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  1. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    When you walk into half price books to “look around” and you end up buying tons of anime stuff....
  2. Countdown From A Million!

  3. True Or False

    Very true. TNP has a set playlist they listen to on their way to work
  4. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    gorgeous! When you edit a picture of your waifu with a cat to make it look like she's holding your own cat
  5. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yes, A couple times, but just because I was doing tons of stuff earlier the next day. Ever run into a guest on the con floor/elevator?
  6. The Yes Or No Game!

    Sadly. I’m lazy so I prefer talking lol enjoy energy drinks?
  7. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    When your desktop wallpaper is always of your waifu
  8. True Or False

    False. I had pasta salad this morning. TNP sleeps during the day most of the time
  9. The Yes Or No Game!

    I'm not totally sure yet. Day after though is discount candy day, and uhhhh I'm pretty much booked that day. Replaying any old games lately?
  10. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    don't get me started. Everyone in my raid group did sponsors today to get a EX hopefully tomorrow. Guess who couldn't go because of work :') When you minor house hold items and decor in your house is anime themed (hello Laughing Man, Motoko Kusanagi and Esdeath Coasters!!) Oh and Laughing Man dish towel XD
  11. True Or False

    Can’t say I haven’t. TNP owns a stethoscope
  12. The Yes Or No Game!

    I should be. Need motivation to clean up the crafting room...sigh! Doing anything for the super bowl?
  13. Hacking your cyber brain again. This time I've made you like Kenny G....bwahahahaha

  14. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    When you check the PoGo scans right when you’re off work and Justify driving out of your way for a digital creature.
  15. True Or False

    True!! TNP enjoys tea