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  1. All Cosplay Pajama Party

    I've got a pajama Neo from RWBY that I was planning on wearing Friday night anyway. I'd be down for hanging out in pjs
  2. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    Almost done. Kinda sorta. Still not 100% sure of my line up but here's how it stands right now: Maya Fey (Ace Attorney 6 outfit) - was done for Ramencon last year. Need to fix up the wig but otherwise done. Nora Valkyrie (RWBY vol 4) - all done save the wig. Trying to style it. Also going to wear to C2E2 if the wig looks decent. Attack on Titan/Teen Titan crossover - All done Neo (RWBY pajama design) All done for bumming around at night.
  3. Ace Attorney 2017

    Depending on time, I might be down. I have a Spirit of Justice Maya ready to go. I'll probably have to fix this wig but that's not a big deal.
  4. Undertale Gathering!

    No worries, life comes first. But I can't take credit for submitting the shoots. I didn't submit anything and no one's come forward about being the leader. I just updated my post when the shoots appeared in the schedule so it was easily visible. I'll probably only be able to attend the Friday shoot.
  5. Undertale Gathering!

    Ok, I don't know if this is new with the last gathering update or I missed it before. There's another UT shoot on Friday, 5-6, at a different loading dock. This actually works out a lot better for me and I might not be at the Saturday shoot. I will probably still wear Toriel Saturday, later in the day.
  6. RWBY 2016

    Friday would have actually worked out really well for me. I'll be cutting it really close with another Saturday shoot if there's only Saturday RWBY.
  7. Undertale Gathering!

    Well, since the OP hasn't been on the forums since December and we're not sure as of right now who submitted, I'll add some shoot info to my first post up top. If the OP or the host come in, I have no problem with stepping back. I just want people stopping by to be able to quickly see what's going on.
  8. Undertale Gathering!

    Someone submitted a shoot for 3pm on Saturday. Which is fine by me. Does anyone know who submitted the shoot?
  9. Cosplay Progress 2016 Edition

    Schala (Chrono Trigger) - Done. Might try to make the pony tail a little fuller but not sure. Toriel (Undertale) - All major sewing is done. Have to finish up the ears to attach them to the wig. Also waiting on makeup to arrive so I can practice a little before the con. Also have to find reasonably comfortable shoes and maybe some white pajama pants to wear under the dress. Neo (RWBY) - Kinda done. Still have to fix the sleeve after a disastrous run in with someone's body paint last year. But I'm determined to make it to a RWBY shoot this year. I just haven't had the heart to pick it up and fix it. Sailor Saturn (original design) - Uh...kinda started kinda not. Done some mockups but they didn't exactly work so I need to spend some more time on alterations.
  10. Undertale Gathering!

    I think I'm good for Friday or Saturday. I think there are supposed to be 2 RWBY shoots so no mater which day we decide to do Undertale there would be a RWBY shoot I could make.
  11. Undertale Gathering!

    The request form is up today. I know it's kinda sudden but what time/day are we thinking of doing this?
  12. Undertale Gathering!

  13. RWBY 2016

    I'm sure there will be. There was a big RWBY gathering last year though I missed it. I have to fix my Neo and get a new wig but I'm also considering Gwen Dacy from Team NDGO. People usually talk about gatherings on the Beacon Academy Midwest facebook group. Unfortunately the forums are kinda dead.
  14. Gripes Against Individuals

    Just to follow up a little on my post about the body paint, the stain never came out. I have to buy more fabric, take the sleeve out and replace it. I understand that ACen cannot police every single person with body paint on but something needs to be done. This is the first time it's happened to me personally but you can't tell me it's not common to hear about cosplay or other property damage caused by unsealed body paint. Have hairspray available in various places. Spot check body paint. Encourage the use of morph/body suits. Something. No cosplayer deserves to have weeks or months of work completely undone by inconsiderate cosplayers who are are irresponsible with their paint.
  15. Kill La Kill 2015

    Photos up on my cosplay page: Feel free to tag