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  1. Gah, I nearly cried on the drive home. ACen's the only con I can afford (even if barely) to go to and it's practically home for me. At my real home, I have to fight to have one wall scroll on my wall. All my dvd's were long stolen with my CDs and I have to keep my manga at a friend's house, along with my two figurines. But at the con, I could walk around with cat ears, or even in full on cosplay if I ever did one, and people would actually treat me like a human being.


    Do you know what REALLY sucks? Not only is ACen over, but I can't look at any of my swag til next week because I can't bring anything ACen-y out at home. DX



    Kind of off-topic, but these two comments kind of struck me. Are you guys implying that your parents (?) won't allow you to display your anime collectibles at home?