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  1. My Little Pony: Friendship is magic meetup 2012

    Alright, so I've got my mustache for the Flam cosplay, as well as the hat. I need to repaint the band on the hat the right color and dye my mustache. Next would be making the vests and sewing the cutie marks onto my khakis. I'm actually planning on dying and styling my hair because I've been dying for an excuse to color my hair. XD
  2. My Little Pony: Friendship is magic meetup 2012

    Okay, confirming that I'll be going as Flam with Max as Flim! I watched a whole bunch of mustache application tutorials, so here's hoping that it stays on the whole afternoon! Also, we'll bring some cider for everyone at the photo shoot, lol~!
  3. My Little Pony: Friendship is magic meetup 2012

    Just to let you know, this is Nissa/Mage and I'll be dressing as Flam! I believe I've got a Flim, so that should be fun. XD
  4. (( Wearables Clause ))

    I personally have to congratulate the Artist's Alley Department Head and all other supporting staff on their decision to only allow 50% of a table's space to be allotted to t-shirts. Although they couldn't have explained their reasoning better themselves on the e-mail that was sent, I have to vent a bit. Especially after last year when all the spaces in Artist's Alley were gone in a matter of hours, I was really miffed to see how many tables were taken up by really quite popular artists. Although I love the art of not going to be mentioned studios, the fact they were simply selling t-shirts as opposed to art books and other paraphernalia really rubbed me the wrong way. Not only that, but they were raking in more business than some exhibitors, and yet they had only paid $60. Once again, I'm not knocking the web comics or artists who were behind these tables, but as was said in the AA e-mail "They owe it to the community after they succeed to move into the exhibitors hall and make room for those who need a chance to start". Thoughts? Arguments? Feel free.
  5. T-shirt Design Ideas!

    I really like that new policy myself, seeing how many people we had in the Alley last year that sold nothing BUT shirts and took up several tables. But I really look forward to seeing what you come up with! 8D
  6. The Super Share your Deviantart Page.

    I'll check out everyone else's later, but mine is http://magefeathers.deviantart.com . It's also kind a of a base of operations for Cello Raptor studios, which makes appearances at A-cen almost every year. It was a super happy fun time this year, actually sold out of stuff by saturday evening. =w=
  7. Less than two weeks to go!

    LESS THAN A WEEK. oddly enough I crammed what was normally ten months of work into two months and this is going to be the first year I'm anywhere near close to my self-set quotas! I may actually even FINISH everything this year. =gasp and horror= Look forward to seeing y'all there!
  8. Oh hai! ^_^

    I have you added on my Deviantart, it's magefeathers! -wave- Look forward to seeing you at A-Cen! My friend and I have a table in Artist' Alley, so if you'd like to swing by and say hello we're Cello Raptor studios. ^^ We have a black and red table cloth with a big music note on the front, so we're kind of hard to miss. ^^
  9. Completely new to Artist Alley!

