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  1. Department Descriptions

    Team CS Yeah! <3 Go Lando! <3
  2. It Staffing

    Is IT Still looking for members?
  3. Last Letter Game!

    Day after Tomorrow
  4. The Yes Or No Game!

    ...>_< No? Would you glomp me if you saw me?
  5. Last Letter Game!

    Robo Cop
  6. Help Me Promote Acen!

    how did you hear of ACen? I heard of ACen from a friend who regualy staffs there. what anime mags do you read Anime Beckett when I use to buy them. Anime insider, Animerika. where do you guys normal shop from for anime, anything online? FYE, Suncoast, ebay, etc.
  7. Fml

    So Let's try it a FML thread? I think I can do this here anyways lol. I have to say I never had a FML story really. but I think I did this morning. Today I was walking to school. I thought that it wasn't going to rain but once when I was on school grounds it poured...
  8. The Yes Or No Game!

    No? Have you ate pickle mango before?
  9. I Think I Found My Dad...

    Thank guys. That helps a lot. I think I will, even if I'm scared out of my mind. But I would like to know. and I'll maybe post more on here once I confirm it. alrighties. If you guys want to know that is lol.
  10. I Think I Found My Dad...

    Thanks, that makes me feel better. I don't even think he knows my mother was pregnant, because she would talk about how she wanted a child, and she was willing to do a one night stand to do it. And how I take is that is how she did it. I would like to contact him. So I am going to persue it more. I home that it might be the hard one. I mean how many Scott Chamberlains were there in Hawaii in 1990 stationed on the base? But we will see. I hope it is okay.
  11. 19 years of my life my mother wouldn't tell me who he is. I get a name finally, and I searched today...and I found someone with that same name that seems to lead up to a bit. I'm not sure tho... I'm scared.
  12. Midnight Pajama Madness

    I want in on this. Last year when we went to go meet we couldn't find ya'll. Is this an all girl or is it Co-ed too!! If anything I totally wanna do this again!!
  13. True Or False

    False There is such thing WHERE? TMP Happy that they don't have to go to school anymore?
  14. Can Someone Help Me For A Second?

    Alrighty then. =P
  15. I'm trying to find Duck Prince, but I can't seem to find it. >_<