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  1. True Or False

    False, still some prep, gotta pack and clean up. WHY AM I HERE I SHOULD BE PREPPING TNP IS so hyped FOR ACen EEEE
  2. True Or False

    False, going to be sunny today, perfect day for the Cubs game~! :) TNP is about to go to bed after being up all night!
  3. Hide yo kids, n' hide yo wife.
  4. True Or False

    TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TNP is about to witness a thunderstorm in the next hour or so.
  5. Places to eat?

    I've heard good things about the Chinese place that hands out menus outside the con center. I usually just order from Giordano's (expect at least a 2 hour wait for delivery) or just bring my own food. I have found it's cheaper and then you're guaranteed what you like! IIRC, the Hilton also has a Starbucks in it as well.
  6. I think we're going to have a sharknado.
  7. Thursday Night Stay

    Try hitting up the Anime Central official facebook page (if you have a facebook), you'll probably get more hits there. :)
  8. Hey there I am visiting Chicago convention weekend to visit my daughter. She is a huge anime fan and I’d love to surprise her and go to the convention. The ticket/registration process seems very confusing. Could you please guide me in the steps to take so I may attend. I’m looking for a single day pass for children’s day Sunday for my daughter and I. She is 11. What time does con run on Sunday? Am I able to go back and forth from Hyatt to Donald? Do I need special passes for certain events?

  9. Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to the forums and welcome back to the con. hope this year rocks for you! :)
  10. WTB


    L35 Hundo Torchic


    Serious sellers only. :p

  11. Last Letter Game!

    Enter the Dragon
  12. Last Letter Game!

  13. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yes, and I'm freaking out. Have a lot of ACen prep to do?
  14. True Or False

    True and False. Last sunday YES. This sunday, nope. TNP is exhausted
  15. True Or False

    True. TNP is drinking coffee.