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  1. Where Do You Want To See An Acen Ad?

    I was amused when I saw an ad for ACen on several of the CTA buses. It works too because it got one of my friends to go. How about one of those Otaku videos or something that other cons have? Or have a youtube channel with monthly themed contests and make youtubers compete (with a mandatory mention of ACen)?
  2. Groped and Offended

    I have no idea how Anime Iowa works but it is a small con so it's probably easier to manage. I think the color badges just serves as an initial identifier but if someone looks suspicious, you can then go a step further by pulling him/her aside and asking for a show of ID. That way there will be less of an hold up in the line. I got groped at ACen this year at least once. This dude wanted to take pictures with me but he ended up grabbing by the waist and rubbing his hands all over me. It was in a populated area in front of a lot of people but no one did anything and his friend even helped him by making excuses that the pictures were coming out blurry. I didn't want to make a scene so I didn't say anything but in retrospect, I should've stabbed him in the eyes with my claws. They are wooden but highly sharpen. Or at least push him away. Didn't think 'cause I was in a hurry.
  3. Groped and Offended

    I agree. Or maybe 2 different raves in 2 different locations. One rave can be held in a different hotel to avoid congestion and human traffic. The 17- one should be held earlier and end earlier while the 18+ one can be the soapbubble. It is harder to kick people out if they are intermingled with everyone else. In anime Iowa, they give attendees different badges depending on their age (one for 17-, one for 18-20, and one for 21+). It was as simple as changing the colors of the badges but it was easier to check than having everyone bring their IDs (though IDs are a good validation in case a minor lied or stole/switch their badges).
  4. Your opinion on photo bombers?

    Haha, those pictures are hilarious but I agree, it does suck when you want to take a serious photo and photo-bombers get in the way and ruin what could be a really awesome picture. With that being said, I was guilty for photo-bombing at ACen for a short period of time. It was usually when people take pictures in front of my artist alley table, which for some reason happens a lot. On Saturday, I met a Deadpool cosplayer and we photo bombed each other's pictures. That was kinda funny (albeit slightly out of character for me). He also bomb other people's pictures too. Here's a picture of my friend who is obsess with Yoko cosplays. He personally loves Deadpool so he thought it was hilarious.
  5. Convention crush? :3

    Sorry. :'( I had a table at Artist Alley but I can never get there till hours later because people keep flagging me down for pictures or my costume keeps falling apart. Took me over an hour traveling from the Hyatt to the con center.
  6. Rude Cosplay Fans

    I never got any comments about being IC but I did get rushed by people who took pictures of me. It was Saturday. I was trying to take pictures of a group cosplay of the Warblers (who was in a hurry it seems) and someone stop me because they wanted a picture of me. I told them to wait until after I took a picture first (which was only a snapshot away) but the guy insisted on hurrying me. I was tired from working at AA all day, plus, just as I finish taking the picture of the cosplayers, something went it my eye. I suspect an eyelash. Then a group surrounded with cameras asking for pictures. I told them "Wait. There's something in my eye!" while I was trying to fix the problem without ruining my make-up and a guy goes "I JUST WANT A PICTURE." So I posed. I hope these people are happy with a picture of me with one eye squinting and in tears. Also at Ohayocon, I cosplayed Female!Japan (the official version). As soon as I got off the elevators, someone made a remark "Oh, how ethnic!" I wasn't mad, just really confused and slightly amused. What does that even mean? I am also Asian so maybe an Asian in a kimono is consider "ethnic". *shrugs* Still perplexed. The Fujoshi: Is this you? I liked your Gai cosplay.
  7. It has been awhile but... has anybody won the contest yet?
  8. Thread Killers Anonymous

    This thread is still alive?
  9. The "damn" Thread

    Damn. This thread perplex me.
  10. Convention crush? :3

    I miss you too! I lied, you were my crush all along!!!! *sakura petals falling in bg*
  11. Convention crush? :3

    I had a crush on someone at Youmacon but not ACen. Although I did meet some people I did want to hang out with. Two guys sitting across from me at artist alley. They look like they have good fashion sense and we made faces at each other when business got slow.
  12. Why can't we have nice things?

    Oh yea, next ACen is in the last week of April, when the weather is effing cold (and possibly snowing) in Chicagoland and many people are studying/taking their finals. Maybe there's going to be less destruction? And perhaps a shorter line for the rave since it would be too friggn' cold to be scantily clad outside. But then again, more people would be house indoors so...
  13. Why can't we have nice things?

    What time did it happened? I didn't hear about the glass bottle/fish bowl window incident until now. I attended 2 room party (on same night, on the same floor in the balcony-area of Hyatt) and aside from some personal issues (drunk people inviting random strangers to the room amongst other things) there wasn't any destructive problems. Some time in between when I left the party to go change in my own room at the exclusive(?) wing and then back, the room party ended because there was a rumor(?) that the IRT/Police are checking ID on the floors below. As it turns out, many of the people who were kicked out from the previous party moved a couple doors down to another party hosted by different people. But even in that party people were more cautious because of the ID check warning. From the limited time I was there, people seem responsible enough not to break things because they didn't want to get kicked out from the con and party attendees had to pay in order to get drinks. And when I went to retire to my room, there were IRT people on the floor, which probably help eliminate some of the craziness. (I also found out the next day that there were several more parties happening on that particular floor.) I did hear that the party came back once the rave ended/when the ID-scare died. The line for the Soap Bubble was intimidating. It double in length in less than half an hour. Although I have only attended SB once (last year and an idiot swinging glow sticks and another idiot with light sabers hit me), I don't think it should be eliminated since people in the rave are less likely to cause damage to the hotel via glass-tossing. People who aren't able to attend the rave are probably the ones stumbling around the hotel looking for parties and things to wreck because they can exert their energy to something else like dancing (or swinging glow-sticks like a clown on acid). Also, as someone has mention before, ACen is growing bigger and bigger, maybe it a better idea to split the rave in two, rather than eliminating it. Maybe you should look into having a rave/dance party for minors that starts early and ends early and another rave for 18+. One of the rave can take place in one of the other hotels so it won't congest the main hotel. Aside from the line, there was also 2-way traffic happening and it was a pain trying to stay on the sidewalk. And it may be easier for staff to keep track of people that way. There are many decent people who would attend the con just to go to the rave to dance, meet their favorite DJ, etc. It's not really fair for them. Party-goers are going to attend ACen regardless of rave or not. It better that they have something to do rather than damaging hotel properties. Also, it would be great if there were more ID-check scares. Less drunk minors running around.
  14. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread 2011

    I just friended you (yesterday) and was able to tag my friends. You make a really good Envy btw.
  15. Stay at Double Tree? CHECK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

    Wow, that sucks. I didn't stay at the Double Tree this year nor was I in-charge of the room. Thanks for the warning though.