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  1. Hey. I don't know if you remember me but we met at ACen back in 2012

  2. The Yes Or No Game!

    NO. It freaks me out. enjoy cadbury eggs?
  3. Last Letter Game!

    Love Actually
  4. True Or False

    True. Too late to eat though :/ TNP is enjoys listening to ASMR
  5. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    When you watching anime, pause it on the right face and go "Feeling cute, might lock up some government officials later idk"
  6. Nope, because now I is here.... ;)
  7. The Yes Or No Game!

    yes-ish. One is no deadline, one I might make a few changes to for someone. distracted from something you should be doing instead?
  8. Last Letter Game!

    Die Another Day
  9. True Or False

    True! Anime Magic and Youma (please pray to the PTO gods for me, thanks). TNP has at least one autograph they want to get this year
  10. The Yes Or No Game!

    I did, lots of autographs for me in 2018. Having a reality check that ACen is less than a month away?
  11. True Or False

    True, I did not stay there this year. TNP is already thinking about a cosplay for next year!!!
  12. True Or False

    False, still some prep, gotta pack and clean up. WHY AM I HERE I SHOULD BE PREPPING TNP IS so hyped FOR ACen EEEE
  13. True Or False

    False, going to be sunny today, perfect day for the Cubs game~! :) TNP is about to go to bed after being up all night!
  14. True Or False

    TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TNP is about to witness a thunderstorm in the next hour or so.
  15. Thursday Night Stay

    Try hitting up the Anime Central official facebook page (if you have a facebook), you'll probably get more hits there. :)