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  1. General Anime Trade/sell

    I am looking to purchase Chrono Crusade, preferable in one of the forms that includes that special feature ^^ So, if anyone's selling that, I'll probably buy it!
  2. How do I know when a DVD is pirated?

    Actually, I'm pretty sure that blu-ray players aren't region-coded, so all blu-ray movies would play on all blu-ray players. At least, that was the impression I got when I was looking at some of the new release dvd/blu-rays on CDJapan. And the best part is that some dvd/blu-rays are starting to be released with English subs in Japan, so I might not have to wait for some things to be released here to buy them! (unfortunately, the blu-rays I looked at on cdJapan were INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE T_T) Oh, and I did some research on that Sensasian site(the one that's selling the Malay release of Densha Otoko that you found on eBay), and they claim that Malay releases are not bootlegs. The site I found this on was this forum here, but here's the thing that convinced me, in case you don't want to search through the whole conversation ^^ It's part of an email conversation that a customer had with one of the workers on the site. ----- Original Message ----- From: Trigger To: service Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 11:24 AM Subject: Re: Order No. ######-#### Hello - are these items going to ship when they come in stock again? Or should I look elsewhere? Also - I've heard that the versions of these Discs that you carry don't have subtitles. I need english subtitles to understand what's being said. I don't want Malasyian versions - I'm told they are bootlegs. Otherwise, I've been happy with your service. Please let me know what to expect with the Once Upon a Time in China discs I'm waiting for. Thanks [Trigger] [Email@email.com] _____________________________________________________ Dear [Trigger] Thanks for your message. The titles that you are interested in are temporarily unavailable pending a rights changeover. We are insure as to when they will be available again. If you like, we can keep you informed when they become available again. Most of our titles have English subtitles and we rely on the suppliers for this sort of information which can be erratic sometimes. Contrary to what you may have been told, Malaysian versions are NOT bootlegs, at least not the ones we sell. They are original Malaysian versions issued by the rights holders. If they were bootlegs, there would be no issue with them being out of stock at all. They sometimes differ from the HK versions only in the packaging and may have scenes with ovetly explicit violence and sexual content edited from them due to censorship regulations. In any case, we also carry HK versions, which you would have noticed if you have been browsing through our store lately, as we currently also operate a shipping centre in HK. Unfortunately however, HK versions of these titles are also temporarily unavailable. We hope that you will continue to enjoy the shopping experience at Sensasian.com, your online store that offers Pure Asian Entertainment. Sincerely Kelly Customer Service sensasian.com E-mail : service@sensasian.com ICQ: 93228914 Tel: +(603)2070-5557 Fax:+(603)2072-1919 http://www.sensasian.com - Pure Asian Entertainment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Was that helpful? I really think the Malay version is your best bet ^^
  3. How do I know when a DVD is pirated?

    Ya, I used to buy pirated dvds, but in my defense, I had no idea what they were ~_~ It was when I was just getting into anime, so I didn't really know the difference between a bootleg and an official copy...I feel kinda bad now. But I now devote myself to official releases! As far as that series, it kind of looks like the eBay listing is of the Malaysian release. (The same one that's listed here) So, if it is the Malaysian release, that would make it an official import, not a bootleg, and therefore legal. I'm pretty sure, anyway. A lot of people think that the Malaysian imports are legal, but others are unsure, such as myself ~_~'
  4. Best Anime Songs

    I love nearly all the music written by Yuki Kajiura!! : D She did the Tsubasa soundtrack and .Hack//Sign. Personally, I prefer .Hack//Sign. That's the only soundtrack that I've consistently kept everyone song off of on my mp3 player(minus tv-size op/ed). Also Yoko Kanno, but that's already been stated ^^ My current favorite anime songs are Magia by Kalafina(Madoka Magica's ending) and by Lisa Komine(Gosick's ending). Particularly Magia ^^ That song is amazing!
  5. Sailor Moon to return to USA

    YES! YES!!! Yay! I'm so happy for this XD
  6. ***Official Hotel Questions Thread***

    Ya, I saw that today on the hotel information page! That makes me soooo happy : D Yay!!!
  7. ***Official Hotel Questions Thread***

    Heeeeey! I have a question, and I suppose I should post it here! I'm currently reserved at the Embassy with my friends, and I have a question about their parking charges. It's says it's $23, is that per day? Someone said that if our car doesn't leave the parking garage until we leave on Sunday(we arrive Friday, leave Sunday), we'll only be charged $23 for the 3 days we're there, but I'm not sure if that's right. I'm just a little unclear on that!
  8. My favorite series just went OOP. What do I do?

    Man, I'm having this EXACT same problem with Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 9. It's HORRIBLE T_T My best advice for you, check craigslist! It's weird, but I've found that the people who sell on craigslist usually sell manga for a reasonable price! (that's been my experience so far, at least) And don't restrict your search to your area, either. Go to a website like CrazedList. Most of the people on craigslist are willing to ship their items. But be careful! Avoid scammers! And that's my advice : D Good luck! I feel your pain, and hope you can find the rest of the series!
  9. funimation sues 1,337 anime fans over One Piece episode

    I feel bad for the people that are being sued, but I think that Funimation is more than justified in this. I think that the reason that they didn't attack more people or episodes might be because this is the first time they've done this. Maybe they're hoping that after this, a lot of the downloaders will get scared and stop downloading! I know it would stop me! If I had downloaded that episode and saw that news, even if I wasn't one of the 1337(lol) people who was sued, I would STILL stop downloading it and switch to the legal option. Maybe that's what they're hoping will happen ^^ (I suppose that whether or not that happens depends on how many of the downloaders are like me XD )
  10. 3DS $249! Deal Or No Deal

    I will definitely buy it! I may not buy it right away, but to me this system will be worth it just for the remakes. I'm really hoping that they'll release Majora's Mask sometime after Ocarina of Time! That would be awesome! Also, there has been talk about Final Fantasy V and VI being remade onto 3DS. Nothing certain yet, but I have my fingers crossed! I really don't care about the 3D gimmick, but the game line-up looks like it'll be good! Even if it takes a while for the good games to come out XP Stupid launch title list! I can't believe Kid Icarus wasn't on there! >: [
  11. Vampire Knight dubbed

    Ya...Those voices were really irritating. I was very disappointed XP I will still buy the dvds though! Definitely! But I'll wait for the box set XP
  12. Director for "Death Note" movie

    Oh geez. Oh noes! I haven't been paying attention, but last time I heard about this, it was still a rumor! I was hoping it wasn't true, but it would seem it is T_T I...don't expect much. I'm hoping for the best, though!
  13. Funimation Releasing Kuroshitsuji 1/11/11

    My limited edition box set arrived yesterday : D I've gotta say, I don't really mind the dub actors. Ciel's voice still bothers me a little bit, but they all do a pretty good job with the accents ^^ Particularly, I LOVE what Jerry Jewel did with Lau! It's an awesome combo of a British and Chinese accent XD I at least think it sounds amazing ^^ And Grell is pretty intense XD In general, I think they did a pretty good job ^^ Just takes a little getting used to. And the box is BEAUTIFUL! Funimation did a great job with the packaging. Pictures don't do it justice ^^
  14. Ya, the only issue with that plan is the amount of space we'll have ~_~' I'm thinking that I'm going to have to tell my mates to bear with it! We're all devoted con-goers, so we can all squeeze ourselves into a car! YA! Of course, the room's another story...But if we must, we must! It'll all work out >: |