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    anime, manga, girls, japan, games, drawing, girls. I really like ice cream and caramel and blue pop too! ^_^ But I usually like hangin out as well as talking to new ppl ^_^

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  1. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Hey I was Miles Morales as Ultimate Spiderman. Only one person asked for a picture but I was at the marvel photoshoot. Did anyone get a picture of me at all? BTW I am not the spiderman who's real (nickname?) name is Arrow.
  2. Spiderman Lycra Zentai Help

    Thanks guys
  3. Spiderman Lycra Zentai Help

    bump anyone have any links to good paint or sewing tools or other things i could use?
  4. So I bought a black zentai costume and I'm planning on doing Miles Morales Ultimate Spiderman. I've never cosplayed before and I don't know how I would get the red spiderweb designs on the costume. What kind of paint or tape or dye could I use on lycra zentai fabrics?
  5. Cosplay Costume and PG13?

    The most I saw was at my first ACen, there was a Felicia from darkstalkers (the usual) and she had nothing but a small pad on her nips and was wearing a furry thong. Anything past that I guess is unacceptable.
  6. Hey errbody. I haven't been on here in a while. Anyways, I didn't get to go to ACen this year due to being in college...bummer I know. But next year I'll definitely be at ACen since the date is different!! I'll also be 21 and old enough to buy alcohol. Who else will be 21 next ACen? (or at least new to alcohol if you desire to drink alcohol)
  7. No more anime in Japan

    hey, why don't we all just watch cartoon network and it's disgustingly adult-humored shows for kids? anime is sooooo last decade......@_@ I'm not sure how this ban will affect me in the long run, im hoping to get my story published as a manga in the future, but I tend to enjoy Teen anime the most anyway. Fan service and whatnot is nice, but I tend to look forward to other things. As long as punching a guy in the face or kamehamehas aren't flagged as 'adult only' ill be fine.
  8. The Super Share your Deviantart Page.

    my very normal looking deviant art page.....more art to come Kyu's dA
  9. No more anime in Japan

    So, i hear that Japan passed some law on anime. It said something about banning anime that has explicit stuff. Anyone know what exactly this means? Will there be more HOTD? Will future anime still have jigglies? I don't even know what they are banning anyway, I just want to watch some anime in the future
  10. why does team plasma look like pilgrims??
  11. Nintendo 3DS

    i cant wait for this!!
  12. You Guys See The Full Moon Last Night

    awesome! i love the moon!
  13. Acen Adventures/stories

    some random guy with a bleeding hand went around and asked me and my friends "are you 'batin'?" ((minus master)) this was outside the friday rave
  14. First Time At A-cen

  15. Hey, It's That New Girl!