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    Well I really like Llamas, anime, manga, video games, japanese artists, and Johnny Depp. If we could clone theres my choice. ^_^

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  1. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Anyone get any pics or know of any pics of me as Him from powerpuff girls?
  2. Final Guest List

    While I feel the quality of the guest list is good, I still think that with the size ACen is, there could be a bigger line up. There are smaller cons that seem to have a larger quantity of guests already lined up and good quality as well. Many of these guests are repeats from the past couple years as well. While guests do not sway me one way or another to a con, I have yet to personally be super excited over the guest line up for ACen. That is just my opinion. I do like that there are some voice actors from Attack on Titan though. That is pretty neat. :)I am sure that it takes a lot of work to obtain any amount of guests, but like I said, I just think that with the size ACen has grown there could be a bit more to the list.
  3. C2E2 2014

    I'll be going Saturday! Staying until 7 with my Justice League club from college. Look for me as Him from Powerpuff Girls! :D
  4. Tara Strong says No to ACen?

    I feel like saying that she isn't fit to be at ACen because she hasn't done anime or Japanese related media is a little irrelevant in itself nowadays. There are so many people that dress up as characters outside of anime at ACen that it shows the expansive interests of con goers. She has been in so many recognizable shows that I'm sure no one would complain if she was a guest. I just don't think expanding the guest type should really be out of the question. Maybe if ACen showed interest in her, she wouldn't actually have this type of reaction. But who knows. I just don't think everything she be limited to just anime anymore as other Anime cons are expanding their entertainment types as well.
  5. Cartoon Network Photoshoot

    You basically should have certain group shots already thought of so that it will go smoothly. Think about the different main shows that a majority of people would dress up from and different pairings that could be drawn from them. Once the main shots are done, people can call out their own. It's always good to have at least a few ideas for group shots already made up. Also, I may try to make the meetup. I'll be going as Him this year. :)
  6. Wig help

    I am going to be cosplaying as Raven from Teen Titans, and I am just not sure what wig to buy for her. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I can usually figure something out, but this one is proving to be a little tricky for me. Here is a link to a reference image: reference
  7. Roadshow Requests 2013

    You guys should go to C2E2! :D
  8. Just curious. How old is everyone?

    Today...I have turned 22! :)
  9. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    I just finished Black Butler and now I want to watch Noir and continue with Seven Samurai. I've always wanted to watch Noir and finally get a chance since it's on Netflix.
  10. Sub or Dub anime

    I usually like to watch subs, but with netflix I have been getting used to dubbed anime. It really isn't that bad and I've come to like some of the voice over work. If I had the choice, I would still watch anime subbed, but I guess it's because I like to watch things in their intended form.
  11. Dream Character

    If I see someone dressed as the Undertaker from Black Butler, I will definitely want a picture of that person. I just finished the first season of Black Butler (yes a little behind the times, but it's a good anime) and he was my favorite character along with Finnian. Also, any good Vash the Stampedes as well. Other than that, it will be whoever catches my eye. I need to try and take more pics too. I never usually take very many or if any at all.
  12. Just curious. How old is everyone?

    Maybe when I turn 28 people will start guessing in the 20s when I ask them how old they think I look. haha. I am going to be 22 on Wednesday and I still like around 17. It will have its perks someday or other.
  13. Japanese bands you like that are not from anime

    Girugamesh! I don't think they have done any songs from anime.
  14. ACen and C2E2

    I am pretty excited for Steve Yeun! I just need to catch up on the series now. I've just been super busy lately.

    I am definitely seeing this movie! Going to be going this Saturday. I have read the first book and most of the second. The second book made me mad at one point, so I stopped reading it for a long while and just recently picked it back up. That happens with me too often. >.> And yes there are many similarities between this and Battle Royale, but it is still its own story. The characters are still different and everyone has distinct personalities. I feel that it should be enjoyed for its own right instead of looking for all the comparisons and worrying about those. That is just me though and I enjoyed the book very much and hopefully the movie does it justice!