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  1. Retro Characters 2017

    Wow, that's awesome.
  2. Jerry Jewell and/or Eric Vale

    Yes to both, that would be terrific.
  3. More Realistic Suggestions

    Completely on board with the idea of Kari Wahlgren. She's my favorite voice actress, hands down. She contributed to FLCL, Blood+, Durarara!!, etc. and has a great personality.
  4. Tolkien Verse Gathering

    Husband and I are considering Tom and Goldberry, but we are as yet undecided. Love to see you all there, in any event :3
  5. 2015 Guest Feedback

    Two items are my main focus at any convention: 1)socializing with other congoers, and 2)seeing international/seiyuu/voice actor guests. I would love to be able to meet more seiyuu and Japanese staff at ACen since it's my home convention. My husband was thrilled to meet Ryuukishi, and it was exciting for me to anticipate future international guests! Please work on this in the future - I know others in my friend circle would also be thrilled. Thanks again for all you're doing - I know it's difficult to please the masses, but your effort and willingness to accept feedback is truly appreciated.
  6. RWBY 2016

    I would love to see this shoot c: RWBY Season 3 has been awesome so far!
  7. WWE Cosplay Day 4!

    Not sure if we'll be cosplaying, Stvo - but I know my husband Tombolo and I would not MISS the WWE shoot. :D
  8. Mamoru Miyano and/or Junichi Suwabe

    Yes please! Two of my top seiyuu favorites. I would love to see these :3
  9. Completely agree! I love Ghost in the Shell, and I would be thrilled to see/meet these men.
  10. Yuu Watase and/or Arina Tanemura

    I met Arina Tanemura at Anime Detour 2014, and she was lovely. She's a perfect guest for any convention, to be totally honest. I brought a friend's Japanese copy of Full Moon, and the translator said Tanemura was both surprised and thrilled to see a Japanese copy here in America!
  11. Kunihiko Ikuhara

    Yes please. Huge Utena fan here. Plus he's enigmatic and mysterious in Q & A.
  12. Katsuyuki Konishi

    I need Katsuyuki Konishi. :3
  13. Daisuke Ono

    Wow, he is so talented. It's still hard to believe he was both Shizuo [DRRR!!] and Sebastian [black Butler].
  14. Hiroshi Kamiya

    Yes please!! This con needs more seiyuu anyway.
  15. Steve Blum

    Steve Blum is amazing, it's so fun to hear him pop up everywhere.