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  1. Hi guys.... =D Anyone remember me?

    Hm. I'm still sort of floating around here. I miss it here. T_T Wasn't able to make ACen because of work (yet again). A lot of people here (*pokes Kaay-chan*) that I have yet to meet but have been dying to meet for years.
  2. Kalafina Concert Tickets

    Hi all, We're still working on the issues and hope to have them resolved very soon. Sorry, but right now I can't give anymore details other than that. Just know we're aware of the issues and are working to fix them as fast as we can. Thanks.
  3. Badge pictures

    Hello all, I didn't see an 'official' post about this as in previous years, so I'm just shouting out a friendly reminder. Posting pictures of your badge in any capacity is against our forum rules! Please do not post pictures of your badge. This policy mirrors to our two Facebook groups as well. You should also refrain from posting your badge or pictures of your badge on your "private" accounts, such as Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, myspace, linkedin, or anywhere else! Badge counterfeiters have been caught counterfeiting badges exactly as you display them, YOUR name in all. You will be an extremely SAD panda should IRT or convention management pull you aside because YOUR badge has been copied. Thank you all :)
  4. Forum Software Update?

    rondo, I've been falling behind on my commitment to keep up with this section and I apologize. As mentioned, I will be working on an upgrade and its definitely something that's in the works. It was slated for this year between 2012 and 2013 but we had some internal things that needed taken care of first, including replacing some very old hardware that we use for con (nice Pentium 3 and 4 boxes that were designed for Win2000, yuck). I don't want to rip the site and forums offline all at once to perform an upgrade, especially so close to con with people needing access to the site to register, and check hotels and panels. We've definitely got a full upgrade coming on our to-do list to happen sometime after ACen 16, after the forums die down from all the terrific feedback everyone gives us. Thanks for keeping your eye out and the offer for help. I'll keep you in mind should the need for such help arise!
  5. Maintenance today?

    Hi folks! Sorry for the delay in responding to this thread. I don't see anything that is seriously broken. We had a minor issue with our database server while we were doing some maintenance and setup on another server that might have caused some brief issues over here. Those issues should not have been prolonged, though. If you're experiencing anymore issues with the forums or website please make sure to let us know here. We'll be working on some upgrades to aging OS's and software sometime after ACen 16, but those updates and any associated blips will be announced well ahead of time. Thanks for keeping your eye out for issues!
  6. Windows 8 anybody upgrading?

    I've heard that some gaming developers are starting to look for Linux developers (or developers that know a lot about OpenGL) to begin porting their games to the Linux platform in response to Windows 8. Unfortunately, I cannot locate a source. I'll stick with Windows 7 and Ubuntu for now, although I am considering a switch of Linux OS's to something else besides Ubuntu.
  7. Teachers on strike!

    I'm personally with Sentinel on this one. $72,000 a year and they want more? Get real. The average teacher around my suburb (Batavia) is only $60,000 a year, and we're considered one of the highest paid in the tri-cities. St. Charles is considered "richer" but they only make $52,000 a year. Geneva, I see $60,000-$62,000 a year. Look at it this way: They're also bickering about class sizes. Yeah, they're bad, but to reduce them, they need to build more schools, hire more teachers AND give the already hired teachers more money? Wat. Emanuel has already mentioned that he'll have to close schools to give them more money, thus increasing class sizes some more. "The school district has offered average wage increases of 16 percent over four years plus some benefit improvements. It is not clear how Emanuel will pay for those since the district faces a $665 million budget deficit this year, has drained financial reserves and levied property taxes to the legal limit." 16% of 72k is 11,520. 16% of 56k is 8,960. If someone was going to give me that kind of raise, I wouldn't argue and strike about it, I would take it. the sad part is, they're using the kids as leverage AND they waited until a few days after school starts so they would get full benefits regardless if they were on strike or not. Had the school year not started, they wouldn't have gotten all the benefits if they were on strike. That's what irritates me out of the whole thing. So now, I bet Illinois passes the same union laws and regulations that Wisconsin did a couple of years ago, by the end of next year.
  8. Sign in Issues

    That is indeed interesting. Signing out and in on all my devices and browsers except my MacBook's Chrome (Safari works fine) seems to work. Standby while I see what I can do.
  9. Sign in Issues

