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  1. Post-con, post-cosplay

    I accidentally dripped chocolate ice cream on one of my lolita outfits.
  2. Photo Request Thread 2012

    Anyone get pics of the guy in different crossplay stuff who was in the Media Blasters booth selling DVDs? I know loads got pics of me, but I haven't found any yet. I'm fairly tall, and was only in costume in the dealer room.
  3. *Acen 2012 Photo Gallery Thread*

    I think I am the only one who doesn't use FB for my pictures. I still have found none of me either.
  4. *Acen 2012 Photo Gallery Thread*

    Mine is here: http://www.scottyspot.com/acen2012.htm I have plenty of pictures posted. I took most of them from the Media Blasters booth in the dealer room.
  5. People over 30 Cosplaying?

    I'm 35 and I was doing it in the Media Blasters booth, so you may have seen me there or in the dealer room in costume. I got a pic of the Mario group too.
  6. ACen 2011 Pictures

    Looks like they are not public.
  7. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread 2011

    This one?http://www.scottyspot.com/ACen2011/ACen201159.jpg Still looking for pics of me! Miku Hatsune crossplay, Stocking crossplay, Captain Tylor cosplay, and then a black and white with a little plaid on it lolita outfit with a pink twin curly tails wig.
  8. Best phone plan

    I've been using Sprint with unlimited everything except for 900 minutes to landlines, of course I get free nights and weekends to landlines. I do pay 79 a month for it though. I am thinking of dropping it to the 450 landline minutes a month since I know only 4 people who still use landline phones. That will save me 20 bucks. Also Sprint gives discounts for where you work, being a member of a credit union, etc.
  9. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread 2011

    I was the guy doing Miku Hatsune on Friday, Stocking on Saturday, and a random lolita with pink hair on Sunday in the dealer room. I also did Captain Tylor on Saturday night at the Hyatt. So, anyone got any pics of me? I really need to start getting pictures of my on my own camera.
  10. Convention crush? :3

    I'm too old to crush, though there were some cute girls that came by our booth in the dealer room. One I really wanted a picture with was the girl who was crossplaying the male version of Miku (I was crossplaying Miku). There were loads of lolitas, which I am a sucker for, and well, loads of other girls that were in costumes that I am also a sucker for. What it boils down to is there were loads of pretty girls, I'm too old for all of them, and I'm too old to crush. Ohh, and I seriously doubt I've ever been crushed on at the loads and loads of cons I've been to.
  11. What are you listening to?

    Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

    SWEET! I'm gonna start REALLY messing around now since, well, I AM on the A list after all! Yup, born again Christian and all that (yet one who actually reads the Bible). Where this guy blew it is the whole "non one knows the day nor hour" thing. Ohh, by the way, too bad this guy can't be forced to pay back all those people that spent loads of money proclaiming the rapture. Of course making people pay for sheer stupidity IS a good idea... Still, who is up for a post failed rapture prediction party at Youmacon?
  13. Acen Irc Room!

    Just went there. I remember being kicked at times, but I simply came back. Seems kinda dead though.
  14. ACen 2011 Pictures

    I finally got mine uploaded here: http://www.scottyspot.com/acen2011.htm If you see you and want the full size one let me know via PM with an email address and which one it is!
  15. The Super Share your Deviantart Page.

    Here's mine http://voice0freason.deviantart.com/