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    Any Anime video games or Manga pretty much lol. also im a PC repair tech so im big into computers.

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  1. E-cigs and Vaporizer

    Whats the policy with E-cigs and Vaoprizers in the convention? are they allowed in the halls? the panels? questions arise especially when certain panels are so closely compacted that something along those lines can tend to be quite obnoxious.
  2. No more Heroes location?

    great thanks for the tip, oh god how i wish. least we got megaman now
  3. No more Heroes location?

    Im cosplaying Travis Touchdown from no more heroes, I was just wondering which photoshoot i should generally be a part of? nintendo? ubisoft (AC & Watchdogs)? or rare & Obscure. any help would be good lol
  4. "old dubbed hentai"

    I think one of the funniest parts of the nights are when you go to see a hentai and its so badly dubbed you cant even bleieve it. we had that last year with the original dubbing of bible black. please try to have that again or at least the badly dubbed bible black! :) its always a classic lol
  5. Photo Request Thread 2013!

    Anyone have photos of Me and my girlfriend as Ichigo (bankai) and Rukia ( with shikai) we cant find a single photo of us even though lots of people took our picture lol
  6. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Me and my girlfriend were dressed as ichigo and rukia in our shinigami outfits (mine bankai ) does anyone have pictures of us? we forgot to take one of eachother due to busy schedule.
  7. IchiRuki Couple pics

    Not sure where this should really go so i chose this area. if its wrong please move it. Me and my girlfriend dressed as Rukia and ichigo for ACen this year. I was in the bankai form and had glasses. she had her normal shinigami outfit and her shikai sword. We got so busy going everywhere that we forgot to take pics of eachother dressed that day. however lots of people took our picture but i cant find any. if you took our picture id love to have them. even 1 would be great for our memories. edit:so i just saw the new section in cosplay for finding pictures. so if you wanna move this thread there please do :)
  8. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    phew!! been a while since ive last been here! :D glad to see everyone is so geared up and excited! I literally just found my earring so I was relieved i didnt have to get another.( i honestly wouldnt feel right cosplaying Naoya without it lol) and will be sure to attend both gathering and will attempt to make the panel this time ( my friends arent going to drag me away this midnight -_- for another disappointment lol ) I just hope a more street style Naoya looks alright lol. Ill post a pic when i get the chance.
  9. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    hey is that MB park area down the road available yet?
  10. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    last year there was an over abundance of P4 and P3 cosplayers so dont worry youll fit right in! :D I was a very different story however lol I was the Protagonist for Persona 1 and the only persona 1 cosplayer at all XD lol. along with the sole Devil Survivor Cosplayer.
  11. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    I will be returning as the boy with the earring! :D and if it can be done my girlfriend will be dressing as Maki sonomura so the P1 spirit shall still live!
  12. Gaming out of order

    However its highly recomended you play Persona 1 before you play P2 cause P2 actually has tons of characters and a story connecting slightly to P1. Also play Persona2: innocent Sin before you play Persona2: Eternal Punishment.
  13. Michelle Ruff

    I need all things rukia Signed >.< I could die happy meeting her. lol
  14. 5.26.12

    Tomorrow ladies and gentlemen :)
  15. Persona 2012!

    Im actually considering SMT MC as i have manages to see some similar clothes to his normal street wear, the only major task would be the comp but i was thinking of altering something like a white original DS or like one of those very old keyboarded planners or whatever XD if i can find one in this day and age lol. I think i just found my opject to alter into a comp XD lol http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/363610058-Free-Shipping-MINI-Palm-sized-Bluetooth-Keyboard-with-Media-PDA-Foldable-bluetooth-keyboard-wholesalers.html