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  1. First Time at the Hyatt!

    Replying to my own post. I just got information from Hyatt in regards to my stay (and for many others) Conveniences wise some to note: - Microwaves are available on each guest floor near the ice Machines - Food Trucks will be parked outside the hotel this year again - If you are a Discoverist, Explorist, or Globalist member there is complementary bottled water - Parking is $20 a night with overflow at the Williams Street Garage and the Blue Line CTA
  2. ACen Registration

    They typically have online registration for will call the night before. So if you want to go Saturday, you can try checking Friday night to purchase your pass.
  3. Average Wait For Badge Line

    Depends on when you line up. But the lines are typically a very long weight. If you get there just when registration starts be prepared to be in line for at least 2 hours i think?
  4. First Time at the Hyatt!

    Last year i stayed at the Double Tree and i had a wonderful experience. For this year me and a friend are staying at the Hyatt and before i decide what shoes to wear i wanna know what experiences and amenities are available at the Hyatt. Do they have ice machines? Is it advised that we bring our own cooler for beverages? Important things i need to know before we pack? ETC ETC ETC. Much appreciation <3
  5. What do the lonely people at ACen do?

    I'm like very anti social and i've been going by myself majority of my 12 years. I mostly just stick to my routine of con lines with casual talking and going to panels. It's a lonely life but im use to it. Gotta just try to chit chat with people. It might be the only time you see them so don't worry about embarrassing yourself
  6. I finished my Checklist for ACen X.X So im a wee bit early. I just need the schedule to be posted so i can highlight and plan out my weekend.

  7. First Time at the DoubleTree

    Thank you very Much!! I requested a mini refrigerator just in case.
  8. How Much Should I Save?

    This is my first year having a hotel so im unsure how much im spending xD My last 12 years i commuted each day i went (minus some rides when i could) Hotel: $440 Food: $70 for the whole weekend? Dealer's Room: $500? I mainly just buy collectables and Plushes. And then My Bus Pass xD
  9. First Time at the DoubleTree

    So this is actually my first year ever renting a hotel. And possibly my last ACen so needless to say im trying to plan early. Anyone have an idea what the Doubletree rooms are like? Wasn't sure what i might need to bring. Like a cooler or if there's a Blu-Ray Player. Thanks in advance!~
  10. Guidebook 2017

    Update. It should be up now. Im currently downloading
  11. Guidebook 2017

    I mean... i made a word document of what my panel schedule looks like and have probably updated it like 20+ times... BUT TOTALLY can't wait for the Guidebook to be officially up :3
  12. Change Display Name

    I need someone to help me change my display name. It's been awhile since i've been on the forums so i couldn't really find an admin.
  13. I want to be on 2014's Pokemon Panel!

    Its been awhile. Any news on who may be running a pokemon panel and that they can let me get on it? :'O I'd greatly appreciate it!!!!
  14. Streetpass Chicago EVENT (10/13)

    https://www.facebook.com/events/342859475849441/ Anyone going to this? :o For pokemon fans especially this is an event for you. Its going to be at the Chicago Cultural Center 78 E. Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois 60602 :o
  15. I want to go ;~~~; but i don't know that area. So that would probably be a no for me.