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  1. Hand gesture to get IRT attention when being Harassed

    I dont understand the deal here. making signals to say that your being harassed? why not just actually call for help or do something? Being passive isn't going to fix anything, If you're being harassed you do something about it. not throw your hands up and flail
  2. Hyatt DJ on Saturday Night

    awesome job man. I loved the tracks you played
  3. Hyatt DJ on Saturday Night

    Idnno who that was. But me and my friends bunked out of the Soapbubble because the two djs we were in there for were garbage so we ended up leaving dissapointed. Needless to say this man wrapped my my ACen with a bang Kudos mystery DJ man

    The facebookstation4?
  5. Photo Request Thread 2013!

    Me any my friends please I was the Gray one

    http://www.computerandvideogames.com/407912/microsoft-confirms-pre-owned-fee-for-xbox-one/ http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2013/05/xbox-one-analysis/ Built around kinect 3 OS's biggest chunk of time of the reveal was dedicated to alt tabbing between tv and skype. 'more powerful than the entire computing world of 1999' Halo TV show available for a subscription premium live action gameplay trailer mixed in with no actual gameplay for one of the 4 games shown groundbreaking gameplay, only available on X1, is leaning around corners in shooters CoD 'the dog is someone you will care about' Showing off the great GPU power of the X1 by comparing an Quake 3 engine game to one still being made (which still looks worse than crysis 2 on 360) Millions and millions spent on the idea of fantasy football Ugly bulky system no backwards compatibility Always online(tbd) required kinect buy EVERY GAME MUST BE INSTALLED TO HARD DRIVE fee for used games your thoughts? I think console gaming is going in a horrific way. now back to my PC games and away from this blunder of social media throat shoving
  7. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    I was this guy http://xsinstarx.deviantart.com/art/Artorias-Full-body-shot-Finished-372667961 with 2 of my buddies
  8. 2013 Gripes

    My biggest gripe is that 1 car per room limit. it was completely BS and they didnt even enforce parking rules after the first day. the entrance to the parking garage was completely unmanned and i was able to just go in and out, without using my card. I had to carry things from other peoples cars that were all the way from the parking garage across the way. even though they were booked at the hyatt. that definatly needs to change
  9. ACen WAS HOT!

    oh god yes it was toasty. After i took off my armor, I hadnt noticed how much I was sweating, I had went through 5 bottles of water in an hour in my full armor. and just sweat it all out
  10. ACEN 2013 Cosplay!

    Bringing a dark souls group to ACen this year. Me as Artorias. and my two buddies one doing Capra Demon, and the other doing Solaire Just gotta finish the details n what not on the cosplay
  11. Progress Pics and Workspaces

    essentially done. gotta add more things.but those are minuscule. but here it is Artorias the Abysswalker I've kept up on my progress through this one on my dev art http://xsinstarx.deviantart.com/art/Artorias-Finished-kinda-371549745
  12. LEDs/EL Tape for an Eyepatch

    Go find a Led of choice. find out what voltage is,. then using that knowledge go figure out what rate of resistor you need so you can limit the amoutn of power going to the led(and so it wont blow the led) there are calculators for such things online. id reccoment using a button cell battery to power it.
  13. Progress Pics and Workspaces

    did a couple layered coats of spraypaint, then went at it like a madman with an old bristled brush and some matte chalkboard paint
  14. Progress Pics and Workspaces

    got the chains on, and just need to finsh the emblem.Then gotta work on the shawl/poncho almost done!
  15. Progress Pics and Workspaces

    Artorias is comin along nicely, trying to force crunch time so I can start working on finals that disk on the back is a 95 pound pull magnet that holds my sword