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  1. Hello all! This year I will be cosplaying as Pocahontas and while much of this was fairly easy to design and make, I found myself running into issue with the marking on her arm. I had used body paint before, but it never dried and got all over a friend's white jacket. I felt really bad and was also disappointed that it never dried. I had expected it to dry so solid it cracked. I also contemplated using makeup but I am right handed and the tattoo goes on my right arm. Would have been too hard to draw. I realized a tattoo would be perfect. But Henna is expensive and time consuming. I WANTED a temporary tattoo. So I searched the interwebs and found this: http://www.wikihow.com/Create-Your-Own-Temporary-Tattoo AND IT WORKS! With nothing more than what you might already have lying around your house! So I had to share it! So far I have tried it a couple times. Results: Immediately after drawing - transfer is easy and bright. 12 hours after drawing - still a bright transfer Washing - a little bit of scrubbing with water and the mark comes right off (after immediate application) It also does not rub off with general touching which is great for cons!
  2. Anyone ever buy from.....?

    Hello! Recently, I have been on the hunt for a decently priced out of print DVD box set (Blood Plus Part One DVD Box Set) and came upon a 'next best thing' listing on a site called ShopAnimeDVD.com. I have never before heard of this place and before spending my money here wanted to know if anyone else has shopped here or heard anything about the place? I also came across: Boxanime.com Robert's Anime Corner Store (animecornerstore.com) Also - if there are places besides amazon and ebay that you guys get anime/manga from online or in the Chicago area, please share that as well. And finally, I open this to others who may have the same question. Feel free to post your questions here in search for helpful answers.
  3. What do the lonely people at ACen do?

    I went to my very first ACen alone and subsequent ones have been with friends but I often wander off alone most of the time. I am not super outgoing and generally like to stick by myself so I'm not the type to just strike up a conversation with a stranger. But the nerd community overall is great and it's easy to make friends in line or at panels or events. You already have the "something in common" ice breaker right there in front of you so I suggest playing with that. As for events if you're bored...I'm afraid I don't have much in mind as I'm pretty boring and don't do much but panels and shopping.
  4. Convention Rooming PSA

    Highly agree with getting the money before hand. I have stopped running rooms because of the general stress, but one thing I did was set a deadline for the money (usually a month before the con) and everyone knew this deadline 6 months before. I made it VERY clear that they had until 3 months to the deadline to pull out if they weren't going which would give me/us time to find a replacement. If they cancelled after the deadline it was on a case by case basis if they got their money back. (obviously I'm not going to be a douche to my friends' if they had to cancel because someone passed away or they got seriously ill) I also did "payment plans" so people could drop me $10 a month for however many months until it was paid. Always best to get the money before hand. I've seen far too many people who are at the con and are spending half of it chasing down roommates for money. No thank you. We're all there to have fun.
  5. Anime Central 2016 Photo Album!

    This is mainly to mark where I stopped. I didn't take many photos but once I get them uploaded they'll be posted. Thanks so far to those who shared!
  6. Cosplay Progress 2016 Edition

    Finally got to a point where I can actually have a "to finish" list. Hell Girl: Finish the edges, make the obi and obijime, paint the shoes, part the socks. Nightmare Moon: make horn and ears, paint boots, craft gauntlets, paint helmet Wonder Woman: Hem skirt, make tiara, belt, logo, gauntlets. Hikaru: fix a button
  7. DC Comics 2016

    OMG Yes! I can't believe it's so soon!! feels like we've been waiting FOREVER!
  8. DC Comics 2016

    Hurray! another shoot to attend ^_^ I'll be arriving as Wonder Woman. Glad we have a time already!
  9. Cosplay Progress 2016 Edition

    Oh I love this thread - gives me something of a boot when I think I have too much free time. Wonder Woman - I've gotten the bodice dyed...and not much else Hell Girl - I have fabric? Nightmare Moon - The Leotard is about 40% complete and the skirt about 20%. I have the helmet and boots already but both need to be painted. Hikaru - pretty much done from previous year. I just need to add a button back on. I really have more that has to be done versus what I've accomplished so every weekend will be spent working on them.
  10. My Little Pony 2016

    *thunder, lightning, swirling smoke" BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am Nightmare Moon! Let it be known that I WILL return and everypony at this gathering will see my resurrection!!!
  11. 2015 Photo Thread!

    Pretty sure I am the latest poster EVER but I finally got my pictures up and wanted to make them available before the forums started their clean up: They are on my cosplay Page: Crimson Kitty Cosplay ACen 2015 Feel free to follow my page too if you like!
  12. ACen 2015 booking

    Omg I love your work! If the 530 spot is still open I'd love to take it.
  13. Opinions on Cosplaying from Less-Popular Animes?

