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    Cosplays I've done:
    Temari - Naruto: 1, 2, 3, & ferret.
    Retro - Dead Leaves
    Anbu - Naruto
    Mew - JetGrindRadio
    Medic - TF2
    Scout - TF2
    Izuna - Izuna
    Cammy White - Street Fighter

    MLp - Daring Do Human Form
    Titanfall - Sarah
    www.skyebd.deviantart.com cosplay.com/member/39096/

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  1. Titanfall Cosplays

    Who's cosplaying from Titanfall? I know you crazy armor makers are just dying to make a pilot. And fat guys can pull off Bish. I am trying to scrap together a Sarah but the pilot armor I have seen out there is amazing! Anyone? Anyone?
  2. My Little Pony! 2014

    I got a group with Daring Do, PhotoFinish, DJ Pon3, and Maud Pie.
  3. Tango's Props

    I'm Back! I am now accepting new commissions. Please send me a PM describing the prop you are interested in. If it is a prop I have not yet made I can give you a quote on how much it will cost, just send me a picture of what you would like, along with a description. I will get back to you as soon as a day or two. For now, review the list of popular props below for reference. Like I said earlier I will be using durable materials such as wood, resin, EVA, plexiglass, and LEDs Commissions (** = Lights Up!) _______________________________________________ Stocking's Stripe Sword ** $100 (WIP http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/216018/ ) Panty's Backlace** $100 Medic Medigun** $200 Medipack $50 Ubersaw $50 Kritzkrieg** $250 Quick-Fix $250 Quick-Fix-Pack** $100 Amputator: $50 Scout Force-a-Nature http://skyebd.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d20dx4h $250 Scatter Gun $250 Sandman $60 Atomizer $60 Bonk! Energy Drink http://www.cosplay.com/photo/2015022/ $5 each Heavy MiniGun $500 ( 50 shipping) Sandvich http://skyebd.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2cv8us $5 each Sniper Sniper Rifle ** $200 Kukri $30 Hollow Mask $40 Tobi Mask $40 Masks from Naruto, TF2, Okami, Zelda, & more! Prices do not include shipping, note me with your zip/postal code for a shipping quote. ** = model available with lights ______________________________________ Please send a detailed description to me via 'PM' or e-mail. tangoscout@gmail.com skyebd.deviantart.com
  4. Hetalia Axis Powers

    Mein bruder and I decided to have a little drinking contest. Its all beer, as good German's drink. The loser has to wear something embarassing. He has been anouncing how much he is going to enjoy winning. The man will not shut it. I hear him gloat everyday up until this happens. I know how much of a light weight he is. He isn't going to win. Germany vs. Prussia Saturday Night! Come See! Who will win? Support your side by visiting Germany or Prussia
  5. Hetalia Axis Powers

    *Germany rapeface* *snickers*
  6. Hetalia Axis Powers

    What flavor are you?
  7. Hetalia Axis Powers

    Danke, Curry & Veggies... (mm..curry and veggies..) *get's distracted and goes to make dinner*
  8. Hetalia Axis Powers

    My costume is complete. Except that I can't stop smiling... yeah, going to have to work on that. Don't make me check my pocket watch.
  9. Crossplaying

    I agree with Chick25. Women in anime are impossible. To imagine yourself with huge boobs or a tiny anorexic body is asking too much. If you are a cosplayer of sexy anime females then I commend you! You are brave! It takes a certain self assurance and security and maybe a black belt to wander around hundreds of thousands of strangers half nude. My biggest concern would be creepers trying to cop a feel. Anime has a huge female fandom. It isn't surpring that the cosplay community is dominated by females. Not alot of guys cosplay so we ladies have to fill in the male roles! I'd say that 70% of cosplayers are female. I don't know why guys don't do it. I am not saying that guys do not like anime. Ha! If we had every otaku that liked anime dressing up as their favorite character we would need a new definition of crossplay. And we would have alot more man-feas. Crossplay is a good way to understand the opposite sex. If you have never done it; and I mean do it completely, you should try it. Get the fake boobs or tape down the girls, cake on the makeup and surprise the hell out of your friends. You will start to fall into your gender role and feel the pressure. Trying to be girly, sexy, or manly is a full time job! I recommend it. Happy Crossplaying
  10. Hetalia Axis Powers

    I'm going through cosplay withdrawl. oh, what shall I do?
  11. Hetalia Axis Powers

    Epic chess battle. Go Italy! Germany's got yur back!
  12. Hetalia Axis Powers

    Same here. ps. list updated.... I need to find somewhere to host this list to make it accessable.
  13. Hetalia Axis Powers

    Bump. Wie geht's?
  14. Hetalia Axis Powers

    There will be so many of us it will be hard not to get your pic taken. List Updated
  15. Hetalia Axis Powers

    List updated. I decided to go with a reproduction German NCO uniform. The estimated cost of making my own and ordering one online was about the same. So, i'll ditch the work and go for authentic Germany. Now I play the waiting game. I need to save my money for X-mas gifts THEN put my costume together. Cannot..restrain.. cosplay...so...cool..