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  1. How Much Should I Save?

    This is my first year having a hotel so im unsure how much im spending xD My last 12 years i commuted each day i went (minus some rides when i could) Hotel: $440 Food: $70 for the whole weekend? Dealer's Room: $500? I mainly just buy collectables and Plushes. And then My Bus Pass xD
  2. First Time at the DoubleTree

    So this is actually my first year ever renting a hotel. And possibly my last ACen so needless to say im trying to plan early. Anyone have an idea what the Doubletree rooms are like? Wasn't sure what i might need to bring. Like a cooler or if there's a Blu-Ray Player. Thanks in advance!~
  3. Guidebook 2017

    Update. It should be up now. Im currently downloading
  4. Guidebook 2017

    I mean... i made a word document of what my panel schedule looks like and have probably updated it like 20+ times... BUT TOTALLY can't wait for the Guidebook to be officially up :3
  5. Change Display Name

    I need someone to help me change my display name. It's been awhile since i've been on the forums so i couldn't really find an admin.
  6. I want to be on 2014's Pokemon Panel!

    Its been awhile. Any news on who may be running a pokemon panel and that they can let me get on it? :'O I'd greatly appreciate it!!!!
  7. Streetpass Chicago EVENT (10/13)

    https://www.facebook.com/events/342859475849441/ Anyone going to this? :o For pokemon fans especially this is an event for you. Its going to be at the Chicago Cultural Center 78 E. Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois 60602 :o
  8. I want to go ;~~~; but i don't know that area. So that would probably be a no for me.
  9. I want to be on 2014's Pokemon Panel!

    I"m a pretty shy person and i've never done a pokemon panel so i thought of just joining in on someone else's :'O Im sure there will be no problem getting a "One in all" panel about pokemon. THe replacement panelists this year did a good job of being diverse in all things pokemon.
  10. I want to be on 2014's Pokemon Panel!

    I think it was called "Everything Pokemon" Either way i also think it was the only pokemon panel this year.
  11. Sorry if it's too early or not the right place but i wanted to put this out here as soon as possible. This year the panelist didn't show to the panel, but others stepped up to make it great!!! I don't want that to happen again!!! I was first in line for the panel for the great fandom. 2014 will also be my 10th and possibly last ACen for a long while. Not looking to head it but i want to be apart of the panel I've been playing pokemon since the original games. I keep up with the anime. And also put in work on videos on my youtube page!! Hope to hear from someone soon!!
  12. Pokemon X and Y

    A happy/sad thing to know is that the news of Mewtwo and Sylveon will be this saturday ;~~~; But there's also a pokemon panel that day too xD What we know now is that we are pretty much cleared for a new typing for Sylveon!!
  13. Pokemon X and Y

    I'm so excited for it that i started doing youtube videos again xD
  14. Pace Bus to Rosemont?

    I heard of it but my mom brought it up a couple of weeks ago. My dad I being a jerk about giving me a ride. There's a pace bus that goes to rosemont. But I'm unsure on where exactly it goes. At this time it seems like a better way then for me to take another bus to midway then take an orange line to a blue line and all the way to rosemont. It would also cost less. (If it helps, I'm from oak lawn and I think the bus stop for me is chicago ridge)
  15. Did anyone by the Black Butler DVD?

    First off. GREAT Show. I'm a pretty big Sebby Fan. Now to some shameless.. um pleading? I was told that there was a 10 digit item code somewhere in the dvd package for the site, "TinierMe" Would someone be able to message me the code? I feel so shameful =w= *Correction i meant to say buy not by xD