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  1. Gainax 2011

    FYI, there's a Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt panel :)
  2. Okay, here's the break down. My friend and I have a room, we don't really have the cash to register. In exchange for panel badges, we can offer: thones: print products. has mad connections. Fliers, posters, handouts, etc - free of charge. is also a black sash in shaolin chuan fa kung fu and has been practicing for 5 years. is also cute. bold&delicious: spent a year in Japan, is fluent in Japanese for any panels with a language-oriented spin, mistranslations, specific points, or cultural insights that may be relevant to characters. is hip and trendy and very skinny. svelte. We are both good at speaking in front of groups; you don't need to take us together, we just need badges and we are very useful separately (though we work well together). Also we are responsible Let us know! Send PMs to either THRONES or BOLD&DELICIOUS. thx guys.
  3. Youmacon

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  5. Ninjas Unite....again

  6. Ninjas Unite....again

  7. Who Has Kids Here?