    I say go for it! Aside from being unique, dressing from a lesser known anime means that you are going to draw out other fans who can't find a cosplayer for the show. Last year, my cosplay list was kind of classic in the sense that I was pulling from shows at least 10 years old. Angewomon from Digimon, Hikaru from Angelic Layer and Sailor Luna from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. I actually expected the sailor moon one to get more notice because sailor moon (even the live action) is pretty recognizeable. She was the least recognized character. It was a bittersweet moment but I regret nothing. So go for it. If you get bummed by not being recognized, maybe bring a second cosplay to change into?
  14. Scandal Concert Advanced Tickets Question

    I can offer a little answer but it's not official (obviously). The year they did this for Kalafina was much the same as you are describing. You reserve a set number of seats and when you arrive you pick up your ticket with an actual seat number. They do keep groups of tickets purchased together, seated together. But in short, it was like Christmas. The slight downside is that you may not the exact seats you want and I have no idea how they determined how close to the stage you get. (first come first serve or random) Hope this helps and hope this is the same way they are doing it this year.
  15. My Little Pony 2015

    . . . . . . . .hi. . . . . . mynameisfluttershy
  16. Scandal Concert Advanced Tickets Question

    Yeah I went to the Kalafina concert year before last. That time I was able to buy as soon as they went on sale but I guess I missed the announcement for Scandal. I think the Kalafina tickets were also more money ($25?) and it was the first paid concert ACen has had so that turned a lot of people away. Anywho - thanks for answering some of the questions.
  17. Scandal Concert Advanced Tickets Question

    I also have a question about the tickets. I went to try an purchase a ticket today but it seems as though all the Paid sections (101 - 105) are sold out - when I go to select how many seats I want in a section it is stuck at 0. (I am not surprised since it seems I waited too long) but I want to double check before just giving up. Also - there is no time listed for the complimentary tickets for the upper level...what time would one need to arrive to grab a ticket?
  18. Is it okay not to wear a full cosplay?

    I think it is completely okay and acceptable to not wear a full cosplay. There are many reasons why someone may chose to do so but whatever the reason it just shows that they are also a fan. I sometimes attend cons with not-as-avid fans and they actually feel better and more included when they dress up some kind of way even if it is just wearing ears or a wig. Basically, I agree with what the others have said and do not find it insulting or anything like that to see someone wearing part of a cosplay.
  19. Convention Crashers

    Whenever this topic comes up, I look at the con itself. Anime Central still maintains a high volume and focus on Anime/Manga of Japanese origin. The guests and performers they invite are anime/manga focused. The panels are 90% anime/manga focused. The vendors are 90% anime/manga focused. When I See this, I see that these other fandoms that choose to use ACen as a place to meet and have fun are not taking over or corrupting the main goal and purpose of ACen. Photoshoots are fan organized so we cannot blame anyone but ourselves if there are too many non-anime gatherings. Panels and vendors that are not anime focused is because ACen people are not fools and they know that their guests have multiple interests. It really is in their best interest to appeal to everyone. Anyway - I don't consider these people crashers because the fact is fandoms overlap. That's just my opinion anyway.
  20. Private room karaoke

    I've been to Lincoln Karaoke a lot. It's a fun place with good bar food and a good song selection. The rooms are roomy and the prices are nice. Parking is a bit tricky. Supposedly you can park in the lot for the club across the street but even the people at Lincoln Karaoke seem unsure about this. Otherwise, it is fully street parking. It is a bit from the con and if you go in cosplay you will get looks. It's in an area with lots of Korean influence (restaurants, travel plans, stores etc). I personally love it because I know I can go there to sing my favorite K-Pop songs. They do keep up to date with recent English releases as well. Not too sure on the Japanese. I do hear rumor of a place near Mitsuwa that has private room karaoke. May be more convenient since a lot of people head that direction after the con.
  21. 12 Days of ACen 2014

    I was just wondering if there was going to be a 12 Days of ACen store this year? I can't seem to find one.
  22. Gatherings 2015 Informational

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We'll miss you but this is so a great reason to be taking a break! Enjoy life! And welcome Sabre!
  23. 12 Days of ACen?

    They change but they are things you can do via twitter or facebook like "what is your favorite ACen memory?" and then they do a random draw from the names of all who comment for a winner. It's fun and free.
  24. RWBY Korean Fandub Project

    Man I wish I spoke enough Korean to be able to do this. :( :( :(
  25. What are your plans for ACen 2015?

    BATTOUSAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT!