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    Wanted in the Seireitei for impersonating Byakuya Kuchiki
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    Reading, anime and manga (obviously), cosplaying (especially prop making; I'm not much of a seamstress), Japanese culture/history (both modern and historical), writing, meditation, net surfing, sleeping, writing, video games, more reading, leaning new things, subjects on the supernatural, Harry Potter, even MORE writing, and just generally being one in a billion

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  1. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    *peeks nervously at calendar* It's always down to the wire...and at the last minute I promised an out-of-state friend I'd make accessories for him (namely hand claws; he'll be Gunji from Togainu no Chi on Friday, gods willing). On the other hand I made very good progress last week/today. I found unconventional-yet-useful padding material for Tachikoma's tank; found an old toy lawn mower on the side of the road and cannibalized/refinished its wheels to finish Tachikoma's boots; made/painted/finished the grenade-launcher necklace, an arm attachment and the chestplate; and EVERYTHING I ordered online arrived Friday (extra barrier spray for makeup, silver elastic, silver gloves, blue LED shoelaces). And today I finished the mini tail lights. This weekend I hope to finish the attachable turrets, my friend's claws, and do more painting; at least it stopped raining. Basically my mantra until next Wednesday is "finish Tachikoma's tank" and "don't go crazy again".
  2. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    Progress! Trainer May - DONE! I just finished the head scarf today. You know how it's usually the little things? I was racking my brain trying to get the scarf right, namely getting those oversized bows in the back without fabric bunching, but geometry saved the day. I have to put a little more paint on the shoes, but other than that she and my Torchic plush are ready to go. Tachikoma - Still jonesing for a pair of wheels for the boots. Arm attachments are coming along, and I'm waiting for my silver gloves to come in, but the biggest issue is this FLIPPING TANK. I compromised on the arms, but I will NOT compromise on this tank! On the bright side, I found an inexpensive way to make tail-lights, and now that May's done I can devote all my attention to this.
  3. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    That news is just as good; I love throwback cosplays! And yeah, ACen weather can be a little unpredictable (2014 why were you so cold?!) Trainer May: making my Pokeball today once I'm done with this babysitting gig, and HOPEFULLY making another JoAnn/thrift store run, now that I know what I'm actually looking for. However, I have found cheap and comfy Vans I'll be repainting, and dug a brown wig out of my closet that I didn't know I had. Tachikoma: boots are almost done; just need to slap some protective coating on them and find a nice pair of wheels to attach to the sides. Still have to get started on the jumpsuit and tank (tank especially since it'll need tail lights, padding, and some con-friendly turrets), but at this point I am racking my brain over how to do the arms. I have a Plan B, but I'm praying to all gods/goddesses I find the material to go ahead with Plan A.
  4. Pokemon!

    Will be coming as Trainer May on Friday.
  5. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    If your friend does Kuze I will die of happiness. Tachikoma is going surprisingly well. Makeup and wig were ordered and received way back in January. The helmet was finished yesterday despite multiple setbacks, and the boots should be done or nearly done this weekend. I also got an idea to make a 'natural oil' canister prop. Meanwhile my Motoko finally decided on going with the white-jean outfit, so she's getting everything ordered and done now. Trainer May I JUST decided on, and I hope she'll be super-easy. I'll also be making a Torchic plushie for her.
  6. Ghost in the Shell 2017

    Yay! There's a gathering thread! After three years of setbacks, I've FINALLY decided to hunker down and do my long-dreamed Tachikoma cosplay (and I'm praying I don't lose my sanity in the process). It'll be more of an android-ish design, but I'm hoping to keep very close to the spirit of the original design. My friend will be accompanying me as Motoko (either her grey-black combat suit or her white-jean outfit), and if I get the time, I might make a little Batou plushie. We'll be around Saturday. Can't wait!
  7. 2015 "Did you get a picture of me?!" Thread

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for any pictures of me as Lulu from Final Fantasy X (Saturday; I know there was one Friday, but I was Yomiko Readman Friday). I was wearing glasses, and I also had my friend with me as a gijinka Chocobo (Though she was also called "Chica" from Five Nights at Freddie's too many times to count, lol). In particular I wanted to find this one pic where it's me posing with an Auron and Rikku in the Artists' Alley/Dealer's Room. Thanks!
  8. Cosplay Progress 2015

    what's left for Lulu Dress: finishing details will be done this evening! Custom lace: same as "Dress"! *curses felt pieces forever* Corset: STILL working on it. At this point if it's done by Thursday I couldn't care less Accessories: DONE with the exception of stockings, but I have two more stores I haven't checked out... what's left for Yomiko Readman NOTHING! *cheers* And I KNEW I had shoes for her, but I thought I lost them when we moved house. Turned out they were in the basement. :P
  9. "You're _____, right?" "No, I'm ____ ."

    In 2012 I cosplayed Alan Gabriel from Big O, and though I got some nice attention/pic requests, quite a few people thought I was the Joker from "The Dark Knight". I wasn't too offended, though, and if you've ever seen Big O, Alan and the Joker are very similar personality-wise...
  10. Cosplay Progress 2015

    what's left for Lulu Dress: basic sewing and hemming/adjustments are done; just needs finishing details (fur collar, invisible straps, belts on sleeves, custom lace) Custom lace: all the shapes are cut out (all 100-something of 'em). Tonight I'll dye them, and then over the weekend I'll attach them to the dress Corset: STILL working on it. At this point if it's done by Thursday I couldn't care less Belt skirt: need to replace one of the belts and add more Velcro, but otherwise it's done Accessories: all done except one of the hairsticks, which I'd been neglecting in the heat of finishing the dress; also need stockings and hair extensions Shoes: still on the lookout what's left for Yomiko Readman Coat: needs minor add-ons, which I'll do either tonight or tomorrow Vest: found today at a thrift store; it's actually a blazer, but with minor mods it'll be perfect Skirt: needs hemming/ironing Accessories: wig's bangs need to be styled and book prop still needs to be made, but the book will take the least time Shoes: still on the lookout It may look like a lot, but given where I was 2 weeks ago, I'm ecstatic that I'm even THIS close to getting done.
  11. Cosplay Progress 2015

    Lulu -- the custom lace should be all cut and dyed this week, and the dress itself is not far behind. Then all that'll be left are the corset, the "little things" (lace nylons, etc.), and getting my hair ready (including the attachable braids/bun). Yomiko -- Wig was received last week (in record time at that!), and I found both a skirt and book at a thrift store this weekend. Now she just needs a vest, nylons, and maybe shoes if I decide the black heels I have now are too high...
  12. Cosplay Progress 2015

    Lulu -- finished the belt apron yesterday, and I am so glad that's over. However I still have to put it through a vigorous test run to make sure no belts fall off or sag in the wrong place. This also means I'm finally free to start on the custom floral lace for the dress, which won't be as hard as I first thought, just time-consuming. Yomiko -- Well, I thought I had the perfect skirt for her, but memory deceived, so I need a skirt too. On the upside I ordered her wig this weekend and it should be here next week, if not this week. I also have a better (and more space-saving) idea for a prop, but I'll still need a book to do it...
  13. Final Fantasy (2015)

    Lulu's coming along...more than I expected, actually, in spite of work issues. But I wanted to pop in and say that I'm bringing a mini-group of my own. One of my friends will be a female Vincent (and her bf is either coming as Cloud or Cid), and another friend of mine will be a gijinka Chocobo. :3 Unfortunately we won't be able to make it to the Friday shoot, but we'll definitely be at the Saturday shoot. Can't wait to see everyone!
  14. Cosplay Progress 2015

    Also chiming in with work woes. At the beginning of the year I'd been job-searching and didn't even think I'd get one so quickly, but come February I indeed got a part-time job--which temporarily turned into uber-stressful full-time due to someone being out on an injury--and just this week I was switched back to part-time. (Not to mention actually GETTING the weekend of ACen off.) And. AND. I chose to do Lulu from Final Fantasy X this year. *slaps herself* But much to my surprise, progress is actually being made: 1. Dress -- pattern cut out and ready for sewing; after that it's the fur collar, adding the invisible bra straps, the mini-belts on the sleeves, and of course the custom lace. The lace will be the final hurdle, but after that I should be golden. 2. Corset -- will be started next week 3. Belts -- been hunting them down since December, then I began work, and after days of moping I finally got off my duff and cut/modded/painted them. I also made a padded "apron" edged with metal-ring trim to wear under the dress; it'll act as a belt anchor and backdrop, not to mention it'll keep my legs from being banged up. Now the belts just need to be added onto the apron. 4. Accessories/Props -- Her Cactuar plush doll's been done since February, as have her necklaces, earrings, and all except one of her hairsticks. Makeup is also pretty much a-go. Still need that last hairstick, stockings, shoes, and the wooden beads for her braids. 5. Hair -- will worry about the week of ACen As for Yomiko, half her stuff I already have from past ACens (skirt, white blouse, shoes, nylons). Otherwise, I didn't even think of her until last week, when I made a mad dash to a thrift store and found a tan coat and red tie. Other than some tweaks to the coat, all she needs now is a brown vest, a wig, and a prop. Was thinking of making a shield out of book pages, but that's contingent on time.
  15. Excel's Asylum For The Mentally Disturbed

    *walks in, starts a fire*