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  1. The Con-ventional Podcast

    Hello! @Jaxx Sentinel and I have started a podcast. We release an episode on the first Friday of every month. We currently on episode 3 and this month's theme is cosplay. If you would like to give the podcast a listen it can be found here: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-a4ky2-aff246 Please feel free to discuss the podcast with us or provide feedback. ~Cloud
  2. Steam Summer Sale 2013

    Looking for specific games on sale, hopefully it doesn't hurt my wallet too bad.
  3. Sailor Moon 2013

    I'll be Sailor Mercury again this year :3
  4. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v3

  5. Your cosplay to-do list

    Fixing Luke's Hilt. Spray painting both swords and a bracelet and belt buckle. Cutting a belt into 2 pieces ( yea for something that will take 5 minutes top) Packing Styling 2 wigs.
  6. First time crossplaying!

    As a crossplayer here are a few tips most have already said. Learn to do basic make up from a friend, the photos turn out better. Make sure the make up matches your skin tone and costume. Make sure you shave, chest, armpits, face/neck and legs (though if yo have leggings or tall boots you can cheat here a bit). Practice a female voice if you want to use one. Speaking from experience here, if anyone gives you crap for doing this and you enjoy doing it, simple wave your hair back and smirk. "You're just mad cause I make this look good." I stole this from above, but honestly 100% this. If people give me a hard time I mess with them by giving them a response they won't expect. But having fun is the main key. :)
  7. Nintendo 3DS 2013

    I always get a ton of street passes at con. :3 If you can incorporate the 3DS as a prop for a cosplay, go for it. You can street pass people while you're getting your photo taken. :D You do have to go into street pass every so often though, it can only hold up to 30-40 street passes at once iirc.
  8. Singles Gathering

    I might stop by.
  9. Managing Long Wigs

    I'm interested in this too.
  10. Tales Of...2013

    Luke's wig arrived yesterday. ^_^
  11. What Shall We Watch, 2013 Edition

    Dear god yes! Please show this if possible.
  12. Tales Of...2013

    I plan on being at the photoshoot as Luke from Tales of the Abyss,
  13. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v3

    Biggest truth in this thread.
  14. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v3

    This will be a blast. I think we need to make a facebook event for this awesome shindig. I promise everyone it will be a blast!
  15. Tiny Chat :3

    We need to get this party rockin again.