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  1. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Hi guys! I was running around as Merida from Brave on Friday and Saturday. I was the one that happened to have the black detailing on my bow. If you happen to have any pictures of me I would love to see them! Also my boyfriend was running around as Legend of Zelda Hockey Link, so if you managed to get any pictures of him that you are willing to share that would be great! :)
  2. Team Fortress 2!

    I did happen to get quiet a lot of photos from the shoot. I will be posting them to my Flickr account but it will take a day or two so please be patient. ^^ (For the Record I was the RED Scout with the Whoopee Cap and the giant silver bat)
  3. Final Fantasy 2011

    Alright, so the photoshoot has been submitted for Saturday at 1pm at the Loading Docks. We do not have a rain out back up but we can figure that out. Sound good with everyone?
  4. Gatherings 2011 - Final Schedule in First Post

    Final Fantasy, Saturday at 1:00pm at the Loading Docks No rain back up as of yet
  5. Zodiac change?

    Guys as Zeno and other have pointed out, your ZODIAC HASN'T CHANGED! It only affects people born after 09. When we were all born, our stars were aligned the way they were and we are what we are. Whatever your Zodiac is, its still the same. Hasn't changed. Don't panic! ^^;;
  6. Final Fantasy 2011

    I know what you are speaking of. That area the the FF7 shoot was at was the East Outside Wall but that happened midway during the main shoot and more towards the end of it. They had a separate photoshoot for just FF7. I'm not opposed to doing the shoot at the East Outside Wall, however in past years it never seems to make it there, it either makes it to the Loading Docks or the Tree Patch.
  7. Final Fantasy 2011

    Thats what I was thinking, either 1pm or noon but again that all depends on people. Also I agree the loading docks would be best suited for our group. Come one guys! I'd like to submit our time spot by the end of the month no later than that! So please I'd love to hear your input as to where you would like to photoshoot to be.
  8. Final Fantasy 2011

    Hey all, its that time of year when we decide when and where the photoshoot will be. As in the past, the shoots have been on Saturday in the late morning/early afternoon. If you have any suggestions about where you all would like to be and what time the shoot should be please post your comments. Keep in mind that not only do we have a large group of cosplayers, but we have an equal number of people taking pictures of just watching the photoshoot so please, no indoor places (that is reserved for rain outs) and no small places. Places such as the Loading Docks, the East Outside Wall and the Tree Patch are appropriate. Due to the fact that FF has such a huge gathering of people each year, the shoot works best on Saturday and that is something I will not budge on. However, I know a second photoshoot was held Sunday morning so if for some reason there is a need for a second photoshoot there can most certainly be one, however I will not be in charge of running it. So if you wish for a second FF photoshoot, either Friday or Sunday, please PM me with your request to run it and I will work with you on getting the photoshoot scheduled. Glad to see everyone is getting their cosplays started. I myself have just purchased my materials for Fang and have started detailing the white border with the design. I still need to get shoes and a wig and make her necklaces and other accessories.
  9. C2E2

    Totally going again. I only went for one day last year but I had a blast so Im planning on going the full weekend. -crossing my fingers that Geoff Johns goes again- His line was so long and I so wanted to go. And I seriously regret not buying the Neil Gaiman tickets T.T
  10. 4th Annual Christmas Card Exchange

    So I have gotten cards from Ranko, Cherry_wolf, Femme and Mock-Kappa as well as Isamu's. Looking forward to getting more cards. ^_^ And holy hell Femme! You already got my card? I sent them out at like 2pm today!
  11. 4th Annual Christmas Card Exchange

    Well I have all my cards sealed and ready to be sent out into the world....they just need stamps in order to do so. So I'll be sending my cards out later today! Enjoy them! ^_^
  12. 4th Annual Christmas Card Exchange

    Yes KnitChick! Mine is the same. I assume yours is still the same?
  13. 4th Annual Christmas Card Exchange

    Isamu you have outdone yourself! I LOVE the CD. I have to share this with my boyfriend. He'd love this. And the card was awesome as usual! Everyone I will be a bit slow getting my cards out this year, they will be out certainly before Christmas but I have been so busy with work and doing a side school project so I haven't had time. But I am still getting addresses from people as well. If you want me to send you a card please PM you address!
  14. The Walking Dead

    Oh yeah T___T
  15. The Walking Dead

    They don't really stream the episode anywhere. If you actually want to buy them you can get the from iTunes or Amazon, depending on preference. There are "other" ways to get the episodes, but again personal preference.