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  1. Mega Man 2011

    I'm always floored by any Mega Man cosplay I see. Specifically from this year I remember Metal Man, and both Zeroes, old and new. I'm here to ask: How do you make the shoes/boots?! I'm looking to make some myself, and I have no idea where to start. Maybe those who've made them can offer advice.
  2. Pokémon 2011

    Oh yeah. The Gold/Silver girl pair were really awesome folks. I talked with them a few times while they were waiting for badges early on Friday I think. And the Houndoom/dour person was also pleasant.
  3. Pokémon 2011

    I saw Madame Boss early on during the con (Friday?!) and that was the coolest. I hope I can find a good picture of her - I was so blown away by the fact that somebody cosplayed Madame Boss that I didn't take her picture. Either that or I messed up taking it - I'm missing several pictures. The huge Eelektross with the N was fantastic. Also really admired the Elesa/Kamitsure and the dark Kabutops. And the original Gold (even though it was the Special version). And really anyone with an outfit they worked hard on. It was great to see all the different trainers - even the Fisherman and Breeders! Some day I'd like to make a certain Trainer Class cosplay, but I'd rather do that in a group with other trainer class cosplays. There being only 2 people for the DPP portion of the shoot made me wish I'd worn Lucas to the shoot. Not at the shoot, but I also saw a Magikarp Salesman one night. How great is that! I saw your Missingno., and wrote on it on Sunday I think. "Two Missingno having sex?!" There were 151, originally. Really appreciated this. I should've asked for a picture with you, but shyness overcame me for the one event I was looking forward to most - ha. The Pokémon shoot was so huge and chaotic and overwhelming. Forgot about the Saturday shoot since I didn't write it down, but oh well. Heyyy I saw this! It would have been neat vs. Gold.
  4. Portable Handhelds at ACen!

    I only interacted directly with 3 or 4 other DS's, and that was during the Pokémon tournament. I asked several people throughout the con, but nobody was interested in trading anything. Oh well. I kept my C-Gear on for a lot of the con, so I acquired and cleared many surveys for the Passerby Analytics HQ in Castelia City. I was TJ, incase anyone happens to remember seeing that name. Yes! Very yes. Maybe we could start a topic in the game room's forum? Y'know, I went in a few times but yeah - nobody was in PictoChat. Disappointing because PictoChat is great fun.
  5. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Shiren is great. I have the Wii one, but I'm saving it for some day when I've become over familiar with the DS one.
  6. Portable Handhelds at ACen!

    Also, sort of related. Posted about it in the Pokémon gathering thread too. If anyone wants to play Pokémon Rumble, I'll have it with me. It uses the TCG cards but works sort of similar to a board game, but a game is maybe only 15 minutes or so. 2-7 players, and you don't even need to know how to play the TCG. Once you understand how to play, it gets really fun!
  7. Pokémon 2011

    [click]That orange suit is going to be impressive. edit: Also, if anyone wants to play Pokémon Rumble, I'll have it with me. It uses the TCG cards but works sort of similar to a board game, but a game is maybe 15 minutes or so. 2-7 players, and you don't even need to know how to play the TCG. Once you understand how to play, it gets really fun!
  8. Portable Handhelds at ACen!

    I mentioned many posts ago, but I'm bringing my PS0 cart. I haven't finished the story so I wasn't sure if I should bring it, but I'll go ahead and bring it along. Maybe some high-level players could help me, or I could get lots of exp in their world.I have Ragnarok Online on my flashcard, but I haven't started it. I've never even played the actual game but I wanted to try it out.
  9. What Are You Currently Playing?

  10. How to deal with my shyness...

    If you go to the Tenda Village, they are experts on this subject. The village leader could summarize the book which lead to their entire village to overcoming shyness. The book is available at the Onett Library too, the title is Overcoming Shyness. No but really. Even though I'm an expert at shyness/being quiet, I open myself up for cons. Going through all this trouble to go, only to sit alone at a con? That would be a waste. Who cares what people think about anything you do? This is your world, and your body is your puppet. Everyone is going to ACen to have fun, and if you initiate friendly conversation, chances are the other person is open to it, because it can turn out fun. If a person is busy / doesn't want to talk, no skin off your bones and just go about your business. If someone talks to you, just speak your mind. You could even say "Man, I'm usually really shy, but I thought it would be fun to talk with you!". So for me, the largest hurdle is initiating a conversation - responding to a person is mountains easier. You just have to remember the oher person is there to have fun, just like you, and they're a person just like you - maybe even an especially cool person who turns into a long term friend. So it's really not as scary as it seems.
  11. Musicians?

    I don't think the Spoony Bards are around anymore... They made a new band, and I don't think that band is going to be at ACen, is it?
  12. Pokémon 2011

    Oh man. I cannot wait to see! I heard that somebody else is going as Zoroark, but they are disguised as another Pokémon ;] It would be so cool to see a fire stone or a berry. Too few Pokémon cosplayers carry items from the games. As for myself, I've got the GS Pokédex, PokéGear, Kanto Town Map, Vs Seeker, and DP Pokétch. But all those were bought. I did make a double-sided game version of GS's Town Map from screenshots. I've been on the lookout for a good shaped bottle to act as the base for a Potion for a long time, I think it would be so cool. There are lots of cool items to make!
  13. First wave of mail is out!

    I got my badge! Praise be to Arceus, I was worried I'd have to get a replacement.
  14. Portable Handhelds at ACen!

    Well any early console/handheld lineup stinks. It takes a year or two for good games. The best games are released at the end of a console's life, really, because the devs are experienced with them so they have figured out all the tricks and crannies to suck as much power out of it as they can. As I've said, I hope they keep putting new BlazBlue titles on 3DS in the future when I get a 3DS.
  15. We should probably cancel ACen...

    The earth will either: 1) Be consumed by our sun red giant/dwarf-ing or become a desert 2) Freeze up and become a large skating rink But humans will be ready way before that.