    Hello! Mage of Cello Raptor studios here! Always good to see another Artist joining our ranks. Mwahahaha. This is more of generic convention advice that I learned the hard way from my first year at A-Cen, but wasn't at Artist's Alley that year. ~Food: Although the thought of eating nothing but nachos and McDonalds all weekend is enough to make anyone's mouth water, your stomach will hate you for it. Even if you just have a nutritious breakfast and a couple healthy snacks, that's enough to give you enough energy to get you through the day, rather than feeling tired, sluggish and not so perky. For sitting at our table, I always pack a big bag of snacks, which usually includes apples, bananas, peanut butter, some bread, cereal bars and some granola. I also bring some big bag of candy like Twizzlers or fun sized snickers because it's great to bribe your Artist's Alley neighbors with. ~sleep: As much as we all hate to do it at a 24 hour convention, you can't survive on Rockstar energy and Mountain Dew alone -although it definitely helps!-. Now, you don't need to conk out for exactly 8 hours of sleep, but naps of about two hours a couple times a day really help. I usually crash after AA closes until about 10 or 11, stay up until 5 or 6 in the morning and manage to snag a couple z's before Artist's Alley opens the next day. You'll be more awake and refreshed to enjoy your evening activities as well as be cheerful and perky for your customers! ~Water: Kind of goes under the 'food' category, but drop a couple bucks on a 24 pack of bottled water, especially if you're running a table with someone. Drinks are kind of expensive at con, and usually you're better off bringing your own supply. As far as Artist's Alley specific advice, Ranefea pretty most of it, but I have to reinforce a couple things. ~Tablecloth: Absolutely! A lot of people bring in clean bed sheets or plastic covers from a Party store. I personally recommend the bed sheet or a big swath of patterned fabric from a Hobby Lobby, just because my first year we used a plastic table covering and it got so messed up by the end of the weekend it looked awful. Of course a lot of people make it work, but me and my studio member are just clutzes.XD ~Notebook: Not only for recording sales, but also to write down ideas for next year! My first year, I kind of ran in blind, only skimming advice here and there. We were lucky enough to have veteran neighbors who had a lot of advice, but it helped make sure we had everything the next year. And heck, even the next year I had two notebook pages of plushie and crocheting requests, arrangement ideas, etc. It's really useful to keep track of things that you know you'll want to bring for the next convention and make sure you're more prepared! ~Lockbox: YE5. They're $20 at Party City and considering how much money one can rake in, it's a worthwhile investment. ~Neighbors: Be very nice to your neighbors, especially if you're a one man studio. Not only does talking with your fellow artist's pass the time, but it's a great time to swap techniques and ideas, network and other such things. Besides that, sometimes you'll need to go on a bathroom break and need a set of eyes while you're gone. People in Artist's Alley make everything they sell, so, for the most part, appreciate the time and effort that goes into your work. I'm not saying no one will steal, but use your judgment, rely on your neighbors and make friends! That's what we're here for! ~Business Cards: If you have a website or DeviantArt, it's a really great idea to have business cards. Just something simple with your name, your studio name, e-mail address and a website. That way people can get in touch with you after con and direct some traffic to your website! My second year, I just used a business card template, put our logo on there and printed it on card stock. The 50 I made were all gone by Friday. XD Last year I forgot to make cards, so I just doodled something on a piece of paper and put my DA address on it. This year, I just got 500 business cards for $16 on Vistaprint.com. You can order 250 for free, just know you have to click through like a million pages of ads by the time you're at the check out. XD ~signage: As long as it's neat and tidy, it makes sure people know who you are so that way they can come back to you year after year. ;3 ~Greetings: Always say hi to your customers! They took the trouble to come aside and look at your wares, the least you could do is say, "Hi! How're you guys enjoying the convention so far?". Usually that simple greeting makes them more comfortable with asking you prices, which is more likely to lead to a purchase. I know it sounds like a lot, but if you just remember to be friendly and outgoing with your neighbors and customers, that about covers half of what I just said. XD A couple things to avoid ~DO NOT TOUCH: Nothing rubs me the wrong way more than this! I understand not wanting children with sticky hands manhandling your merch, but scaring off a potential customer with a 'Do not touch' sign is suicide. I work in retail and the first thing we're taught is people use all five of their senses to make a purchase decision, and the more senses they can use, the more likely they are to buy. Now, I know the nature of the merchandise kind of effects how well this works, but let people poke through your jewelry, flip through your books, as long as they're not hurting anything. -gets off soap box- ~Loitering Friends: If you live in this area and aren't coming to the convention out of state, chances are you have a lot of friends attending A-Cen. And a cluster of loitering friends can not only block traffic, but prevent other people from looking at and buying your stuff. Not to say be rude and stave them off at all costs, just be wary of how much time and space they're using. XD And under no circumstance let someone without a badge behind your table! You can lose your table as well as it's taking up other artist's room. Hope that helped dearie and we'll see you in May!
  10. Artist Trading Cards

    Meh, I haven't worked on any either, but after being on the waiting list I'm so behind on my sewing, it's ridiculous. I plan on working on some once I get a bit more caught up. ^^
  11. Artist Trading Cards

    @Muffin: That's a really good idea! Doesn't need to be anything big, but that way we're not derping around the AA looking for other people with cards and no way to find them, ha ha.
  12. Artist Trading Cards

    Fwee! We're going to have a table this year! It's a good thing too considering all the crap I've made, ha ha ha. Well, I'll make sure to bring plenty for all and to all a good night!
  13. Artist Trading Cards

    Bah, my thread got deleted. D: I had a thread already made up here for the idea and there were a lot of artists that were interested. I don't have a table this year (at least not yet), but I'm definitely going to make some up for swapping at the alley.
  14. Cute or Disgusting: Sleeping with your pet

    Ah, it's always refreshing to see that not everyone's over-sanitizing weirdos in this world. Ha ha. We have two kitties and a 10-pound pup that all manage to fit on the queen sized bed between me and my husband. The pup usually gets annoyed when the cats worm their way onto the bed and will make her grand escape to the couch or her puppy bed on the floor. Other than that, I don't see why you wouldn't let them up there, so long as your dog is potty trained and can get up and down without hurting themselves.
  15. I'll be there...

    -groan- On the waiting list for a table again this year. The suspense is killing me! But I signed up 2 hours after registration opened, so I'm hoping that was soon enough to get a table. I didn't get accepted into AA until the middle of January last year, so here's hoping we luck out! It'll be Cello Raptor's fourth year at the convention if we do manage to get a table. ...I need to get our table cloth dry cleaned.