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  1. For The Nobodies Of Acen

    Pretty Awsome hope to see you there. And @FlyingElf, what type of party is it? As in what will be going on there?
  2. For The Nobodies Of Acen

    @ Tiamat97: Thats pretty rad, we should meet up if yuh like. Since my group usually just wanders. What cosplays? @FlyingElf: Cool cool, that sounds great. @Ska_Toranpetta: Well actually, Shane might be dresseed as a Nobody. And Jon wants to be an itachi who joined in the last day of ACen <___< i know.. >>; but yeah if i have the cash ima be the goth Death Nobody (death being my own nobody char i made up) but yeah we so should !
  3. For The Nobodies Of Acen

    Oh really? Thats cool. Where are you guys gonna be hanging out at. or well wanndering. Most of the time thats what I do at ACen hence due to my friends ways haha.
  4. Hey there, I am Vampire on the forms but a fellow ACen goer for the past two years. Its been rad each year. and the memories are still all there. Its funny ain't it? how we all remember this con all year long? All the talks the preparing. Its just rad. But yeah. this year I was thinking to meet some new people. I will be with my bf jon and his friends Adam and Loren. Also my friend yesi and johannes and shane will be there. Although we should be all together in that group but hey are any of you gonna be goign to ACen alone? no group to hang with? no one around with you? I remember being in that situation last year all to well >_> It was horrible until jon let me stay in his room and hang out with adam and loren, that was so fun. thats was like OMG IM SAVED cuz otherwise i had my amps (energy drinks) ready to spend my nights wandering ACen all the three days alone >.<.. but yeah so anyone who will be in an alone situation please dont be. and even if your not alone and your in a huge MEGA LOAD group <.< >,> of people , furrys , XIII or anything lets all meet up! it will be awsome. Plus it will be nice to make some friends out there so that we could meet up maybe even after ACen. who knows. but anyway to stop writiing before i go over board.Haha Text me at: ******* Email me at: there_is_only_death@yahoo.com or you can just full out add me on yahoo or msn and my Aim is ----> SilentVampireX
  5. Fellow Ravers~