like to browse em, since I find myself in front of my laptop, for about 2 hours a day, browsing tumblr, here be mine, http://yokaishinigami.tumblr.com/
  7. Linkin Park Featuring You

    yeah, I'm looking into this too. Though I must say. As much as people started bashing them for MTM, I actually enjoyed that album... yeah it didn't sound like hybrid or meteora... but then again, I already had those two, so no point dishing out more money for meteora all over... Now to eagerly wait for A thousand suns.
  8. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - First Episode Is Out

    Well, this 1st episode was more of a fanservice pilot... They just wanted to get the whole, oh look, alchemists fighting thing going on... also they're probably assuming that a lot of the people watching the show, have either read the manga, or watched the first anime... so no point in keeping the secret of Ishbal, so to say.
  9. The World You Want To Live In

    Why would you want to live in a world where there was a megalomaniac who could kill you pretty much anytime he wanted... at least that world doesn't have facebook.
  10. C.c.'s 18th Birthday

    I just got assigned to another robot. I officially have no social life. sorry... ;~;...
  11. The World You Want To Live In

    Of course, once I make those ACM's (autonomous combat machines), this world will be like an anime!!! for better or for worse.
  12. The World You Want To Live In

    I would have to say FMA, why because alchemy is badass, but honestly otherwise, I like this world... Robots FTW
  13. C.c.'s 18th Birthday

    GRRRRR... we're running weeks behind schedule, so not sure how long I will be able to stay, yay insane amounts of work (yay robots)... At worst I will stop by to say guten tag.
  14. Avatar The Last Airbender

    I should be attempting Zuko... let's see how well my plans go
  15. C.c.'s 18th Birthday

    Mine used to be called Balloon-Eyes... very unoriginal... then one of my zebra chiclids got to it... pop go the balloons... lesson learned about tempraments though... and Oscar vs Piranhas... I wanna see that... (against forced fights... just a note... a random one by chance in the wild go for it.)