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  1. AMV shedule?

    I will say that the crowd seemed more into it than they were over the last two years. People actually laughed and clapped for videos. I'd begun to wonder if that would ever happen again.
  2. AMV shedule?

    I only caught the tail end of the contest and I don't remember anything like that, it might have been in a different category I was too late to watch.
  3. ACen 2014 AMV Contest Winners

    bump for 2015
  4. AMV shedule?

    Contest was actually shown all 3 days (7 pm on Friday and Saturday, Sunday morning I presume), glad I bothered to randomly walk by around the time that it was scheduled to start. It wasn't advertised anywhere except on the dry erase board outside of the AMV room just a few hours before it was scheduled to start. Most of the seats were taken when I was there but considering that it was in the smallest room possible, that's still not very many people. If they brought it back to the Rosemont ballroom (and listed it on the guide) like it was 5 or 6 years ago, more people would come and it would be a more awesome experience for those who did show up: bigger screen, easier to see, etc. It's so weird to compare the AMV contest at other conventions (where hundreds of people will show up to watch it), to the way it's being slowly but clearly strangled out of existence at ACen. I have it on good authority that there's convention politics involved in this but I don't know the details. Sucks for those of us who care.
  5. AMV shedule?

    Interested in this again for 2015, if there even is a schedule, that is. Basically just wondering when the contest will be shown.
  6. School Bully in Anime

    How is bulling in Japan different from bullying in the US? What happens more often in anime? Bullies getting what's coming to them (revenge, punishment, etc.), or the bully befriending the person they'd set out to pick on/beat up/etc.?
  7. Hyatt questions?

    Don't think you're being an edgy troll when you do something dangerous to ruin everyone's night and put people in the hospital. I wasn't there but you how these things just seem to be bringing out the worst in people more and more these days. The same kind of people come to anime conventions, too. This was ridiculous news to hear but unfortunately it wasn't really that surprising anymore.
  8. Hilton related question

    Why isn't the Hilton isn't listed on the hotel information page? Does ACen not work with them in the same way as they (seem to) work with all the other hotels listed? The hotel I'm looking for is the one that's next to the Embassy Suites/across the street from the convention center/connected to the same walkway that connects the convention center to the big public parking garage. I think it's changed name a couple times over the years so I'm not 100% sure what it is right now.
  9. To the other Evangelion panels/panelists

  10. Cosplay Gathering Stupidity

    Nothing wrong with that.
  11. Is ACen no longer an anime convention?

    Sure, we've had this thread before, but if discussion is kept civil then it should be a subject that we're allowed to talk about. There were more Attack on Titan cosplayers this year than there were Sword Art Online cosplayers last year. This was already mentioned but I wanted to post it anyway. Using a statement like this to defend non-anime content at an anime convention is outright deceptive! If the convention was wholly focused on, like, 10 different anime series and nothing else, it would definitely be true as it's nothing but a good thing for the convention and for the fandom as a whole to appreciate a more diverse sampling of what anime has to offer. But implying that an anime convention is doomed in the long run if it doesn't celebrate Western media is something else altogether!
  12. To the other Evangelion panels/panelists

    Hate to hijack your thread but I went to the Evangelion: Investigating its History and Meaning panel yesterday and really liked it. I can't tell if the panelist is in this thread or not but maybe he'll drop by sometime to see this post. That is all.
  13. AMV shedule?

    Even without a "shedule" I still enjoyed the programming. The contest was extremely good this year.
  14. AMV shedule?

    Since there was almost no information in the schedule last year about what was going on in the AMV room, and I'm looking at the schedule tonight and not really seeing anything, is there any schedule of what will be shown and when? Curious to know if there will be any kind of special blocks for different AMVs, special times for the AMV contest, or any special presentations (AMV Hell, etc.) on the agenda. I know I should not have waited until the night before the con to ask this and that there's a chance that no one will see it in time, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.