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  1. So who else is going to Anime Midwest?

    I'll be going to Anime Midwest. I went last year and had such a blast! Since I missed ACen this year :( I have to make up for not going to a convention haha. Hope to see some people there!
  2. first time in the furoms and attending to cons!><

    welcome to the forums!!
  3. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Awesome! Good thing I love playing games!
  4. Recent Anime Purchases

    This is most of the anime I bought at ACen this year. Some wouldn't fit in the picture but yea more to add to the collection. ^__^
  5. What Are You Currently Playing?

    So far I love the game, I understand how it has a place in your heart. I'll definitely message you when I'm done. I feel like I'm going to be in for a big surprise lol.
  6. Joe The Elf

    Welcome to the forums! I hope you had a good ACen!
  7. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Right now I'm playing Nier.
  8. Anime Midwest 2012 Comes To Wyndham Lisle/Naperville

    I'll be there this year...this would be my first year going to Anime Midwest. I just booked my room for the con.
  9. Con Swag

    I bought a lot of stuff. Lets see: -Silent Mobius - Motion Picture -Silent Mobius 2 - Motion Picture -Zaion: I wish you were here -Cowboy Bebop The Movie -3X3 Eyes -Banner of the Stars II -The Girl who leapt through time -High School of the Dead -The Third: Girl with the Blue Eye -Infinite Stratos -Someday's Dreamers -Allison & Lillia -Elfin Lied Wallscroll -H.O.T.D Wallscroll -Panty, Stocking Wallscroll Lots of Manga, shirts, and totes haha. The most I ever bought at ACen in all my years going.
  10. Apply to become staff for ACen 2013

    Thanks! I'll do that!
  11. Apply to become staff for ACen 2013

    I would love to volunteer for registration and whatnot just don't know where I would be needed and I don't have reliable transportation to get me around to places. *sigh*
  12. Fourth year acen, first time forum

    Cosplaying Vincent would be amazing haha, but yea it is rather difficult.
  13. hi everybody

    Welcome to the forums! Glad you enjoyed ACen!
  14. UpcomingCons.com Seeks Contributors

    That sounds very interesting!
  15. Anyone else have a tumblr?

    http://aquarius1688.tumblr.com/ I'm fairly new to tumblr so still getting use to the site, but there is my link if anyone's interested