    Hello all, the issue should be back to normal. Logging in as normal on all browsers should function as expected. Thank you for your patience. JJ Mish ACen IT ADH
  10. Sign in Issues

    Hello all, A small update: It seems Firefox and Internet Exploder are able to confirm a Security Exception to the invalid certificate and bypass, but Google Chrome still has issues showing a 'revoked security certificate' without an option to bypass. Safari has a similar issue. We recommend using either Firefox or IE in lieu of Google Chrome if you would like to sign into the ACen forums until we get the issue fully solved. Thanks again. JJ IT ADH
  11. Sign in Issues

    obakasan, The error used to present itself on Google Chrome only that our certificate was invalid. We chalked it up to a Chrome bug because I was getting the same error on some of my SSL protected server management consoles (My MacBook running latest Mac OSX and Chrome showed the revoked page but all other machines and browsers would let me in). We thought it was all a bug with Chrome because no other browser was having issues, but in fact, it's a flaw with all other browsers and Chrome was doing what it was supposed to be doing, warning us that the certificate could be hijacked. Update to all: We've submitted re-registration for our SSL certificate and an inquiry as to why it was revoked (we had it paid for the next two or so years, I believe). We expect things to return to normal soon. Thanks all again for your patience. JJ Mish Anime Central IT Asst. Department Head
  12. Sign in Issues

    Good morning forum-ites, We are aware of the issues preventing sign in to the Anime Central Forums. We are working quickly to find a solution as it seems there is an issue with our SSL certificate, which is never easy to fix. The SSL certificate keeps your data safe as it travels from your browser to our servers. We are working to find a solution as fast as possible so we appreciate your patience. Thank you. ~ JJ ~ IT Asst. Department Head
  13. New macpro

    Hm, One thing I've never liked about Macs are the fact that it was a pain to upgrade or fix them yourself. As red described, it is truly a chore. They finally started to move away from that when they dumped PowerPC and moved towards Intel, a move I will always applaud them for. But this is a step in the wrong direction. I've always been anti-Apple. Always always always. Until I bought my Macbook (the little white one that linlin describes in her post, I think I might have the same one). I love the darn thing. I think it's a 2009 something or other, the original Macbook. Not the Pro, not the Air. I love it. I can develop on it and it came with Photoshop. One thing I didn't notice, however, is the excessive RAM usage on Photoshop or the locking up that people have described. I've ran into nothing of that with Photoshop on my Macbook. Maybe I don't use it enough? Who knows. I love having a laptop with a native *nix(-like) OS on it so I can terminal. Vim? Love it. Mac has it natively. The Windows version of vim doesn't cut it. With a (somewhat) simple shell command I can batch rename files without an extra program in *doze, and it takes a fraction of the time as it does in that seperate program in *doze. Linux is the same. I couldn't get Linux to run properly on my Asus laptop, so this was second best (and I got it for 1/4 the price of it being brand new :D) In my Macbook I can add a new hard drive. I can change the RAM, add more. I can change the display. It's great. This seems to be a step in the wrong direction, though :< I'm exactly the opposite as far as the iPhone as my good friend red up there, though >.< I've been a blackberry user for about a year, switched to *droid for the past two years and loved it. iPhone? It was horrible (iPhone 4S, for reference). GPS was crap, the camera was horrible, and now I learn that apple is dropping GMaps from the iPhone. I also found out that you have to hack your way around to import everything from Google to the iPhone. No thanks. While I may not be a huge fan of google and their crappy privacy policy, they still have a damned good service. the only thing I liked was Siri. she was awesome. I have a new girlfriend in her. Oh, and the OS typically doesn't have anything to do with running websites or not. Get a different browser. I've never had a problem with anything in google Chrome until a recent update caused it to go bonkers with my self-signed SSL certificate on my server's Webmin console. Safari behaves a lot like firefox but a bit ....bleh-ier. I admit that some things on Safari have not worked for me correctly but I do some specialized things, SSH through a java terminal from within an HTTP tunnel while VPN'ed through something....nerd-y stuff like that. But Google Chrome solves it.
  14. Facebook!

    I posted here a while ago, but there goes again! http://www.facebook.com/Jmanfffreak
  15. I thought I read somewhere that this isn't the "real" Q101...that 87.7 is just the old director of Q101 that put it back on the air to get money...? There was an AM frequency up in the 1000's that was Q101 I thought...?