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  1. 2016 Guest Feedback

    At this point Ive given up on guests with ACen. Half my friends bought hotel rooms not badges and I think a lot of people had that mindset considering how the panel Area and dealers hall felt. A certain staffer comes into these threads every year with an essay of excuses. Your attendees don't care what is current and upcoming. It was a cute idea but this year proves it was not successful. I actually am a fan of the synergy but I know that the current relationship with attack the music is how it has brought great talent every year . Why can't we create those relationships across other aspects of the industry? Tldr : same.
  2. Do you wear nude nylons?

    I'll wear sheer pantyhose for most bare legged or even characters with knee high or thigh high stockings. It hides any leg imperfections really well and adds a bit of polish to a look. Plus hanes carries pantyhose in a "I never live my house" shade of pale. Personally, I would try the outfit on with and without and decide which looks best/ is the most comfortable to you.
  3. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

    Even though I'm not a huge fan of her other work, I would love if she came and that Silent Hill concert idea that's been thrown around in the suggestion threads came to fruition. Though Akira isn't with Konami anymore so I'm not really sure if it could ever happen. :<<
  4. While I do agree with you about having one 18+ dance, I do wish it was the hardcore instead of the soap bubble. Heck, having both 18 + after x time of night would be great too. What I do not understand is why they decided to make it 18 + without telling anyone and why they only ID'd later into the evening ( I went in around 11:30 or so and IDs were not being checked) I'm guessing it became 18 plus after curfew? I remembered to bring my ID with me but half of my group did not and had to go all the way back to their hotel which isn't the end of the world but was a bit of a pain : / )
  5. Buying adult-rated items

    I actually disagree with the above poster, I find that most adult items are sold pretty much willy nilly in the dealer's room ( not that it isn't censored or anything) Your best bet is probably to look for dealer's with body pillow covers/ bed sheets on display and ask the merchant. Figure wise, they usually do come with clothes on so just know what you are looking for in that aspect and search any of the figure dealers ( besides good smile etc. as odds are they will not have anything inappropriate) or again, ask around. Most of the time , even if they don't have it, the dealer's will know what you are talking about.
  6. Just curious, is the intercon doing a block this year or did they opt out as well? I'm considering either snatching that last doubletree room or getting a room at the intercon for full price but I'd like to make sure it won't be in the block before I pay top dollar for it.
  7. It looks like you can book with them on priceline. rate is a tad steep ( I think 189?) but not horrendous.
  8. What Main Events Do You Want?

    not sure if it's the same con that feuerwerke is talking about but I know Karoshi at NIU had pokemon gym battles. On their program guide one would fill in what pokemon they wanted (within limits) and battle with them. Not sure how the battling thing worked as I've never stayed at that con for more than three hours but it seems like kind of a cool idea.
  9. shhh I was trying not to name names. : x But yes, it is very very much her show. I just wish they wouldn't lie 60 % of the show when it is trying to cater to an audience that knows better. Also , the sharpie dyed wig... strand by strand instead of making a rubbing alcohol mixture ( or hell, even buying a better color of wig) .. ( face palm)
  10. Just the trailers alone were pretty cringe worthy My issue is they take things waaayyy too seriously. They kept saying generalizations like cosplayers spend thousands of dollars and single costumes. And that prizes at masquerades were also thousands of dollars. I don't know about you guys but most conventions I've attended the grand prize was like, a good sewing machine and a gift card. Most conventions don't really give cash prizes. Then we have the show runner ( I will not say the name as well, they have/ do attend ACen ) Who has stated she had left her day job over ten years ago. Which anyone that follows her knows she's had a fairly normal career outside the cosplay world up until at least 2012. Also a couple of the cosplayers lied about not knowing this show runner. They actually did a pretty famous photo shoot together. I'd take a documentary style, semi realistic approach of cosplay over this. Hell I would love a competitive show along the lines of project runway where cosplayers need to build costumes, get make up on, and be judged on an elimination basis. So they could still compete without it looking like that is what the cosplay community as a whole enjoys. I'll watch it for the maximum Lewlz. That's about it.
  11. cool sports animes?

    Though there's swimming in it I wouldn't call it a swimming anime... Free! is supposedly a very good swimming anime that came out this season. Personally ( though it's manga not anime ) I like Crimson Hero. But because that is considered girls anime it may not be considered "cool"?
  12. E3: 2013 Edition

    Microsoft required a subscription last gen as well. It sucks that Sony is following suit this time around but eh. I'll be honest, I'm not as into online multi player with consoles. I buy a console to curl up in a ball on my floor and play some rpg by myself. I play something on Steam if I feel the need to interact with a human being xD I'm happy the PS4 won't be region locked. I hadn't cared about region locking until I moved in with my husband. I had a 360 which my sister would be keeping and he had a japanese one which he brought to the house. I couldn't play pretty much my entire 360 library on his. Any trip to gamestop required him to look up if the game was region locked or not (and most of the time it was.) . We got a PS3 for Christmas and the 360 has been dusty since. It's been nice to play japanese games ( like idolm@ster) without any hassle.
  13. E3: 2013 Edition

    I dunno adding a few characters to another installment of a starting to dry out franchise vs. new system that went a little further than most people expected still far better than microsoft but I feel Sony presented more interesting content than Nintendo ( which makes sense as the Wii U has already been out for awhile) I was like meh about KH3 ( I mean, waiting 7 years isn't very nice at all... and no, I do not count the hand held games.) but the heartless surfing bit is kinda cute.
  14. Suggestions for 2014

    It did actually , back 3-4 years ago. I'm not positive how it worked out. I heard not that many attended but I could be wrong. I have not heard about it since then. I'll either post it again or edit this when I find the thread. Found the Thread : http://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php/topic/27426-ACen-21-party/page__st__90
  15. Tokyo Jungle