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  1. Seeking a possible room or roommate situation

    Still trying to find something, hope to hear back from someone soon
  2. We're currently looking for a room , as we tend to be the party-type/smoking type of folk at cons. Hoping you're the same I'm 25, she's 23 so no issues there. Just let us know! Contact me through here or Facebook. I think I have my stuff in the sig below. Looking for a Friday - Sunday set up~
  3. Twitch Accounts

    Just started doing the same, taking random suggestions today, for video games to play. https://www.twitch.tv/blazethroughs It got changed and things have changed a bit as well. My Girlfriend and I stream all sorts of strange and weird junk we can find. We find the awful and play some great classics. All while commentating. So check it out!
  4. Whoa, it's been a while since I jumped on here, but I thought to ask. So, I'll be obtaining my PERC licence soon, and will be able to aid with whatever security issues and things of that nature. Would I want to apply for IRT or is there something else on Staff, for which my skills would be optimized for? I've been going to ACen for 9 years now, 10 is next and I would love to show my dedication to such an important part of my life.
  5. Hey, peeps. It's been a bit...

    So what's going on people? What's going on around here, seeing as I haven't really been on here in like a year now. Anyone else in the same boat as I? Just coming back in to the forums, after a while?
  6. It was 3, when we first started talking. We talked about your art work, what you were into, how shy you were and how much we loved Pokemon (Johto!) & vocaloids (Luka Fans!) Then we were ambushed by my group of random friends, then you met my friend Win. I believe he helped you meet up with your friends. I wanted to talk to you some more. I was the guy in the black dress clothes, and with the lightsabre glowsticks. lol
  7. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Kid Iccarus and Zeti Hero Project.
  8. Playstation Vita

    People have been complaining at gamestop about it, which is something an employee was telling me about when I went out to pick up Kid Icarus. Seems one person came in, returned his PSVita because while playing a game, the screen just died. Blacked out. Some people complain the touch screen sucks. I'm gonna wait a year now.
  9. Official 3DS Friend Code List

    Added all you guys, add me back. We should also find a time in which (whoever has MKart7) we can all race. lol
  10. Anyone else have a tumblr?

    This one is mine.
  11. Official 3DS Friend Code List

    Hey! Add me as well! 4511-0977-5294
  12. Anime Nights~

    AWWWWWW. Sorry, hun!
  13. Anime Nights~

    Just trying to meet new people and old, all from the ACen community! Having this place of just getting people to come over and enjoy some anime at my place! MUST BE OVER 21 since there will be some drinking (not a lot) going on. Just hoping to see who would be interested in coming! I live in the northside of Chicago, around Bucktown & the edge of Logan Square! Contact me through BOOKface and stuffs!
  14. Playstation Vita

    Eh, I'm just starting to explore that market of gaming and I still prefer my handhelds. I can see where you come from though. ><;;; Honestly, if I could buy it at launch, I would. I'm just spoiled that way. ((Heh))