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  1. Sengoku Basara 2011

    Ha, I figured after you got so many good pictures of me the least I could do was post my picture of you.
  2. Rude Cosplay Fans

    I was wearing Saint Tail on Friday for a while. It's an older costume and I don't wear a wig for it since her hair is a reasonably natural color. I walked past this girl who immediately turned around and said, "Are you Saint Tail?" "Yes, I am." "Where's your wig?" She ended the conversation with "Well, I could tell who you are, so I guess it's ok." I was floored. Her tone didn't seem to be intentionally rude, but you don't say that to people.
  3. Sengoku Basara 2011

    Awesome guys, I'd been looking for a good picture of my coughing. XD Here's mine. My camera died half-way through, so I don't have a ton of stuff. http://s101.photobucket.com/albums/m76/Darksilverhawk/ACen%2011/
  4. 2011 compliments

    You all did a fabulous job this year, especially the ones patrolling the dealer's room and the Hyatt, since those are the ones I mainly saw. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and VERY polite towards con-goers. There were some that I could clearly tell were getting tried and frustrated, but never once was this taken out on the attendees. No complaints from me concerning the way you were treating con-goers. Keep up the good work!
  5. Gripes

    I feel like the issue with the lines on the Hyatt sidewalk comes up every year and nothing is ever done about it. At least in the three years I've been attending it's been a consistent problem. It's impossible to get through with the line there. I understand completely that IRT wants to keep people off the street, but trying to keep moving in with people moving in two directions in addition to people lined up on the sidewalk isn't doable; there just isn't enough room. PLEASE get the people in line to move off the sidewalk and onto the grass whenever possible (especially in the area just preceding the doors where it is impossible for walkers to move off to the other side, due to the bushes) so that the people who need the sidewalk can use it. The smokers seemed to be taking up more than their fair share of the sidewalk, as well. Every time I walked through I felt like I had to push through a maze of them as they were often standing 3-4 people deep. tl:dr; Keep the people who aren't walking on the grass so that the sidewalk can be utilized by the people who need it. (I would also prefer not to have to walk directly through the smokers, but that's probably not a solvable problem without building more sidewalks. Also not saying that the smokers were causing any major problems or hassling people, (most seemed were polite and were trying to stay out of the way, and they were keeping in one area which was very nice) it was, much like the line, a few that were standing in the sidewalk causing problems for people trying to get through.)
  6. Panel Programming Feedback Thread

    I agree that you should at least try to implement programing tracks on some level. Most people aren't going to be interested in all panels, so even just grouping them in the program book by track would help people pick out the things they want to see, instead of having to sift through the entire panel list to find a few panels they want to go to. Tracking into one or two rooms per category would be the best possible case for me. If I only attend panels about fighting games because that's what I'm interested in, it would by nice to have one or two rooms dedicated to video-gaming panels that I knew the panels I liked would be in, could hang around in for multiple panels, and not have to run all over the convention space trying to hunt down panel rooms, which is a serious problem for back-to-back panels. I've found it almost impossible to attend panels back-to-back if they're in separate hotels. Even this year, which was my third ACen, I was missing panels because I had no idea where the rooms where and was spending 20 minutes looking for them before giving up. I know I have the sense of direction of a paper bag, but I shouldn't have to scurry all over the hotels looking for panels that appeal to similar groups of people. Perhaps you could just use programing tracks in the smaller rooms and put panels you don't expect to fill up but are on similar topics in those rooms, and reserve the larger panel spaces for the panels you know will be more popular. I'm sure the panelists would enjoy coming into a room already full of people who might enjoy their panel, as well, instead of have to wait for the room to clear out and refill. The way it is now, there is no rhyme or reason to the panel scheduling, and that is why I attend very few panels at ACen.
  7. Cosplay Feedback

    Adding one more to the request to get the photoshoots in the program book. Since it seemed to be the main go-to resource this year, it surprised me that the photoshoots weren't included. Also, not anything that could really be solved, but the rain caused some chaos. I was never really sure if a shoot was going to move or not, since while it might not have been raining at that very second, the ground might still have been very wet or it was looking dark and threatening to rain any moment.
  8. I had a piece of craft foam melt on me last night as I was working, so I have to re-do that tonight. And I still have a few minor adjustments to make. I wish life hadn't gotten in the way of me starting this earlier.
  9. Vocaloid 2011

    Miku's all done. I look forward to seeing you all!
  10. Pokémon 2011

    So, I'll be there as Silver, but I'm not going to be able to make the shoot since the Vocaloid shoot is right after it and I'm cosplaying for that one instead. I'll be Silver Saturday evening.
  11. Lolitas 2011

    What do you consider "any chance of rain?" 10%? 30%? 50%? Because I think 0% is going to be a bit much to ask for right now.
  12. Being Almost Barefoot..

    Contradictory information alert! So is it actually against the rules or not? (This doesn't effect me, but I noticed it and figured I'd just get clarification)
  13. Vocaloid 2011

    No, that's at 8 on Friday. I think the Saturday one is just a secondary shoot. There being a Saturday gathering as well would certainly make my life easier time-wise, but does anyone else intend to attend the Saturday one?
  14. Sengoku Basara 2011

    I'm so at the "oh crap" stage. XD I need to work like mad over the next few weeks to get Hanbei done, but I swear I will do it!
  15. Cosplay Procrastinators Anonymous

    I have some fabric cut out. I'm glad I sew fast. And work fast. And am not a perfectionist.