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  1. Where to pick up badge?

    Ohhh the Hell line of 2008...I remember that day.
  2. Football 2012

    I'm not a Packers girl - I'm more of a Bears girl - but this ref bullshit has me confused.
  3. Dating panel fails throughout the years?

    Why I don't show up - 1. I'm not a single woman. 2. Too much creepy crap going on at cons.
  4. Romney or Obama 2012!

    I'm voting Green this year. Either Green or Socialist. (Because I'm one of those scary Anti-American socialists that everyone keeps claiming that Obama is. And this name predates my political leanings - I've used this name online since I was about 14.)
  5. Countdown From A Million!

  6. Wood vs Metal?

    Agreed. Use either craft foam or wood.
  7. What IS the big draw of ACEN for you?

    That's it's in Chicago and close to me.
  8. New Years Costume Party

    I'd like it.
  9. Your opinion on reusing cosplays?

    I think it's fine. There are quite a few cosplays that turn out to be an absolute success. We have to ultimately remember that not everyone has hundreds or thousands of dollars to shell out on a new cosplay per day. I also don't tend to cosplay. I wear Gothic Aristocrat or dress in Kimono during the con.
  10. Rude Cosplay Fans

    I've gotten into some pretty ugly scenes with people that like to blurt things out like that. Take solace in the fact that most of those people don't tend to be at all attractive anyway. Yes, you do receive attention for cosplay, since cosplay is an innately attention-seeking behavior. With that said, normal rules of engagement among all others still apply.
  11. Cardcaptors Clow Cards KO quality.

    You missed it, then. Back in the day, they were selling high-quality Clow Cards. I still have mine, though, mind you, 2 or 3 of them are missing. I mean, they were in the book and sold on rather glossy card stock. The book is exceedingly amazing quality for just some toys. You'll be able to find them on Ebay, but they're not at all cheap.
  12. 2012 Con Compliment Thread

    My biggest compliment is for the staff that stood on stage to deliver the news of the Masquerade being called off. You guys rock and have such an air of professionalism and it's clear that you love your job. You guys are awesome and helped to reassure so many. You guys were placed into a bad decision, and for that, if you aren't paid, you should be. And if you are paid, you should get a bonus just for that.
  13. Is Acen even considered an anime convention anymore?

    And as I said before. This is an anime convention. A lot of people aren't understanding the word 'anime', nor are you understanding my point that we don't need to have two raves. Two raves are excessive for a con whose upper level management has all the planning ability of a toddler. When they are better able to plan for two raves, or get sufficient space to have 2 nights, then go for it, but never should something that is a staple of an anime con - no matter where you go - be shafted for just another dance. Soap Bubble was the original rave. At one point, it may have been FOR anime fans, but it's ultimately a source of revenue to the expense of other events that anime fans particularly enjoy and make more of an effort for, and there are also a lot of people that are NOT anime fans and detest anime fans that are showing up to the raves. It's to the point where ACen cannot have both a masquerade and a rave. Get rid of the Saturday night rave and move it to Friday, you'll still have people coming out. Get rid of the Masquerade, you'll likely have people going over to Gencon or other cons, and ACen will lose out on money. Something you don't understand regarding lawsuits - lawyers cost money. They can demand huge returns. Someone could have a decent family lawyer, pay them a fair amount of money, and possibly win their case. Either way it goes, lawyers fees/court costs still can affect the convention. Also, considering the woeful lack of security presence and lack of effectiveness with the IRTs, it's only a matter of time before something to this effect happens, if it hasn't already. See - various women who were groped in front of IRTs and the IRTs did nothing. I am extremely bitter about Masquerade getting shafted over a second rave. It's the principle of the matter - people planned their butt off for these things. Don't get me wrong - I'm even more pissed about the fire alarm and the response of ACen management, but really, is it that surprising that someone would do something as drastic as trigger a fire alarm after ACen systems were DDoSed back in 2008? You plan for things like this. It wouldn't stop people from behaving badly - that's true. However, it wouldn't consist of an entire weekend of asinine behavior if you only have people showing up for one night (the first night) and then going home. Behaving badly is one thing, but the amount of crap that goes on at ACen is absolutely insane, and I lived in Atlanta around the time of Freaknik. ACen is getting close to that point, and that's scary. The rave should be 21+, all should be carded, and a cover of about $25 should be charged. That way, they can get their money from the rave without having the disingenuous numbers from people who pick up the one-day badge just for the rave.
  14. Is Acen even considered an anime convention anymore?

    The Crowds - I'm sure they do bring in a lot of money. They also bring in a lot of destruction and potential for lawsuits. I'm sure people do enjoy them. I would enjoy the opportunity to party hard too, especially when I'm underaged and at an event where the convention is footing the bill. Nor am I saying that we should stop all of the raves. But two nights of raves is nonsense, especially when convention standards are being pushed aside to make room for something that isn't anime related. Also, what brings in way more money for the convention are the people actually attending the convention. A lot of people, for the Soap Bubble, will only buy one-day passes and only attend the Saturday night. A lot of anime fans CAN do other things at a con of this size, and that's precisely why if a person has a problem with not having a rave on Saturday night while still having one on Friday night, they can go to Chicago. Anime West and Kollision Con can also handle their crowds and plan a hell of a lot better than ACen too. Do you really think a Masquerade will get shelved because 'OMG OUR RAVE ISN'T GOING TO START ON TIME!!' What ACen did might not be unprecedented, but it shows amazingly poor judgement. ACen CAN HAVE multiple things going on, but we are dealing with management that can't plan to save their lives. Panels were getting cancelled left and right and no one was being told. If they're screwing up panels and a Masquerade, what is the need to have two raves?
  15. Is Acen even considered an anime convention anymore?

    To all of the people saying, "Respect the ravers and keep it to two raves a weekend." I propose this. Get your butt on the Blue Line and go to Chicago if you have to have a Saturday Night rave so much. Chicago is only an hour from Rosemont. We are literally outside of the 3rd largest city in the United States, and I'm pretty positive that there should be something going on. If not, someone will plan something if Soap Bubble is moved or if Hardcore Synergy is cancelled. ACen is not about you. It's about the anime/J culture. If it is so dire and important that you have your rave, then HAVE IT, but don't expect for an anime convention to cater to you if it's not expressly anime related, and certainly not to the expense of anime staples. Maybe moving the raves or having one sent to Chicago proper would get rid of half of the people that come to ACen thinking that it's the raver/underaged equivalent of Freaknik. (and yes, I'm showing my age here.) As for cosplayers and steampunk people - I feel like they do have a place in anime conventions. Cosplay of any kind is a staple of anime cons, and there aren't enough steampunk cons, and especially not in this area. They do, and should, have a place. They, however, don't get particularly catered to like the rave people do, so they're not enough of a presence to screw with the con functioning. Lolita is not anime-based, but it is JAPAN based, and this is an anime AND Japanese Pop culture convention. It has a place and should remain to have a place. Ultimately, everything should be second to Anime/Japan pop culture. I'm fine with geekdom, but anime/asian culture is what matters here - everything else is a tangent.